My boyfriends family invited his ex to Thanksgiving: Advice?

I’ve been seeing a guy for almost 2 yrs and his ex wife still goes to family functions! But I’m not invited… At least your invited don’t worry to much about it!

Go and be nice, reminder your actions show your character.

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Grow up, show up, be cordial…

Show up. Be polite and show everyone who’s best.

Question for you ::::: why are you asking for advice on Facebook, of all places?

You are a guest. She is family. Get over yourself. No one needs to ask you for permission to invite someone into their home

Um get over it tbh. Just because they use to date doesnt mean they cant still be friends and his family can still like her. Also your just a gf your feelings in this situation are invalid to them and definitely dont have to ask you anything

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My ex lives with my mom currently…we split 10 years ago…go to dinner!

Invite ur ex boyfriend lol just fins out who everyone ex is and invite them over for Thanksgiving. Lol :joy:

do they have kids by any chance? this sounds just like a post the other day…

They don’t have to ask you about who they can invite to tgeor house. Get over yourself.

I would show up with a smile on my face give her a big hug and enjoy my day. My MIL of 17yrs invites my husband’s baby momma to everything at first it bothered me then I said screw it he is with me not her🤷

I see your point, when you are an insecure and immature person you definitely don’t want your boyfriend to have old friends from high school. Grow up.

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If she is coming, then you should not and your boyfriend should do the right thing.

It’s not like you are married! If you are uncomfortable it’s simple, DON’T GO!

not show up? no Grow up!!!

Well, I’d say as long as you’re not 17, then grow up??

There is so much missing information on this. So they were highschool sweethearts… I mean how long has it been since they dated? Was it a bad breakup or just them deciding they were better off as friends? Maybe she doesn’t have anywhere to go for Thanksgiving and that is why his family invited her so she wasn’t alone. To be honest they don’t need to talk to you about it first considering the fact they have known this woman since your boyfriend and her were kids, and it is their house… They did let you know she was invited. If you are confident in your relationship then there really shouldn’t be a problem with going. For all you know, you could make a new friend in her. Just because they dated probably a really long time ago doesn’t mean that she is a threat to you. I would honestly take a deep look inside yourself. This person has been in his family’s life for a long time I am assuming, therefore they probably consider her family. I do understand the immediate response of not wanting her there, but don’t judge someone just because a really long time ago she dated your boyfriend.

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You’re the new one :rofl::woman_shrugging:

It’s not all about you, they’ve known her since she was a child… Time to grow up as honestly they didn’t need to tell you or to get your permission to invite a family friend to any event at their own home.

Idk, it depends on how old yall are and how long they’ve been broken up :woman_shrugging:t2:

Important information is missing!! How old are you? How long ago was highschool?

You call them disrespectful for inviting her to their home without asking you, a person they’ve known for a few months… yet don’t see how disrespectful it is for you to think you have any say who they invite for dinner and then to post about them on social media for it… ew.

8 months? Grow up, build a bridge to get over yourself. Why can you not try to just get along with the ex? Where is it written that you can’t? They’re supposed to shun her because your in the picture? Really?


They are friends with her so get over it go and have fun


Should they have asked you before inviting her, no. Is it weird, yes in my opinion. Should you still go, that is up to you. I would probably bow out and explain to my boyfriend why, you don’t owe anyone else an explanation.


I would still show up. I am a firm believer exes can be friends, especially ones from high school.
And if they grew together she’s part of their family as well.
I am still close to the mother of my high school sweet heart. That woman was a mother to me more than my own ever was.


Best believe I’d be there

My now ex husband , ex wife and I use to go to lunch and hang out all the time! When I got with him she messaged me bc they have a son together and wanted to get to know me if I was gonna be in her child’s life- was very respectful about it! That night me him her and her new husband all went to dinner and they got to know me. After that- she and I talked daily, would go to lunch, and I would get their son even if my ex husband wasn’t gonna be home etc. it’s all about maturity and security. Be secure in your relationship and mature enough to realize “exs” don’t always disappear after a break up. But if given the chance- you could become great friends with that ex!!!

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If I’m being a 100% honest, I’m with you, I’d be pissed, no thanx

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Personally I would talk to my boyfriend about it and let him know how bothered i would be. It is disrespectful. He can talk to his family about not doing that. Still show up and be respectful but have him talk to his family. If he loves you he would put a stop to it for future gatherings

why feel threatened he is with you

Ummmm your bf needs to have a conversation with who ever thought that would be a good idea.

Grow up Go if he is with you he is not with her.

Tough one I’d be really mad if my husband’s family did this… I don’t care how long they have known her… however, I’d still go have fun and pretend everything was fine

Idk, because my ex’s mom really likes me but I don’t think I’d feel comfortable showing up like that. Not that it’s weird to me , but just out of respect for the other person. But maybe that’s just me, since everyone else is telling her to grow up :person_shrugging:

A question I have is the old girlfriend bringing her new boyfriend? I would go, be gracious to her and show you are secure in your relationship with her ex. There is a reason why these two are not together anymore and with you being there will show his family that YOU are the one for him.

Go, have a great time and thank them for inviting you to their family function.