My brother in laws wife is horrible: Advice?

Anyone else have a Horrid Brother-in-laws Wife? 1 Thanksgiving, at her family’s event and she tells all of my Husband’s family that I’m a Drunk. I was buzzed & Her whole family was Drunk. This was six years ago, and since then She acts like I’m not there. At family gatherings. Hi here hi there to EVERYBODY ELSE. One of her kids is now on the same team as my child. I have to see her every morning and twice a week for practice and game. And she refuses to even look my way…My significant other says she is just jealous of us being “More financially secure”…but I do not get it as I never had rubbed it in her face…my mother in law gets emotional when we are around each other necause she always causes a scene…How can someone be so Hippocratic, hate someone for drinking on a holiday and then be pouring shots at her bosses daughters party this year? How can I move forward with her so we stop driving our family insane?


There are a few ways to handle this in my opinion. You could simply go up to her and continue to act nice and personable with her when yall are around each other until she feels bad for being mean for no reason and just is nice. Or I would send her a personal message. Possibly stating you feel tension between eachother and hoping that could be squashed moving forward in hopes for more fun times made with one another.
Being nice and hopeful in the message with no passive aggressive comments.
At the end of the day if nothing changes then it could just be her own personal insecurities getting ahold of her which at the end of the day isnt your problem. Others will see you for who you are and not what she spreads rumors about.
Best of luck!

I wldnt gaf wldnt bother me at all. I can treat people like they’re air I don’t see your existence


Let it go… she’s not worth it… the best revenge is living well… honestly… work on getting her out of your focus


Women unfortunately are hardest on other women, I’d sit right next to her this year. Be unbothered and enjoy the family that enjoys you. Lead her by example. It’s up to you. I agree with hubby it probably is jealousy. I bet you’re kind, beautiful and have a stable marriage, think of everything you have to be grateful for and focus on you guys.

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I’d ignore her and live my best life. If you’re just minding your own business and she’s still acting crazy that’s on her. Why even go to her Thanksgiving? Go somewhere else.

You can’t do anything a relationship is a two way street and she’s not budging. What you can do is treat her politely when you are around her. Don’t purposefully cause a blow up at events. She doesn’t want to be friendly with you.

Stop letting her take up so much of your thoughts and energy. She doesn’t like you. Let it go and just live your life.

Ignore her and live your life…why are u allowing her to rent space on your head…just asking

IGNORE THE BITCH. & Have the time of your life and live it up in front of her face like she’s not there!

I’d tell her kiss my ass and move on, she is irrelevant to you and your mind! She wants to be a cunt than move on because there isn’t anything you can do about someone else not liking you🥰