My child constantly spits food out: Advice?

My son is 10.5 months old, and he is a very picky eater, spits almost EVERYTHING out when we try to feed him or even when he feeds himself. He will eat toast, arrowroot cookies, and mum’s mums, and occasionally yogurt, but anything else, he spits out! Am I assuming it’s the texture? Teething? He is getting his top 4 teeth in the front right now. I try every day to give him what we’re eating, but 95% of the time, he spits it out and throws it on the floor. Has anyone else experienced this with their babies? What else can I do? Help!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My child constantly spits food out: Advice?

Most likely the texture my boy is 7 and is still like it will only eat soft foods

Choose your battles lol give him what he eats but still keep trying to introduce new foods. If you’re concerned about nutrition maybe try a multivitamin.

Just keep offering and go back to his fav if we don’t eat. That’s what we do. It’s very hit and miss with my toddler so I always keep hot dogs nuggets and ranch in the house.

But don’t be afraid to expand even your pallet I found out recently mine loves asparagus when teething cuz she can put it in her gums and it helps same with the carrots so as we all try new things and recipient we do it as a family

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Don’t worry about it. Dr says food under one is just for fun. As long as he’s not losing weight and continues to grow normally you’re good.


My daughter gagged on anything but baby food or bananas for the longest time!!! :weary: keep offering whatever you are eating!!! Let him play with his food. She didn’t really start eating anything else until 11 months but now at 14 months will eat most everything unless she plain doesn’t like it lol she’s weird though! Won’t eat things kids normally want like mashed potatoes, fries, Mac n cheese :woman_shrugging::rofl:

Keep trying, maybe he wants thicker foods and less purred, with mine at 10 months I had to mix cereal into it so it was the consistency of mashed potatoes. Also you could dip the things he does like into what you are trying to feed him. Keep in mind if you only give him what he obviously likes now he will become a pickier eater as he grows, the more foods you get him to eat and get used to the less picky he will be in the long run. Unless he has a serious texture issue like my daughter did then again she has a genetic disorder and is more prone to texture issues.

Going thru this with my 10.5 month old… He don’t like solids… I’ve tried everything! He gags and spits it out… So we always go back to yogurt applesauce and things of that texture… I want him to eat solids so badly because I feel he should by now. He will be 1 next month and he still just won’t do solids

Midwife told me… food for fun untill their one. So I wouldn’t worry too much yet just him feel and taste as much as he can without putting too much pressure on him and yourself


It’s probably teething, my girl nearly stopped eating every time she got a new tooth. Try frozen fruit or frozen yogurt tubes, even frozen veggies. Keep an eye on them as they eat but a piece of frozen carrot or celery will help the gums feel better as well as introduce new flavours for them to try. Frozen banana breaks up easy, and frozen watermelon.

For a 10 and a half month old baby that’s pretty normal I had four kids and all of them did this around that age I couldn’t get them to eat regular meals until they were a year and a half or more at this age he should still mostly be getting most of his nutrients from milk (formula or breast milk)

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Give him what u know he will eat and u can supplement him with pedisure.

Mine would only eat things she could feed herself. She didn’t really eat much in the way of food until 14 months.

Just let them explore by putting food directly on the tray. My 15 month old sometimes doesn’t eat everything but when the get hungry they will eventually try some. They also know how much they get full with which are smaller portions. Add lime to certain things that help me and offer fruit every meal

Toast? You should not be feeding him that anyway.


Food before 1 is just for fun. He just may not be quite ready for food.

The tongue movement they do when it kind of looks like they’re spitting is actually a reflex, it’s to help get liquid where it needs to go but we need different tongue movements for solid (and pureed) food. The tongue reflex changes at about a year.

Vegetables and fruit pouches

I know times have changed…my kids are 30 & 40 . Mums now would go into shock at how my generation were brought up and how we brought up ours. But remember there were limited choices back then . Babies were weaned early and we had no follow on milk or special yoghurt etc.
I had hungry babies. They started weaning at 3 months …yes I know I’m a terrible person…I started with rusks/ bread crusts to chew on and yoghurt. Baby rice they hated but some love it . Whatever I had on my plate they got a taste …sometimes they liked it sometimes the floor ate it…at 10 months they were pretty much eating anything at all.
Baby care has changed but basics are still the same. Give him what he likes to eat . Let him experience different tastes and textures from your plate. Dont stress he will not starve and dont make mealtimes a battle ground…its not worth it


Wait… are you feeding this baby all vegetarian?

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My grandson does that for everything he is 14months he has to c therpy

We blended my daughters food and still blend veggies then mix that into rice or pasta so she gets them in. Otherwise she refuses them and will only eat meat, rice, pasta and chips.

Follow this group for great info

Baby Led Weaning for Beginners & Beyond (BLWBB)


Try looking up food ideas for those with sensory difficulties.

Kids this age spit food out sometimes. Everything your baby does is part of their development, their brain knows what they need to do. Keep offering. Maybe the sensory experience of spitting is more valuable to him right now than the food. He should be getting all of his nutrition from milk or formula until 1 year. At this age he can feed himself if his motor skills are where they need to be. Don’t force feed him or he’ll hate eating and mealtime.

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Baby food only !!! I can understand finger tastes and such but do not feed your kids a solid unless it’s blended up like baby food!!! Period! That’s just a irresponsible parental move right there and would consider you unfit to be a parent. Because that baby could choke to death by strangulation over food products


Food before one is just for exploring and learning about tastes and textures. He will adjust to new textures as he gets older, just let him explore for now.


So spitting out food can be a sign of some sensory issues. May have a lip or tongue tie. See a speech therapist to evaluate

You are giving him too much sugar. He wont want to eat other foods if his pallette is used to sweet things. Try healthier options. Roast veges, veges, avoid fruits for now. Maybe a banana occasionally but try baby led weaning so give him food you are having for dinner. Meat, vege etc.

Is he healthy? Give him time he will expand is diet.

Kids Eat in Color. Follow for picky eating :blush:

Try Gerber graduate pasta or ravioli all of my kids and grand kids loved them when they where that age.

Maybe he isn’t ready for so much solid table food. See what Casandra Hammond suggests - at least try it. 10.5 months is pretty early for table food - - -


My first was terrible with solids, but he was also a pretty sicky baby too. Just keep going mama! He will soon start trying more. My son is 4 now and still pretty fussy, but his 1 year old sister eats everything!! I feel this is something you could mention at his one year check up maybe?! I have a close friend who’s 2 year old would do this and he was just diagnosed with sensory issues. He is still young! Keep trying new things and let him play :blush:

My son ended up having a sensory issue we had to go to occupational therapy for. He’s about to be 4 now. Still picky but it’s a work in progress over the last few years. Definitely better than it was

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My child constantly spits food out: Advice?

He might not be totally ready for solids yet. My son didn’t have any interest until he was a year.

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I was gonna say the same thing.
Maybe you can try giving him mashed single food like avocado, bananas, sweet potato, etc. Then mixing it together and work your way up to the foods you guys are eating?

Tactile defensive maybe

My 2 year old was the same way. (He’s still SO picky) once he turned a year we couldn’t get him to eat anything. As long as he’s got energy and doesn’t seem listless or tired all the time then he is getting what he needs. Teething plays a factor as well.

He’s only 10 months. Give it time. Some kiddos don’t like solid foods yet before they are 1 years old. My daughter ate baby food and breast milk until she was a little over 12 months. She choked very early and didn’t like the flavor of most things. So definitely don’t force it. Keep offering every now and again, but it sounds like he’ll be ready when he’s ready. If you’re super concerned , then bring it up to the doctor.

There are a lot of company’s on Instagram that offer guidance for pick eaters and just feeding baby’s in general ! Babyleadweanteam solidstarts and feedinglittles are just a few I would recommend look into it! You can even reach out to them with your questions! I believe what he’s doing is totally normal, could be a texture thing !

Talk to your doctor about it. If he isn’t under weight then I would assume he’s perfectly fine. My grandma always said they will eat when they are hungry and he is eating just not as good as good as you’d prefer. Your doctor might suggest pedilyte drinks with protein and vitamins if they see an issue with his weight

My advice. Just keep offering him food that you fix him. But don’t let him see you get upset if he spits it out. Babies play on our reactions. Just give him time. An don’t worry to much about it!!!


I like the saying “Food is fun until 1” He’s trying new textures and testing everything out. Keep offering variety so he’s exposed to many flavours and textures. There are many great resources for Baby led weaning that helped us.


Go back to baby food if you have to at that age (they are still very young) and desperately need the nutrients to grow their brains and bodies. Without good nutrition at this age, it can cause anemia and a host of other issues. Ignore the people saying just give him what you are having. He is NOT old enough to be choosing to do this to fight with you, or old enough to lose more than a few meals worth of calories. Every pound (unless he is way overweight already) matters to development until at LEAST 2. Talk to his Pediatrician!! They will likely put him on Pediasure, like a relative had to do with their child that was losing too much weight/not gaining enough weight (–because of the tender age)! It isn’t that he/she is “picky” like we think about older children and/or adults. And it IS possible that teething is playing a role in this, but likely isn’t the only issue (see his Dr asap). His nutritional needs and weight are critical!

My son wasn’t ready for solids at all until he was well past 1, he hated baby food and just wanted to keep breast feeding. Being a first time mom I was really worried too at the time especially since my doctors were making me feel horrible about him being in a very low weight percentile. But when he was ready he skipped baby food completely and just wanted to share meals with us, now he’s a healthy 3 year old who eats absolutely everything. So I wouldn’t worry too much, he probably just needs to come to solids in his own time, 10 months is still very young and he has plenty of time to figure it out.

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Solids before 1 isnt a must. They can be fine with just formula or breast milk till 12 months. Maybe hes just not ready for solids and that is absolutely fine

He’s not even a year old!
Try BLW, just make extra of what you eat and let him grab what he wants.

Sounds like texture issue, I would let the dr know, and if you have first steps call them. He may have SPD, Which is a sensory processing disorder. Which with time, patience, and persistence he may be able to overcome.

Formula or breast milk in ice trays, freeze, pop into a mesh binky (you can find those at the grocery store) give before food.
When teething, mine would try to eat more after her gums were a little numb.
Just keep offering…

Check with your doctor and possible your state about early intervention for a speech therapist. They also help swallowing and chewing problems.

Don’t give him so many bottles so that when it’s time to eat he’s hungry kids that age like to eat their own food not to be fed give him a banana chopped strawberries dry Cheerios graham crackers believe me he will not starve,He could be doing that till he’s three years old very typical. If your child is underweight yes worry otherwise don’t worry about it

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My child constantly spits food out: Advice?

Seems like he’s being sassy because he can be. I agree with the people who are saying he will eat when he is hungry. You would know your child better than us though, to know if it’s something more serious.

My little girl loves food and shes just turned 10 months and at the minute everything that goes in she takes out with her hand lol think it maybe a teething thing. She’s got 2 bottom, two top have cut but not all the way down and the 2 next to the top 2 are ready to cut through x

He has already learned how to play you, knowing you will give in. It won’t be long before he puts everything in his mouth, including bugs lol. Find a balance, he’ll get hungry enough to eat the nutritional foods too.

It could be a sensory issue. My son was the same way and still to this day is one of the pickiest eaters I’ve ever seen.

My brother has autism and he only eats certain foods and won’t eat anything else. He could be on the spectrum. Take him to a Dr to get checked out and see what they suggest for his nutrition


My grandson has autism and he only eat foods of a certain texture and color he literally gags on other foods. He lived on crackers and orange/tan foods for about 2 years . He’s starting to eat more variety now. It sounds like a sensory issue. Wouldn’t hurt to talk to his pediatrician about it. And if it is sensory they will not eat unless it’s the right texture/color. So for the comments “they will eat when their hungry” it’s simply doesn’t apply for children with sensory issues.


He will eat when he is hungry I went through that with my daughter she finally just started eating

If he’s hungry enough he’ll eat. Plus they will go through phases where they will eat and not eat.

As a feeding therapist there could be many reasons why this could be happening. Please talk to the pediatrician and if needed get a referral to a qualified feeding therapist (could be a speech or occupational therapist). Playing the “he will eat when he’s hungry” game is very wrong. Let the qualified therapist make that determination.


I have heard that a new food has to be presented 10 times before a child will get used to texture, taste and smell. Just always put it on the plate, one day they like it next day they won’t. :wink:


When my babies were infants, Mom told me about observing a childcare class in college. Large round table divided into sections. Each section filled with different foods. Fruit, vegetables, meat, desserts, treats, etc. Each child could choose his own and over a 2 week period if time, each child ended up eating a balanced diet. Grandkids like all sorts of food because that’s what mom offered. Yours is still young. Maybe it’s wanting to feed himself. Granddaughter has a friend who skipped baby food. She raised hers using Baby Lead Weaning technics and let them try everything. Do they have preferences? Yes, but some if those are broccoli.

Mine had a similar thing. Talk to your doc for measured amounts that he will keep down.

He will eat when hungry

A kid will eat when it’s hungry.

I would talk to his doctor and see what they think, my oldest wouldn’t eat vegetables or fruit at all so they told me that I HAD to buy pedisure for him so he was getting the vitamins and nutrients that he needed to grow. He’s now 15 almost 16 and still won’t eat vegetables or fruit and is still on vitamins

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My child constantly spits food out: Advice?

He may have a sensory issue. My son(4) will do this still even with things he likes on occasion! It just depends where the food hits in his mouth.


My 13 month old is the same way. Some days he will eat most of what he is given other days it’s dog food cause he throws it on the floor(the dog is so fat :rofl:) on those days I stick to what I know he really likes and if he isn’t thrilled with even that. We have cereal mixed with some baby food just to have something in his belly. I’m pretty sure it’s just a phase🤷

Its a phase, my son was doing that to and he is 13 months old and back to eating everything. Its really only what he wants, but we give him just about everything. We get these baby food meal packs at Walmart, they are great, quick, and easy!

My 13 month old started doing this lately but with foods we know he likes! He’ll chew the food up then spit it out very frequently. My only guess is teething. He has several teeth coming in. I’m at a loss myself :disappointed:

Our son mainly ate chicken fries and hotdogs for the longest times. In the last few months he has started eating everything we make for lunch/dinner. He’s 20 months now. They will grow into new foods, just give them time.

Might be textures for him . My son will eat anything but if you mush a whole banana for him to eat he won’t bevause it feels slimy . and my son will still take hot dogs or chicken out his mouth and hes o months . he normally feeds himself unless he starts making a huge mess . i think its more of a phase unless hes just picky . my nephew only eats boxed peperoni pizza n chicken pops . sometimes hot dogs but his mom eats anything but mayo .

My son did this until he was a little over 12 months! I just kept offering all the foods and now he eats everything!

Sometimes it’s just a texture issue. But also look into possible tongue/ lip ties. Sometimes they can’t eat certain foods due to restrictions. Good luck mama

If it’s a consistent concern, I would consult a speech pathologist. They can focus on feeding, in case it’s a physiology issue. My youngest had to see a speech therapist for a bit because he had a hard time swallowing anything that wasn’t liquid - eventually he got the hang of it.

Normal. My son was super picky BUT only wanted vegetables! He’s still kind of like this at age 9 but has been opening to more meats. As a baby, they will devour things they enjoy more & play or taste things that they’re not the biggest fans of.

Teething it makes the texture of the food different for them

They are discovering their own likes and dislikes. Completely normal

Just keep offering a variety of foods

At 10.5 months old he is probably still trying to learn how to use his tongue. It’s not that he’s picky, especially if it’s every item of food you’re giving him. He just hasn’t learned to properly maneuver food around. My doctor told me to give my own babies steamed broccoli or boiled potatoes in skinny strips to teach them how to bite and start swallowing solid foods. I wouldn’t be too concerned about him being picky. Best of luck!

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Following! My 18 month old does this!!

My 11 month is the same!!! So I found out my 11 month LOVED eggs only if it has cheese or spaghetti sauce, any pasta with spaghetti or fettuccine Alfredo sauce, soft sweet potatoes, he also loves avocados. Also I get the zero yogurt and I stick squished blueberries with pb2 and he loves it! But ya mine is picky. He barely tried salmon last night and he loved it

Yep mine did this. I just made them what they liked and when they got older I started introducing other things and they ate them just fine then.

Textures are an issue. Just give them things they like. They will grow into new stuff soon enough. Stop force feeding in anyway. It turns them off to that food all together.

At that age their main source of nutrition is still breast milk or formula. They’re still learning textures and tastes etc. They need MULTIPLE times trying one thing to figure out if they like it or not

Try giving him baby food; sweet potatoes or carrots mixed with fruit.
A lot of companies now use organic foods.

I think you should still continue soft food mash potatoes, vegis mashed or baby puree or cereals,jello, since his teething still he might have sensitive gums, and wait till his 1. For more solids but that’s just my opinion no hate please thank you

Speech and OT feeding therapy. Just go to the professionals! ABC Pediatric Therapy is where we went.

Try spreading food on his toast or arrowroots.

Sounds like he has a sensory issues because he likes to eat things that are all the same texture no matter what bite he takes. There’s no unfamiliarity where as I’m sure your meals vary like for example a blueberry can taste and have different texture than another blueberry the same goes with a lot of dinners. Maybe start figuring out dinners that have all the same texture like a cheesy rice dish or Mac and cheese

This is the age they get picky because of textures and different tastes. Just keep trying different things. There will be times he spits out his favorite foods.

Completely normal for that age. And as long as they’re still having breast milk or formula and tasting the food then it’s all good.
I personally found giving appropriately cut foods (baby lead weaning) worked well.

My kids 2 & would still rather throw food but I’ve found one thing he absolutely LOVES. Nutella sandwiches & yogurt with strawberries cut up in it. Sometimes kids are just picky lol