My child has asthma: Advice?

This is my first time with a child who has asthma. What can I do for him if his puffers aren’t helping him? I can’t tell if it’s a cold, his allergies or asthma and I absolutely have no clue how to help him any further.


Take him to an allergist.

I think this question is better suited for a doctor. Only a doctor would know what would be best for him.

My 6 year old has asthma that only acts up if he catches a cold etc. His doc gives him a 5 day steroid treatment and inhaler when it happens. Helps almost immediately.

How old is the child , asthma usually has wheezing involved, along with coughing , if inhaler is not helping , call doctor , kids with asthma can get sick very easy , and oxygen level can be compromised

Humidifier, does he have a breathing machine if so they work miracles, the breathing machine actually works better for my daughter than a inhaler

Does he have an actual machine for liquid albuterol? My hubby does. When his puffer doesn’t work he generally needs a breathing treatment. And if that dont help he goes to a dr and they usually give him steroids

Prayers in Jesus mighty name Amene

Pineapple juice helps me when my inhalers aren’t cutting it.