My childs attachment to me has grown since taking the pacifier: Advice?

I recently weaned my 2yo off her pacifier, and since then, she has grown a bigger attachment to me. I guess I’m now her comfort. This becomes a problem when I have to leave in the morning. She wakes up along with me when I’m out of bed. How do I replace myself as her comfort?


A shirt that you’ve worn
A blanket
a pillow
Anything soft and cozy that has mommy’s scent
Sleep with one if her stuffed animals and give it to her in the morning.

Blanket. Start using one blanket predominantly, one she favors and run with it.
Also a set routine helps, do the same things with her every morning, then the same things when you get home. It helps, but some kids are just clingy like that

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A blanket. Have several identical and rotate them for even wear. A toy head with a little blanket attached . We always called it a lovey. Anything she can hold and hug, but make sure to have more than 1. Hug it and love on it while holding her. Then give it to her saying it needs hugs. Could be a rough couple of weeks, but this will pass.

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Never had this issue my daughter didn’t like pacifiers but she loved her sippy cup and i took her off last year a week after her 2nd birthday and replaced it with a stuffed dinosaur and that’s her comfort item. We don’t go anywhere with out him but she’s slowly forgetting him here and there so she’s growing out of it a little. You definitely should replace her comfort item with something else!

A morning routine of goodbye, what ever suites u…like a hug and kiss and goodbye moment…its ok that they cry…but doing thr same thing will normalize it and they will get better with separation


My daughter is extremely attached to me. She just turned 4. I enrolled her in a private school Early Learning Childhood Center. She goes 3 days a week for 4 hours a day. When she first started it was terrible. She screamed and cried and sometimes refused to go but now she loves it. It has definitely helped her when I am not with her

Maybe if you laminate a picture of you and her that she can keep with her.

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U dont they dont stay young for long and u wil miss it!

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Take her favorite toy or blanket and put your sent on it and let her have it

Thats a sad question. You should value the time with her. And be happy she wants you. Someday she may not

There’s no replacement for mom. Give her a scarf you wear and keep telling her you will come back.