My childs daycare provider tested positive for COVID: Advice?

Hey mamas. We just received word that our daycare provider tested positive for covid. On the day the provider started having symptoms, our son was at daycare. Since then, our son has had a runny nose and has been sneezing (no fever), and it has me worried even though it may not be covid. Has anyone else had their daycare provider test positive? If so, when did you have your babe return to daycare?


Yes he should tested, and quarantined.

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Take them out of daycare and get them tested.

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Quarantine until you get everyone tested and make sure you get a negative test from your provider before you return


It probably is covid. A kid I was watching had covid and he didn’t have a fever. Just a runny nose and feverish eyes. Luckily I realized he was sick. Dosed him up, let him play with a bag of random toys and after he left I washed the toys and sanitized my house. No one else got it… At the time I was sure it was just a little cold. Sounds like your kid may have covid. In my opinion. Worth getting it checked out

My provider tested positive. The kids had to quarantine for 14 days from the last interaction day with daycare. Health dept. didn’t require my kids being tested. But regardless they did have to quarantine.

Yes. He had to quarantine for 14 days but he still couldn’t back for another week because her husband tested positive too.

You all need to be tested and quarantined. If you have been in contact wither other you you notify them as well

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Get tested. But kids seem to bounce back faster. It’s always worrisome for parents but get him tested and keep him comfortable.

If it has been more than 5 days then he be tested talk to your doctor

My 3 year old had Covid and his only symptoms were runny nose and sneezing. No one in the family had before or after.

Test him…Now! Hugs and prayers :pray::heart:

Call his pediatrician and they will guide you on what needs to be done and for how long also call your doctor so they can decide if they want you and hubby tested for they may say quarantine for 14 days and to call if you start showing signs for they sometimes don’t have you get tested until signs appear but for your child already showing signs the pediatrician may want to test him to be safe .plus you need to let everyone know that y’all have been around so they can watch for signs and possibly get tested themselves

Kids rarely get it. The exposure isn’t the worst. This virus typically isn’t at all deadly. Herd immunity.


He needs to be tested as a contact and he needs to quarantine 14 days after his last exposure with the day care provider. If he does come back positive, his isolation time will be 10 days. Also, two of my children had Covid, myself as well. My 8 month old daughter was a little fussy, with a dry cough and did quite well. My 7 year old son had symptoms for 1 hour. He complained of leg aches and said his head was burning up. His temp was 101.9 Took some Tylenol and a nap. No longer any symptoms after that. Me on the other hand, had horrible/excruciating body aches.

It’s 10 days from first symptom for child. Mom if you are the caregiver then it’s 14 days for you from his last day of symptoms, especially if he has a fever. My husband had it over Thanksgiving and this is what our health dept said.

He needs to be tested. If it is Covid the good news is that he seems to have a mild case, but you need to be aware for the sake of the rest of your family

Family needs to be tested and quarantine until the test results come back. Quarantine length depending on which state you are in of course.

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Just went through this we had to wait 5 to 7 days before even getting tested as long as there was no symptoms on the 7th day got tested took 2 days and came back negative

If he has quarantined for 14 days has he had a flu shot ? Allergies? I think I would be most concerned if he is asthmatic or has any other breathing problems. If he doesn’t have any other symptoms I would call Pediatrician first … and and find out if any of the other children had it.

No need to panic. Hell be fine. Feed him veggies n probiotics.

Call his pediatrician asap and get guidance on testing a d everything. Since its a known exposure to someone with symptoms its better to be safe than sorry. If it were my kid i would be pushing for a test. Even if it comes back negative and he doesn’t have it you have the peace of mind knowing that

He needs to be quarantined and tested

If you want get him tested. But sneezing and runny nose are not the symptoms of covid.

We did, and 4 days later our 4yr got very sick, high fever and throwing up, took him on the 5th day to be tested, results came in 3 days later and he was positive.

All 4 of my kids and 29 other people including myself have had COVID-19. Age ranges 5 month old baby to 90 year old. We were all fine. The kids were actually all sick for the shortest amount of time. It was honestly nothing that made us panic, we stay up on zinc and vitamin c at all times.

You need to go get your baby check first.

Have him tested. And speak with his health care provider and good luck mama.:two_hearts:

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They have to quarantine 10 days from the day they tested positive. All you can do is have him tested. We are currently in quarantine due to my son testing positive. No symptoms at all.

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We just quarantined for 10 days

I would call your pediatrician and have him tested. It should be at least 2 weeks, since he’s had direct contact and symptoms.


My daughter had 2 stay off for the isolation period think it was 14 days she ad a runny nose but turned out to be just the normal winter colds etc try not to worry I no it’s hard but especially with the winter months u will drive urself crazy thinking every sniffle is COVID x

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Yes my youngest was exposed and he had to remain home for 14 days. He never had any issues. I would suggest getting your son tested if you he is showing signs

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I work at a daycare and we’ve had positive cases from children and staff. It never spread thankfully but yeah just monitor him. I personally took my daughter out of daycare and left my job on Tuesday. No longer will work there.


I tested positive in November. I never had my 3 yr old get tested. If it was very uncomfortable for me to get tested, I can’t imagine what it would be like for her. Whether positive or not, not much you can do UNLESS it is really bad and needing hospitalization. If someone is positive they have to quarantine for 10 days, if they are exposed but have not tested positive, it is 14 days since exposure

Your child will need to quarantine for 14 days. You may want to get him tested after 4-5 days of the initial contact with the provider.


I’m in the EXACT same situation right now :weary: Daycare is closed until the 11th. They shut down Thursday. They had a positive staff member and a positive child in the 3 year old group (not my daughters class) the days my daughter was there this week. We were not specifically told to quarantine. My daughter woke up this morning with a runny nose and sneezing. If my daughter is still sick Monday I’ll bring her for a test.

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My daughter got exposed at her day care. Thry told me to have her quarantine for 7 to 10 days. She was absolutely fine the whole time. I would call your pediatrician if symptoms seem to get worse.

I wouldn’t test if they’re not showing symptoms. Just take precautions yourself and wear masks. That’s what my daughters dr said after I and my oldest tested positive


Some kids have had cold symptoms so he needs quarantine anyway but get him tested

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You have to isolate for ten days (UK) and then get them tested if they show many symptoms.

Quarentine and get tested

BTW: runny nose/sneezing is more an anti-covid symptom…sounds more like a head cold.


You need to have him tested he has been in direct contact

If she tested positive his whole class should be quarantined for two weeks.
I am a preschool teacher who has been through two quarantines, I haven’t had it but had to quarantine because of coworkers.
Keep the changing weather in mind for causes but definitely get tested if mommy gut tells you to.


I get many people say get your child test. I wouldn’t do to how uncomfortable and how bad it hurts. I would watch him and take him in if any other symptoms appear. I would take him out of daycare for as long as possible.


My child’s daycare teacher tested positive for covid and she had to quarantine for 2 weeks. Nothing else ever came about it.

I had covid a few weeks ago and my only symptoms were similar to a head cold. Stuffy runny nose

This happened to us right before Thanksgiving. They sent him home to quarantine with one of us and he was able to return to school and daycare 14 days later.

It doesn’t sound like covid - mainly because of the sneezing which is not a typical symptom of covid. If your child had exposure then they would have to quarantine.

One of my daughters classmates tested positive and we quarantined 14 days (in July). We did get tested as it was provided by the state for all daycare families.


Get him tested then send him back if he is well. They should have cleaned the school and sent the provider home until they are well.

Get your child tested and quarantine your household. All of y’all have been exposed!!:woman_facepalming:t4:

Common fkn sense people!!!

Cases wouldn’t be so bad if people would take this seriously!! Think of others who may not be as fortunate and isolate yourselves if you are exposed! It’s not a damn joke!!+

I keep seeing questions like this. Call your pediatrician with these questions and have your child tested. You should also get tested. Your family needs to quarantine because you have been exposed to a confirmed case.


Son is in kindergarten and both teacher and teacher aid tested positive. They closed the class for 2 weeks. We monitored our son and ourselves during that time. He did start with a mild runny nose and complained of a sore throat. That night he took a warm shower and we ran the humidifier all night. Next day he was like nothing. I’m not sure where the sore throat and congestion came from, probably from the weather and heater running in our house. But our son was okay and went back to school after the 2 weeks when they reopened with different teachers for the time being until his teachers are ready to come back.

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Your suppose quaratine 10 days

My child was quarantined in November from direct contact with a positive case at her daycare and we never had her tested we just quarantined and monitor. I wouldn’t recommending testing unless symptoms start to appear because testing is very traumatic for children. Also who’s to say when they’re tested it’s negative and a few days later they start showing symptoms and pop positive and you’d have to test them twice

Sneezing is a symptom. I understand not wanting to have young ones tested, but definitely quarantine at least 10 days.

My daughters first grade teacher was the first exposure at her school a week before Christmas break and it sent the entire class home… we have a 3 month old and 3 year old at home so the first call I made was to her pediatrician and they told me keep her home for 10 days. Mask her and try to avoid contact with her siblings. No symptoms, no test. If she started to show symptoms wait 48 hrs before bringing her in to get a more accurate test. Luckily nothing ever came of it.

My kids teacher and bus mate had it. My kids were quarantined during this time with my husband while I avoided contact for 2 weeks. Enough of the school got it that they shut down for 3 weeks. My children never developed symptoms, but I still kept them home, even covering some of the oldest kids shifts at work, to keep his job for him.

My daughter’s school said she was in close contact with someone with covid. We had to quarantine for 10 days( no symptoms and no reason to test really)

I had a lady in my home that tested positive luckily none of us got it

My daughters teacher tested positive and the rules were that she had to isolate at home for 14 days (which changed to 10 part way through) but I kept her home for 3 + weeks as it was just before Christmas

We didn’t test my 5 yo after exposure. She never showed symtoms. We all quarantined for the 14 days.

I thought is was 14 days quarantine if you have been exposed/tested positive/ have symptoms…
And if you feel like you’ve been in close contact to be tested.

Anytime someone has tested positive for covid whether it was a teacher or a child at my son’s daycare the daycare had to shut down and follow CDC guidelines and everyone had to quarantine for 14 days before they could even return

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My house is working on getting over covid, but my daughter, niece and nephew all had sneezing, running noses and a little bit of a cough but no fever.

Just quarantine. If symptoms get worse like ER worse then go in. No need to get tested it’s a virus so let it run it’s course.

If your child was exposed to covid and is now having symptoms of an illness I’d have them tested before they go anywhere…


One of the most popular symptom is nasel problems so I would call pediatrician for sure!!

Ours did. We quarantined with baby for 14 days and then went back. Ours also had a runny and cough. He was tested and was negative. Hope that makes you feel a bit better. Babies in daycare are hard to know if it is covid or just the normal germs they get from daycare.

You quarantine for 10 days. She really shouldn’t have had your son there when she knowingly had symptoms, that sits wrong with me but it’s too late to do anything.

Good luck mama!!! :two_hearts:


They should have shut down the facility or at least his room for 14 days.
I am a child care provider and that is what our state requires us to do.

Yes, I got her tested we followed to quarantine recommendations since she was exposed and she has not gone back… that was in June… since then I have found a sitter who also has a child so she’s still getting interaction daily with another little one

I am a daycare provider if myself or anyone in my care were to test positive we would all need to be tested and quarantine for a minimum of 10 days if negative and if I was positive I would need to quarantine for a minimum of 14 days.

My sons therapist had it and we just had to quarantine for a week. He didn’t show symptoms and none of my other kids got sick

Get your child tested for covid it’s called common sense good grief


We have had this and DHS and the hospital were contacted. We quarantined for 2 weeks

If you don’t wanna test, quarantine and call it a day.

We had a teacher test positive for covid at the daycare I worked at and they quarantined both teacher and all the kids from that class for 14 days!! Then a few weeks later we had more teacher, kids and parents test positive and they closed the center down for 2 weeks!! Idk if I would get me kid treated just because I know how bad it is!! I have had it done 5 times!! But you have to do what you feel is best for your child!! Go with your gut!!

Take him to get tested wait for test results or Stay at home for 20 days and self isolate. No one leaves or comes to the house. Get food delivered/dropped off.

I never bothered getting me or my kids tested after my husband caught it. I didn’t see a point lol I got sick 3 days after he caught it. It had to be Covid, you know?

On the plus side, covid doesn’t affect kids as severely as adults. My kids never got sick. Most are carriers. Just quarantine.

Yes it happened to me. My daughters teacher tested positive but had no symptoms. They closed her room down and the daycare sanitized everything. I called the pediatrician they said it would be secondary transfer and that I could get my daughter tested but it was really up to me. But since my daughter had a runny nose and a cough which I figured was just a cold I decided to get her tested. Results took a while to come back but she was negative.

Call ur child’s doctor to be tested not everyone has a fever most kids dont show symptoms . I’d quarenteen if I was u becausee now u are all exposed . Tl


I’m a childcare provider and I tested positive but had no symptoms. I only went to get tested because I was exposed outside of the daycare I work at. A few days after I tested positive, I lost my sense of taste and smell but that was all. Children in my care had to quarantine for 14 days along with their sibling who also attend the center.


Depending on how sick they were, 14-21 days after positive test. But I would take your little one in to be tested.


I would have your entire household self isolate for 2 weeks to be sure.
IMO I wouldn’t put a toddler through the testing (it’s a bit painful) unless they needed treatment.
Just presume he’s infected (and therefore your whole home is) and self isolate.
I would think if the provider is out for at least 2 weeks and symptom free when he returns it’s safe for all.

Hope no one else gets sick and his symptoms stay mild. Typically little kids don’t get super sick :pray:t3:


My sons nursery worker tested positive and he been there we had to isolate him for 10 days but then on the 10th day he developed a really high temp that even calpol and neurofen wasn’t bringing down. So ended up having him tested then ended up in hospital he was said to have viral tonsillitis. Which turned out to be true as his results came back negative. Sneezing not a really associated or a runny nose with covid although its hard to no what is and isn’t now. I would just keep an eye on him for any more obvious changes as its not nice getting them tested as it’s same as for an adult. If he develops a cough or a temp I defo would. But colds etc are super popular this time of year xx

I would definitely get your son tested and go from there. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to reach out to his pediatrician for advice as well, I’ve asked mine for tons of advice throughout the pandemic and he’s been incredibly helpful.


My family had COVID. The kids didn’t have any symptoms but were positive. Get your child tested (not rapid test). The worst thing to happen is he’s positive and you all have to quarantine

A friend had this happen to her daughter, and she just got the positive results for her daughter today. Have her tested, but not the rapid test. The other one picks up the dna of the virus

He has been exposed and I would have him tested. Also, he shouldn’t return to the daycare for at least 10 days. The daycare should have a protocol in place.


My niece was exposed to a child who had tested positive. The urgent care here in NC said they normally don’t test children under 5 until they show symptoms of at least a fever and it’s been 5 days since exposure.


I would just isolate you and your family. Unless your child is showing obvious signs of being really ill why put him through the trauma of a test


My child developed bad allergy symptoms the day after he was quarantined, too. A covid test isnt as invasive as they started out to be and they can take as little as 15 minutes. Just get him tested. Ease your mind.

I took my child to get looked at by the pediatrician and waited until our babysitter tested negative with both the rapid test and regular test due to her having many of the Covid symptoms present…if someone has tested positive, my doctor told me they are still contagious until 10 days after the start of symptoms and they have been without fever for 24 hours without Tylenol…I would not take my child back until the 10 day quarantine period is over and the provider should not be taking kids again until that quarantine period has passed

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our daycare won’t allow any child with ANY symptom back in until a document of being negative results is produced

That’s all my one month old had was stuffy nose here and there and he was sneezing a good bit and we were told he’s covid positive, he also hasnt ran any fevers still

Not day care. Bit a teacher at my sons school did…they said any signs of it then take them in…bc not everyone has the fever,or cough. It effects everyone different. Amd keep him home for atleast 10 days(if he shows no symptoms) that’s what tye school had me do…if he dies show symptoms then definitely get him tested.

The daycare should close for 14 days all children and staff should self quarantine for 14 days everyone in the building should get tested. The kids usually do the rapid test


My friends sons daycare teacher tested positive. The daycare made the class stay out for 2 weeks. Her son never got it.