My childs father has cheated and is still talking to the girl: Advice?

Unless ya want accept the fact he has side chick leave…

If he’ll cheat with you, he’ll cheat on you. Why don’t women see this?? He’s not a quality partner. Keep it moving, sis. Your prince charming is out there. Go find him.

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You already know the answer now you’re looking for thousands of strangers to validate it… leave him sis


Start talking to another guy urself. Cheat on him bk. N dont stop till ur sure he does. Karma is a [email protected] :laughing::laughing:


Leave him you called him your child’s father for a reason thats all he is


It’s sad but I would leave him. It’s obvious not going to change. I’d he’s a good father he can still be in your child’s life but it seems to me as if the relationship is over.

he got caught, got kicked out, told his lies to get to come back, got caught again… he gotta go!

Don’t give him another chance to change. Make the choice for you and your son to be treated like second options. If he wanted to make his family work he never would’ve stepped out imo

Nope I’d be done :joy: obviously he’s not changing so why stay around

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You gave him a second chance once, which is more then I would do!!! And I am currently in similar situation! My 43 yo baby daddy left 5 weeks ago, got with a new 24yo women less then 5 days after (I’m very convinced it was going on before) and has moved 150 miles away from myself and our 1yo son. If he came back tomorrow begging I’d laugh my tits off and slam the door in his face. Once a cheat always a cheat, and hes done you twice already, he doesnt care about you or his family 1 bit hunni! Or he would have the common decency to have some respect for you all and end it or leave himself.


Dump his sorry ass!!!

Kick him out again and tell him to stop talking to her or hes not coming back. I dont think itll change though i couldnt handle this

You either accept this or you don’t. You chose to take him back and he did it again which means he KNOWS you will forgive him over and over again. This is the life you choose or not at this point! Make a decision with the understanding that he will NOT stop cheating. You and I know he will keep doing it.

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Kick him out for good

Kick him to the curb if he’s still talking to her! He will cheat again!

You already caught him and forgave him, which I do commend you on. But, that was his chance at redemption. He failed you - and your child, as this does effect the little one too unfortunately - again…

If you really want to try and make it work still, you have to give him an ultimatum - stop talking to her, and possibly other women for a while until you can trust him fully again (I don’t agree with forever, as it’s unfair, even in this circumstance), or get out, and never come back. And stick to it. Kick him out immediately if he doesn’t follow through, or if he refuses to even respect you and stop talking to her in the first place, and do not let him back into your life. I personally don’t think he deserves that as it sounds like you already did so, just maybe not as seriously, but… If you want to work on it, you have to be strict and not let him walk all over you.

A relationship can survive cheating if both people work through it together and that trust is repaired. But if you can’t even repair the trust because he’s continuing to act this way… You can’t hurt yourself like that.

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He is doing what you are allowing him to do. He doesn’t respect you. Move on with your life and stop being a door mat. Harsh? Maybe. But I’ve been there and done that and felt so stupid after I moved on.

Are u seriously asking this question? Either leave or stay with a man that’s cheating on you.

Message her with pics see how she likes it then let him go

Girl leave! He’s playing games at this point, he knows you will forgive him so he’s gonna continue to do it.

Kick him back out and don’t let him come back this time. Stand up for yourself because you deserve better.

He doesn’t love you or his child .Been a good father is loving his child and loving you . He needs to be a good example for his child. The same with the woman, She should respect herself and don’t have children with a boyfriend , but with a husband. Even that sometimes husband do the same , but as least you respect your self as a woman.

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Leave him, hell never change.

Cheat on you once and take him back shame on him cheat on you twice with the same chic kick him to the curb and shame on you - let his 43yr. old butt go be him and raise your son to respect his mother and the woman that some day he will marry not teach him it’s ok to bring children into this world and treat the mom like a doormat - let him go bc he doesn’t care/love either you or your child.

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Cheats never change, he will continue to hurt you if you let him.


I went through something similar, gave my ex a second chance after cheating then he did shady stuff again. (Caught him sexting our 7 month old daughters babysitter) I wasted two years figuring out I could never trust him again. After I left I found out that I didn’t even know half of what he had been doing. Save yourself and your child any more heartbreak. A man that truly loves and respects you would not make the same mistakes.

Kick him out u and ur child deserve better then him. He just wants his cake and eat it also. Dont down grade urself like that.

Shouldn’t even be a question… know your worth. Move on


He cant have his cake and eat it to. If hes perfectly fine lying and cheating, you gotta kick him to the curb and hopefully his cake is nasty and he’ll see what he lost.

He’s trying to have it all. Don’t give it to him.

Kick him out. He wants his cake and eating it to. You can take care of your son with out him.

You have him another chance, and he blew it. He wants his family and his trash girl. He can’t have both. Tell him goodbye.

Document, document, document all you can, just in case. Talk to a women’s center/hotline to develop your strategy for getting out of the marriage with your finances, emotions and child’s well-being intact, even if you think you can work it out.

Plan your work, work your plan, get therapy for you & your child. I’m so sorry, and wish for you an awesome future. Never be completely dependent on a man so you can escape if you need.

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Oh, and might be worth getting tested for STDs.

Could never forgive or forget when it comes to cheaters

You know what to do… RUN :running_woman::running_woman::running_woman::wave:

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He’s made his decision and why are you letting him decide? This is your life

Let him go but you cheat back give him a taste of medicine


Get rid of him. He’s never going to stop. He’s manipulating you both.

Get an Attorney, file for Custody and MAXIMUM child support and child care

Um are you dumb or what


A person shows how much they care by their actions. Anyone can tell you that they love you and want to work things out, but it’s their actions that will truly tell you where their heart is at. I would leave if I were you he’s showing you by his actions that he doesn’t care


If he wont drop her ass than move on. You deserve better than that.

My Grma an momma always told me to never play 2nd fiddle to no one he made a choice when he stepped out to be with his other gf he wont change they never change i say get a good attorney you think im harsh by saying that but its true once a cheater always a cheater

Kick him out…once a lier and a cheater always a lier and a cheater…I learned the hard way…value yourself more than he does…

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Tell him not to let the door hit him where the good lord split him! They never change! Neither you or your kids deserve that! Find someone that treats you and your kids the way you guys deserve! Teach them healthy honest relationships! (I have and currently live this situation)

Respect yourself, kick him out for good and don’t look back? Letting him stay is teaching your kids its okay to cheat and its okay to be treated like trash. Think of it that way.

You need to kick him out you deserve better you and your daughter and always a cheater and don’t let door hit you on way out

Support his decision to not be apart of your family anymore, he doesnt deserve you, and make him 100% pay child support since hes chosen his path in life, kick him out for good this time and if he comes crying back tell him no…because mama you are worth it

Make sure you get a good lawyer. Get child support secured. Do not let him into talk you into anything less hey what yo ur entitled too. Once a cheater. Always a cheater.

Pack his bags n tell him to get the hell out

Let her have him. There are better men out there.

I feel like you already know the answer. He’s made his choices very clear. Let him go.

Jolene , jolene jolene ; jolene … please don’t take my man! :notes:BETTER yet Jolene you can have him! Dolly

All Pune aside , people can change their ways with wrong decisions. It’s how they walk away from the wrongs and show true actions. Sorry isnt sorry if you don’t change behaviour. So sorry that your going threw this! I also agree that you already know your answer. Know your worth! sending :heart: to your little one and you!

Nope. Hes had enough chances.

You have two options, stay and be the 2nd woman, or leave and find someone who only has eyes for you. Ask yourself, do you want your child growing up and following in his footsteps, thinking its normal.

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Pack his thing and take it over to her home he wants his cake and eat it to


A lack of boundaries invites a lack of respect, you’ve let him believe he didn’t compromise things much, by letting him back with minimal effort. He’s 43, acting like a reckless idiot. Don’t waste too much more energy thinking you can change him or the situation. He’s shown you who he is and now it’s up to you to actually believe it. When walk and talk ain’t adding up mama, don’t underestimate the power a woman has when she sets boundaries and sets a standard worthy of a real man.


It’s time for him to own up to his decisions.

The sooner you can leave and break the cycle the better. Raise your child in a happy, loving environment :heart: you shouldn’t be anybodys 2nd choice.


I thinl you know what to do in your gut. Do what is best for you and your son. He can be a great dad without being with you.


If he loved you and his family he wouldn’t be cheating. Actions speak louder than words. You deserve better and your son deserves a better example of what marriage is supposed to be.


Sounds like he just doesn’t want to have to pay that child support. At least when your there, he gets dinner cooked, house cleaned, in-home childcare from the best of the best, and to top it all of, free anytime he wants, bootycall…why would he tell the truth when it’s so easy to lie? Accept what you know is true and make him leave or let him stay and accept with the cards you’ve been dealt. Just remember, you have a child that is watching your example. So you are teaching them that whatever choice you make is an acceptable choice.


I’ve been there. I decided not to be his second choice. I tried but ultimately it was delaying the inevitable. Don’t loose yourself trying to save something he obviously don’t care about. Sounds like he wants his son.


He’s teaching your son how to be a husband. And you are teaching him what to expect from a wife. Act accordingly!


If he truly loved you, he wouldn’t talk to her.


You should never be a choice!! Don’t ever stay with anyone that makes you feel insecure by their actions, hes already proven he doesnt want to be faithful, you deserve to be loved and treated with respect… Good luck


KICK HIM OUT AND DO NOT LET HIM BACK IN. Then, file for Sole Custody, Child Support and Supervised Visits only.

Lord these men show y’all how they are and you still have to ask that?!


I would give him an ultimatum, tell him to stop seeing her or you’ll file for divorce, before it gets worse. A person that has a family won’t cheat unless he doesn’t truly want to be in it. Step your game or make him sign papers.

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The choice is really yours. Cheaters don’t stop. A new love doesn’t compare to an old love. The flirting, flirty conversations and spending time together. Many relationships loose that with time so it is easy for another person to sneak in. If you want to keep him you may need to look at what he needs to be satisfied in the relationship then if you are willing to meet those needs. You are also going to need to decide if you will ever be able to trust him, because if you can’t this won’t work.

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You have to make some hard decisions. Stay and allow the cheating which is unhealthy for all and teaches your child bad behavior or get a divorce ( you already gave it a chance) and show your son how to be a strong independent person. Which ever you choose remember your relationship with your husband is separate from your son’s relationship with his dad.


If I was you I would leave cause if you left him for cheating than got back him and his talking to other girl his still cheating on you just leave him work out arrangements for him too see the baby and find you man who loves u and about you

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Oh boy! He doesn’t want to pay child support, so he beeged you back. You need to ask yourself, are you & child #1 top of the list? Or just convince for him? You deserve better. Get him out. But first get your evidence, texts, photos, phone calls etc. Then do the right thing. Leave him.

If he is really serious to have a family go talk to someone. Let im get out his problems. It is a start.

If hes not willing to stop talking to the other woman, hrs not working on your relationship. I’m all for marriage lasts forever, but no, leave him. If hes a good daddy, let him have visiting rights.

If you stay you are only teaching him that you will tolerate it. You gave him a second chance already and yet he violated your trust again. I have been in your shoes and I know how much pain you are in right now. It is the ultimate betrayal. He has no respect for you and no loyalty to you. I forgave repeatedly just to be hurt again and again and again. In the end, I had nobody to blame but myself for staying. My choice to hold on to a family unit caused unnecessary suffering for me and my children. I believe people deserve second chances but after that it is no longer a mistake, it is a choice. He chose to end your relationship by continuing the relationship with her. It’s already over sweetie and staying won’t change that.


Goodbye… He wants his family because ours a place to live and he don’t have to pay child support. Kick him to the curb, put him on child support and visitation schedule

Remove him from you. Don’t take the child away from him. Still allow him to see the child as long as he is not harming the child. File for child support. Work on building a wonderful relationship between you and yourself and you and your son. You have to be happy with yourself before you can find the right person that is going to treat you the way you deserve. Trust me you will find the right person that is willing to be there for you and your son.

If he can’t or want stop messing/talking which is giving up all contact with this person, he is only cares about himself.
Kids would rather come from a broken home then live in one.


If you already gave him chances and he continues to go elsewhere throw him to the curb. Start a positive life for you & your child. Don’t waste any more years of your life. Life is too short!!
Wishing you the best of luck!!


Sounds like he wants his cake and to eat it, too. Think I’d practice some social distancing…both you and the girlfriend would be wise to find a “man” worth having…


Hire a lawyer for child support, change the locks, change the phone number and never talk to him again unless your child needs something. Been there, done that. A cheater never changes - male or female.


Being a single mother isn’t the end of the world. I did it for 7 years before I met my awesome husband of almost 20 years. You have to do what’s best for your child and you don’t want your son growing up thinking that behavior is ok. Kids see more than we think. I would end it. You are worth more than what you’re settling for. Clearly he doesn’t understand his words of “I love you” means nothing based on his continual cheating behavior. Value yourself kick him to the curb

He will always be part of your child’s life, and by extension, yours. You have to accept that right off the bat, for the good of your child. Co-pare t the best you can, and put that resentment behind you when dealing with anything regarding your child. However, you also need to decide what’s healthy for you, meaning you either be able to reset and completely trust him again, not being this up during arguments and immediately think about this when he’s late or not where you think he should be, or you need to stop the romantic relationship and do what’s healthy for yourself in that regard, meaning be strong on your own, and hopefully find someone you can trust to have that kind of relationship with.

Once a cheater, always a cheater. You deserve better for yourself and your child. Trust your heart and move on. You will be happy you did. :heart:


You have to let him go. I know that sucks and you have a child but coming from experience he will not change and you deserve more. I wish you the best!

Kick him out again and don’t take him back he obviously don’t care about you or respect you otherwise he would’ve never done it in the first place I understand everyone makes mistakes but he continues to do so therefore the man doesn’t care about you the quicker you realize that the better off you and your son will be. Don’t allow your son to think it’s OK to treat women the way his dad does.

Leave and file for child support with standard custody. No need to communicate anymore.

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Throw him out then get counseling to find out why you put up with him in the first place.

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let him go and make a life for you and your son dad can visit when you say it is ok

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You need to get rid of him, Once a cheater always a cheater. You will find that you have no trust in him and when that happens you will always wondering if he is with her or where is he or is he telling the truth or not. To tell you the truth it is not worth it…

You already know the answer. Leave and find someone who will make you and your son their priority. Don’t let yourself be someones else’s second choice.

You have to make a decision based on his actions. Do you want your son to grow up as a liar & cheater? If he truly loves you he would not cheat.

Get out! Never be second choice for anyone! Once a cheater always a cheater!

Kick him out! Literally. I have been there. Its not worth it. He is being dishonest after he said he wanted to work it out. Honey you can do so much better.

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Are you married? if not he is a free man.

Leave! Get out now, it won’t ever change. I speak from experience :pleading_face:


Once bitten twice shy…it should only take one time and he’s gone forever amen!

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If he cheated once he will do it again and again.Kick him out now and don’t let him come back.