My childs father has cheated and is still talking to the girl: Advice?

Kick him to the curb, he’s just continuing to do what he can get away with!!! You & your son deserve better!!

Walk away not what you want your son seeing.

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Honey tell yourself that you deserve better and then go out there and get your blessi

Time to let him go and focus on your children.

kick him to the curb and dont look back

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Get out! He ain’t never gonna leave her.

Leave now… Don’t trust a word out of his mouth… Sorry

Kick him out for good! Get another place and dont let him know where u live.

Grow some balls and leave…only thing ur teaching ur child is that it’s ok to be treated like shit.

Walk away! He won’t stop! Telling you from experience

You are seriously staying with him?? Come on

Get out of it life is to short

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Get away from him. It won’t stop

Kick drop him to the curb like the trash he is for not truly loving you and you only. Why do you have to share a man?

Dont have kids out of wedlock! Best you can get is child support if the loser has a job! Drop the bum!

Go kick her ass and drag your man back! Teach that girl a lesson. Done liona pisa gata no deja huella. You all want to her to give up and throw in the towel. He’ll no fight for whats yours.

Kick his ass out take him to paternity court and rape him of all of his financial assets…that’ll teach him to cheat cause you play lmao you pay… Enough said.

Get your affairs in order and leave or stay with a man you can’t trust to not leave you when he has his in order leaving you unprepared.

What you accept, will be your future.


Kick his a$$ to the curb!!!

Kick his ass to that curb!!!

Time for him to go !!!

Kick him out for good!

Kick him to the curb and don’t look back.


This is hard, because he is your son’s father, and you have a lot of history together, but coparenting with someone like that could be much better than continuing an intimate relationship. He is neither committed or trustworthy. You forgave him, but he has continued to behave in a deceitful way. I hope you have others in your life who love and support you, and that you can access a counselor or pastor, to help you with everything you are feeling. Take care of yourself and your son.


He’s cheating so obviously he doesn’t love you or he wouldn’t hurt you. He can still be a father if you all aren’t together


Well he cant even respect your wishes to block her so I think you know the answer…do what’s best for you. I understand wanting to keep a family together but you can only take so much disrespect before you turn bitter and the whole situation just ain’t worth it. Tell him he is about to loose his family over some side peice and stand your ground

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Let him live with the other girl and pay child support. Just because you have a kid together is no reason to stay and it gives a bad example of what love is to the child. The child and father should still be able to have a relationship but he has decided he does not want a commitment with you.


Your better then that.

PACk his things up and let her have him.

you forgave him once and he just :poop: :poop: over you again and he will keep on doing it, he’s not a good role model for your child and u deserve to be happy xx


He’s cheating in my eyes there’s no question about it kick him out. He betrayed you by cheating and then carried on betraying you after you forgave him. If he loved you and wanted to be with you first of all he wouldn’t have cheated but obviously we know he did so now hes won you back he should be forever showing you he can be trusted etc. You need to leave him yes he’s the father to your child and that wont change but he will never be the faithful partner you deserve. Leave him and move on a child shouldn’t be a reason to stay. I had 4 children with my ex and for years i stayed for them and it was toxic i left him 4 years ago this may and it was legitimately the best thing i did. Im now engaged to my bestfriend and we have two children together hes amazing with my eldest 4 and i couldnt be happier. Your happy ever after is out there but first you need to cut all ties with him and just be the best parents you can be to your son

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Why the heck are you asking what to do, he is cheating on you and your child! Kick his ass out now, get child support and move the hell on with your child. Don’t let anyone use you. Ever.


If you have the money hire a private Investigator. Just to have proof, for child support etc. If you have proof, it help s
You to know you did the right thing. It’s hard, very hard, some men never
know a good thing, until it’s too late. May God be near you!!!

You deserve so much better and although you are going through and will go so much heartache in the months to follow you will come back stronger. You are not weak for taking him back, you love him and you wanted things to work for your family. He’s had the chance the change and hasn’t you will hurt yourself more by staying together. Been there done it. Found out after he was having an affair for years at work. Build yourself back up and be stronger for you and your child :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

get family counseling, kick him out and get child support.

Give that the f*ckin’ BOOT. Son’s father or not, he didn’t have enough sense to keep his pecker in his pants and be faithful to you. He doesn’t respect you. Don’t fall for the love bombing. Find a man who will stick to his damn commitment to you. :kissing_heart: Please, take it from a fellow momma who understands…

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If he isn’t willing to block her then he will continue to talk to her or just keep her around for if he leaves you. Do what is best for your baby and if he can’t grow with you and respect you enough to delete and block her the he isn’t worht your time and is showing he really doesn’t care how you feel. You are already giving him another chance by letting him back and if he can’t do that one simple thing then your better off without him cause he will most likely do it again. Stay strong for your baby

He’s at the age where he should know better! Kick him out cuz he will still keep cheating regardless as you can see! He can still be a father

Send him packing, but he needs to still be a father in your son’s life. You deserve better. Let your bf do what he wants, you need to move on.

I was in the same boat almost a year ago. My advice is let him go. Sometimes coparenting is the best option

First of all leave his cheating butt and second if he truly loved you and yalls little family he would have never cheated in the first place so I say leave his sorry behind


Maybe he loves you, but he doesn’t respect you. Leave :raised_hands::clap:

Once you showed him he can cheat he will continue. No one wins kids still get hurt being between two ppl who can’t trust each other.

Have you considered maybe opening your relationship? I know that’s hard but maybe there’s something he’s getting from this woman that he isn’t getting from you (hard to expect someone to be everything you need, want and desire)

This is coming from someone (me) who’s been polyamorous for 10 years. Cheating is absolutely horrible and I think your partner is an asshole for cheating on you and not just being honest and open with you.

If he isn’t open to an open relationship then leave him. You don’t need the heartache mama.

What would you tell your son if he behaved the same way?

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Well it’s nice a Cheek Chet always one ! Shake the dust off your feet and keep on going take your baby get child support ! Move on you deserve better

Kick him out and tell him to go live with her for a bit. 3 or so months in they’ll most likely break up.

You gave him a chance to come back and he did it again . So this is your call, but I’d kick his ass call him on his shit and put him out again good luck

Once a cheater always a cheater …especially at that age he will not change …


You and the baby deserve so much better! Leave him, once a cheater always a cheater!

Your first mistake was taking him back the first time after you found out! Cheater will always be a cheater , leave!!


No matter how much it hurts, you have to leave him.

I guess some women aren’t worried about getting diseases :flushed:

U really ask what should u do :joy:


Only thing u can do is leave

Is this a question? Leave!!! Some of you ladies put up with way too much bullshit!! You will be treated with what you allow. Leave and never look back and wish the next girl the best


Kick his lying cheating butt out the door. Today.

Threats never work, now you got to show him

I’m not even putting in my two sense, they won’t like what I would say😂

What you allow will continue.

Imagine you have a daughter, what would you tell her?

It’s crazy to me that people actually don’t know to just leave. He doesn’t respect you, the relationship, or his kid if he just consistently cheats on you with no regard about how you’re feeling. Leave.
Focus on yourself and your child. You do not have to be romantically involved with the father of your child to raise them right and be happy.

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Let him continue to cheat on you. While you stay in a very hurtful relationship with someone who really doesn’t care how you feel about.

Sounds absurd doesn’t it?
Kick him out. Period.
That is not a role model for your son

I mean everything you’re doing is about him…?? Whyyy?? “He” cheated. But “HE” wants his family. “HE” begged and I said yes. Girl, have some 'steem bout yoself. You dont need his ol raggedy butt. That man doesnt love you. What about this says love to you? :woozy_face: baby he is a narcissist and a manipulator. You just keep gettin reeled in​:fish: because you love him.
Start by deciding if you want him and his mess. Because his “lOvE” for you doesn’t extend to him caring about your heart. You cant make him. All the ultimatums you put up aint nothing but begging him to love you RIGHT. But you have to love yourself enough to not just accept anything and everything some lil man toss your way. Until that happens, you will stay unhappy. He lies to your face because its what you want to hear and it still gives him his way. Cut yourself free, put him on child support and a schedule to see his child, get yourself together, and live your life. You deserve more than hes offered you. Hes also exposing you to whatever cooties she may have. You dont know her sexual history or habits. He broke up his family over azz. Hes exposed his child to the realities of a broken home. But still for your child its better to grow up with a happy and single mom then a sad, depressed, and distrustful mommy and a detached philandering saddy (not daddy).


Leave his ass. I’m sorry :pensive:

Kick him out!!!

Get rid of him. You deserve better! Once a cheater always a cheater.

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Him saying he wants to make his family work is just way of trying to manipulate you because he knows that that’s what you want more than anything as a mom of course you want your family to stay together… but no one deserves to be treated like that and played with especially if he said he was sorry and then continue to do the same stuff that he said he was sorry for… actions speak and it may not seem like it right now but sometimes the best thing you can do for you and your child is walk away from the toxic relationship.


If he loves you and his family he wouldn’t have cheated in the first place. You need to show your kiddo a healthy relationship which clearly doesn’t involve him. :pensive: …I’ve been there, I wasted 3 years after a man cheated on me for our family.


He doesn’t need to have his cake and eat it too. He made his decision. He made that clear. Pack his things and put him out. Tell him to go live with her. First though get a lawyer and get some kind of support out of him for your child together. Somethimg is better than nothing.

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First off, I’d pack him up. He’s done. Second, I’d tell the hoe off. And put her number on dating sites…If she knows the deal and she continues on with a married man, she deserves to have to change her number. Fuck them both

Move on. He is not worth it!

Fool me once shame on you,
Fool me twice shame on me!

Sounds like he has made his mind up. And he thinks he can have both! Kick his butt to the curb! You and your baby deserve someone who will be there for the two of you!


You know this answer. He cheated once and still keeps going. Kick him to the curb and live your life. He will find out what he’s missing. You deserve better.


The question is are you tried of being a door mat?? If so it is time to get up off the floor. Good luck and God bless.

You need to get on the same page. Let him know the expectations.

He’s made his decision and that’s not choosing his family or putting it first. Now you have to make your decision to accept it and allow yall to live like that. Or stand up for yourself and your child and decide your worth is more valuable than he is placing on you. He is wrong! But honestly if you choose to stay you will be too because your child deserves better and you do too. Your child should grow up seeing how a Man is supposed to love his wife and family so that it will shape him into the man you want him to be. If you stay it will show him the opposite of what love, commitment and responsibility is all about. Choose you, you are worthy, choose your son because he deserves it, this life is hard enough as it is without giving children the wrong impression on what to just accept and put up with. Ask How showing your child the love his dad is showing someone else is okay to do while him & mommy stays home and allow the absence, lies and manipulation of his father and to not be there for you or him.


Go for child support and ask him to leave.


I’m still stuck on “my baby daddy” and not “my boyfriend” maybe that’s the real problem here. You’re placing him in a role in your head and in life two very different ways. He’s acting like your baby daddy not your partner. If you can’t live apart. Someone is sleeping on the couch or he’s staying with a friend until y’all can figure out co parenting.

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You need to kick him out, if he really wanted to be with you he wouldn’t still be talking to that girl. And I’m sure he is doing a lot more then talk. Bet he’s having sex with her and lying to you. Kick his cheating butt out now. He won’t stop he will keep cheating


Kick him out! You deserve better, he obviously as no respect for you!

This is heartbreaking I know… and the reality is that love should not hurt. And there is so much pain here I know.

Maturation with men always takes longer … and by the time they get it —-we are the casualties- including children.

Take some time - it is gonna hurt whatever choice U make -

He will never change, accept the affair WHICH I don’t advise or leave.

What is hard to figure out about this?? You took him back so he thinks he can always act like that now and it will be ok. In my opinion, a relationship is already over when someone cheats. Some couples recover from it but more often times than not, it is not repairable. He also does not respect you at all if he’s still talking to her. There’s probably others you don’t even know about


He didn’t really have any consequences, so why would he stop? He cheated and he just had to sleep at the chicks place for a week :joy::joy::joy: tf? Get rid of him, put him on child support and require him to go to therapy before you’re willing to have any conversation that doesn’t involve lawyers

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If he’s not grown enough to know what and who he wants at 43 honey then you just need to know you deserve better, you can do better, and you shouldn’t ever have to deal with this level of utter bullshit from anyone let alone someone that’s supposed to love you​:100::100::heart: I hope find the strength in yourself to walk away for you and your child.

He doesn’t love you. He cheated. He doesn’t love you, he wont let her go. Actions speak louder than words.

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UMmmm leave unless u down to be sister wives :woman_facepalming:t2:

Kick him to the curb have some pride in yourself you are woman you are strong

Well how do you want your son to treat women? If its not how you are being treated then kick him the hell out and never let him come back. You and your child deserve so much better than that!!

He’s selfish. Want more for yourself

He can’t make up his mind what he wants more and you know exactly what you want so in my opinion what I would do is split from him, still let him see he child and etc if he’s fit for it but I’d move on from him because his behavior would drive me to being toxic and I’m not promoting that kind of energy in my life or around my child

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If you truly need a bunch of strangers on the internet to tell you your self worth & that no one deserves to be cheated on, lied to, ignored & horribly disrespected, then so be it. But truthfully, you need to give the dude the boot & get yourself into some therapy so you can learn the skills needed for your life to reflect healthy living choices for you & your child :v:t3:

Kick his ass the the curb and DO YOU! YOU get to decide what you want in your life! Stand your ground and show him you won’t be played for no fool!! Good luck! I’ve been in your shoes! Not easy at all!

Look out for you and your child move out move on


Tell him the amount he will need to pay for child support through the courts because if he misses a payment he loses any licences he has and goes to jail. Second tell him you wish him the best with that girl and that won’t happen because he will do her the same way. Force yourself to let go of him to make room for the right man to come into your life. It won’t be easy but 6 months from now you will be glad you did. Third don’t trust or believe a word he says. His chance came and went. No more chances or wasted time on him. Love yourself girl and have the life you deserve giving your child a great life and a father figure he deserves. Best to you.

Leave him. Once you excuse the cheating, he will keep doing it. If he loved you and his family that much, he would stop.

Kick him out. Show your son that real men do not treat their families that way. He can still have a relationship with his son on terms you both agree but what I will say is life is WAY too short to be anything but happy and you deserve SO much more xx

Kick him out and don’t look back.A leopard never looses its spots.

Tell him to kick rock’s

I understand that it’s very painful but it may be time to just go. His words and his actions are not lining up and if his family was really his focus he would not continue to speak to her.