My daughter has been having nightmares: Advice?

Ladies I need advice my daughter is 9 and going through the hormones and puberty changes so idk if its related. Shes been having crazy nightmares. One so bad she was shaking and hyperventilating. Well the past few weeks shes been saying shes having scary thoughts and can’t get back to sleep. There was a few nights we were up till 3-4am bc ahe couldn’t sleep. Says on the weekends when she goes to her dads it doesn’t happen just here. She’s in a safe environment and I reassure her and she has dreamcatchers in her room and there’s no presence of anything in my home. If you believe in it or not I do. Her dad just says kids have nightmares I agree but some of these dreams aren’t normal or ok to me. She has a creepy scary dream about an older man caressing her face like he was going to do more which scares me as well she even had that dream. We don’t let any of the kids watch scary movies or horror of any kind or play violent video games or play on YouTube everything gets monitored. So any advice would be great bc im out of options and it scares me how many nightmares shes having. Ive been told hormones can cause it and the norm of what she watches which she dont. TIA

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Anoint her with lavender oil between brows, temples left and right, back of neck base of hair line left and right. Psalm 91.

Talk to pediatrician, as well as be sure to talk to her and be sure things aren’t happening to her while she’s at another home and maybe she’s scared to talk about it.

If it was me and my daughter I would definitely go to her doctor and they could help you figure out a good counselor or therapist. Night terrors sometimes happen from traumatic incidents…
Maybe try singing together or coloring before bed. Sorry you both are going through this.

I have had 3 daughters ,that are all adults now, never , encountered. this problem , even when hormones are changing. I would ask pediatrician.

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I struggled with intrusive thoughts and bad dreams and my therapist told me to take my anxiety meds before bed and it helped a lot. Maybe she just needs a calmer before she goes to bed or something

Talk to her Dr. Have him examine her for sexual abuse. I bet she’s being assaulted at dads house.

Get her to see a counselor or pastor. ASAP.