My daughter has started rejecting formula: Advice?

Hello, moms, I need advice… my six-month-old has all of a sudden started rejecting her formula. Drs have tried changing it nope nothing works. She spits it up, she’s throwing it up, breaking out in a rash and to the point, her bottom bleeds. My son, when he was six months, did the exact same thing we went through every formula already. Has anyone been through something similar? My son, we just went with almond milk, but she has seizures and allergies to a lot already, so I’m terrified I’m going to make her sick.


Hospital visit for care

Take her to the nearest.childrens hospital you cant.keep.experimenting.shes not a Guinea pig


Take to the Emergency Room something is not right

My daughter was like that and they ended up putting her on nutramigen which is a hypoallergenic formula. Please Check with your doctor. Good Luck to you both!

Have you tried an organic formula?

Defo an allergy lactose intolerance? Its life threatening cant believe they left u like this, mind u my daughter was left from birth till 8 mo this old before I could get her lactose free milk , then she went on soya milk

Goats milk. It’s expensive but it’s better than cows milk based formulas.


The milk is constipating her. She can start on simple soups. Porridge fruits. Crushed pumpjins abd creamed irish.potatoes

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Have you tried prescription formula? or a referral to a pediatric GI specialist

Sounds like she’s allergic which you’re Ped should have picked up on smh. I would suggest another Dr and maybe soy formula or just take her off all together she’s old enough to start baby food

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Wtf take that child to the damn ER and make an appt with a children’s hospital! 🤦


Allergic, lactose, stop giving it to her


Nutromagin? My babies couldnt handle regular formula…

Have you tried enfamil reguline?? It’s a new formula for sensitive babies. Her belly is rejecting the formula reguline helps calm a lot of belly issues like colic, rejection, and constipation.

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Take her to a gastroenterologist. They did that with my son after many formula’s changes. He is 6 and drink almond milk but you should go to a doctor.

What formula are you using

6 months you say? Take her off it, give her whole or goats milk and real foods


I put my babies on to soy milk

Is she projectile vomiting? You do know babies can die from “failure to thrive” right…why are you on facebook and not at the pediatrician’s office?

I went through this 29 yrs. ago with my son being allergic to all the milks. I to am allergic to milk so was my MIL. He stayed a week in NICU I thought he would die. Just one month old. My dr. Finally found a presricption milk he could drink. I would take my baby immediately to either Dr or ER. Babies dehydrate so fast. I hope they find what will be good for her. My son is now gonna be 30 in feb and since 10 months he’s been drink lactose milk. Again go to Dr or ER immediately. That’s my advice Dr or ER now.

There are pediatric nutritionists that can help. They will tell you the same thing; it’s not experimenting on your child, but you do have to go through a trial and error process or the child will suffer for many years to come. There are many new formulas that you can try. Baby is a bit young for table foods only right now.

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My kid was allergic to all formula, he was lactose intolerant, not sure if they still make O-Lac but was only thing he could drink

Lactose intolerant this happen to my gdaughter with Brest milk and she was alergic

It’s great your reaching out but you need to speak with the babies pediatrician since every child is different.

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Yikes… this happened to my son exactly. He was allergic to milk… he could only have isomil (soy) and when he got older, rice milk. Buy corn starch (only $1.00) and always keep a tablespoon or two in the diaper. It dries out the rash quickly and absorbs diarrhea. No ice cream (only ice pops or sherbert), no yogurt, no cheese

Goats milk or donated breast milk maybe?

My son was better after a dose of antibiotics. I wonder now that celiac showed up in his aunt and cousin

My grandmother said that the only thing that I could keep down was goats milk.

Find a milk bank around your area and try giving her some breastmilk.

Have you tried giving her formula from the prescriptions the doctor gave you it’s very expensive unless you get through prescription but it worked great for my daughter. And son because she could not have Milk or soy

Perhaps find someone donating breast milk…

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Have you tried donor breastmilk? That’s what I would try

My son did this and we went to regular milk, he’s now 4. His Pediatrician at the time tried to give him a bottle of formula and he took one drink and threw it at her.

Maybe she’s ready for baby food

All 3 of daughters had similar issues! Finally on my third, I switched to “Baby’s Only” Organic/Clean formula. It was pricey but it helped with her spit up issues, acid reflux, projectile vomiting and diaper rash.

She needs a prescription formula called elecare or neocate.

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I had same issue with my son, I ended up making my own almond milk with Almond Cow

She may well be lactose intolerant or dairy intolerant I’m sure there is vegan formula? Good luck xx

Goat milk. They have powdered at wal mart.


Try Nutrimigen or Similac Alimentum formula. She could have a milk allergy or protein allergy. My son has a dairy protein allergy so he has been on Nutrimigen since he was 3 weeks old. And until he has his tolerance test summer or fall of 2020 he can’t have any dairy at all whatsoever


Have you tried Kate Farms formula? It’s plant based and very easy to digest.

Donated breast milk could be great but maybe try a goats milk formula.


My son is allergic to milk his doctors put him on rice milk

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Take her to a GI specialist if you haven’t already. It sounds like an intolerance to something. My daughter had reflux and needed nutramigen. Also, sometimes a bottle change helps as well but done switch too much at once


You need to see a GI doctor. My son developed a milk protein allergy at 5mos. He had extreme diarrhea but vomiting is another symptom. He was put on Neocate. Elecare is another brand used. They’re amino acid based formulas that are broken down even more than Nutramigen. Get a prescription from the doctor so either your insurance or WIC will pay for it because they cost $45+ per can. WIC provided more than I could ever use in a month.


Make the formula with carnation milk and karo syrup…my daughter did the exact same thing…once i changed it…100% better

My son was put on soy formula because he couldn’t handle any other kind

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Myself when I was a baby was allergic to formulas. I was given regular whole milk and was fine after that

Do some research on Milk and Soy Protein Intolerance (MSPI). We took our little one to a pediatric gastroenterologist and he had her diagnosed (correctly) within 5 minutes of meeting her. Our regular pediatrician kept telling me I was overreacting and that babies spit up… she is my 4th so I know what was was normal and what isn’t!

Nutramagin is very expensive but helped my last 2 babies so so much

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Its hypoallergenic. Man made nutrition no soy or cow’s milk

Try taking her to an allergy specialist, have her tested and you know what she’s allergic to!

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This is hands down a doctor question.


try juice or regular milk… all my kids started sipping milk from sippy cup at four mounths and loved juice … formula is boring… it wont hurt them to try different things… fed is best

Follow only your Dr so they monitor your baby. Allergies can be very tricky in children. You want to avoid a crisis! Don’t listen to other parents on this!

Ask you dr if they can do an allergy blood test to see if shes allergic to cows milk protein.

This was happening to my daughter and nutramigen saved us ! I’d try it girl seriously ! My daughter had reflux and milk allergy

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One of my grandsons could only drink carnation instant powdered milk until he was over a year old

Try goats milk! My gram raised 10 kids on it. Never a problem!

My best friend had to have goats milk.

Has she had any recent vaccines??? My son had his shots… and sounds the same… he started throwing up all his bottles… hours later

Take her to hospital and ask them to test for pyloric stenosis. My grandson had it and had to have surgery…

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See a pediatric allergist!!! They have tools and knowledge that pediatricians and others don’t have. Work with the allergist, pediatrician and neurologist (I hope you are seeing someone for the seizures).

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Doctor’s advise is needed on this one

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I was raised on goats milk. Preemie and anemic. Perfectly healthy baby

She has an allergy to something in her formula. Might try goats milk.

Had similar experience with my two sons. It was a long time ago but I still remember the experience. Goats Milk … Good Luck