My daughter is in menstral pain, what can I do?

I was hesitant to write this so I’m asking for the responses to please be kind…

I have a 12 year old daughter who started her period recently and I thought I knew everything there was to know when it came to this kind of stuff. She gets horrible cramps like I did when I was young and when I was her age I used a heating pad, it worked for me! But she doesn’t seem to get any comfort from it. She also has diarrhea and nausea which I didn’t know was even a thing until her doctor told me recently but there wasn’t much answers I was given to help sooth her. I just feel terrible, as a mom you want to fix everything and with this I’m really at a loss of how to help her. Has anyone else’s child gone through the diarrhea, nausea and bad cramping? and what did you do to help your child???


Not sure if you have heard of the BRATT diet, but it may help relieve the nausea. Bananas, rice, apple sauce, toast, and tea. Salty crackers might also help, and push liquids to keep her hydrated. For the pain, unless you can get a prescription from her pediatrician, you may be stuck with OTC pain relievers. Sometimes heat helps, sometimes it doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to let her stay home from school for a day or two to recover.

These could be signs of PCO, PCOS, or ENDOMETRIOSIS, Please take her to gyno to be tested, not just throw birth control at the situation as that as that without a diagnosis will only treat symptoms not reveal information. And long term treatment with BC can cause it to be harder to be diagnosed with PCOS (atleast iny case) later in life… but diherea is completely normal even with no underlying conditions as the whole area can swell/bloat and irritation can happen internally. There is an OB/GYN that talks about this on FB videos

My daughter had the same and would vomit for the first day and be in pain through the 3rd. I had her taking things but she was horrible about taking pills.
The thing that has helped me the most is Wild Yam. I take 3 pills a day. It takes a couple monthes to see a difference as herbs have to get into your system fully. For me I had less bleeding on my”heavy days” and way lighter cramps. It also regulated my period as it was all we the place.
I don’t like birth control as I personally feels the fake hormones mess up your body and caused me weight gain. For young girls I don’t like it especially.
But when my daughter turned 16 we allowed her to choose. Gave her all the info and she chose the BC shot. All her friends had been having and bragged about no period. She now has no cramps and no period.
So it is just what you feel comfortable with.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My daughter is in menstral pain, what can I do?

Honestly… a birth control


I used to sit in a hot bath. I had really bad crampa when i first started.

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Extra strength pamperin

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I use midol heating pad hot bath… I have them so bad I use to cry.

I started birth control at 12 because my cramps get soooo bad if I’m not on it. With control was a lifesaver and made functioning so much easier

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Put her on the pill :pill: hopefully helps if not go back to the doctors

Thc or cbd suppository.


A warm bottle water just hot enough to where she can stand it and put it on her lower abdomen.

Extra strength pamperin and hot bath with Epsom Salt. Also mobement, have her go for a walk or jog it helps so much with cramping. Then if shes/you’re open to it birth control for future.

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My 12 year old has been on birth control for 2 years now. It’s helps at least regulate it


Midol or pamprin works best for me when I have bad cramps

I would take her to see a Gynecologist they can prescribe some stuff to help like Zofran and 800mg Ibuprofen


Endometriosis may be a underlining issue. I went undiagnosed for years. Maybe visit with OBGYN.


I took baths, ibuprofen, drunk Sprite,.heating pads didn’t work for me either. I layed on my bed on my back in the most loose fitting pjs I had. Hope she feels better

My daughter is 13 and started her period at 11, and when she had pains I gave her Tylenol to help ease her menstrual cramps but now we bought a heating pad so she uses that when she’s relaxing on the couch or in her room, I only gave her Tylenol that once when it started so now she knows how to ease the cramps and is a pro at it now.

Poor baby, I have those some months too, try midol, pepto & any other comforts she likes. Prayers for y’all

I went through this with my daughter, I took her to the dr and they put her on the birth control pill. She hasn’t had an issue since. I know it’s scary to do and it kinda feels like you’re giving permission to do things you would t want but I’m so glad my daughter doesn’t struggle anymore.

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30 here and the day before the first day (and first day) of my period still to this day I have really bad stomach issues. It stinks

Unisom can help with that if doctors say it’s okay for her to have. It will help her sleep and there’s a chemical in there that will help with the nausea. They give this to pregnant women who are really sick with nausea.

Evening primrose oil tablets a few days before cycle and during

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Use a heating pad or a hot water bottle and midol

Doctor put me on birth control after years of suffering. They absolutely helped with the pain

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Warm bath and ibuprofen

I got mine when I was 11 and for four years straight I would get cramps so bad that I would spend days curled in fetal position in my bed. Pamprin and a hot bath helped. I tried birth control and all it did was make me sick, but there are certain types that could help.

Ibuprofen vitamin c and iron supplement

My daughter put her daughter on birth control meds. It helps a lot…less pain and 3 day period, instead of 5 or 6, also skin is flawless.

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I did this as a young girl and even adult I had both ovarian cyst and endometriosis and my gynecologist said it was what caused those symptoms I suggest if her pediatrician won’t give her anything to help get her in with a gynecologist


Talk to her Pediatrician

Get her checked for pcos and endometriosis- they two conditions that cause period pain.

But magnesium oil rubbed on tummy works really well


Midol and exercise helps a lot

Heating pad hot water bottle

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Midol, Tylenol or ibuprofen and a heating pad.

Have her drink a bottle or can of Coca Cola Believe me it works both my girls are in their 20s and still do it cause it works

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Improve her diet give calcium supplements regularly by asking doctor gradually she will start improving.

Ask if dr will prescribe compounded progesterone over birth control. Honestly, maybe have a look into her diet? I am learning just now in adulthood that diet can really cause a lot of health issues. I use an oil and my daughter uses it too called clary sage, it has definitely helped with cramps and pain. My daughter throws up from her periods. So we also do a ginger tea or peppermint to soothe her tummy. Epsom salt baths and lots of water. Also this was a coincidence but I found out I was anemic and after I got my iron levels up I stopped having horrible migraines, cramps, and pains with my period.

Make sure she has the heating pad positioned properly. Hot baths. Medicine like Midol or Tylenol, if medicine is something y’all use in your home. I’d also suggest talking with her gynecologist and making sure she doesn’t have Endo or PCOS.

I also use to suffer from terrible cramps and diarrhea. So bad that the first day and a half I could do almost nothing but sit on the toilet. Getting up and moving around helped me a lot!

CBD anything.
And probably a trip to the doctor if she actually ends up vomiting. Some women end up in the hospital due to cramps. Pain levels and treatment completely vary.
I’m sorry your baby has cramps this bad. :pensive:

In my opinion, if she’s throwing up and having diarrhea she shouldn’t be eating solid foods, she should be drinking lots of fluids such as soup, juice and water & bed rest with Tylenol/ Midol. Hope she feels better soon :pray:t4:

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Naprogesic, paracetamol and maybe ask your dr for some ondasatron for nausea. My only other suggestion is a contraceptive although she is young I found it to be the only thing to help my daughter

1 tylenol with ibuprofen when she feels the pains starting to come on. Also heating pad. I get really bad pains with mine as well, but I also have digestive problems as well. Seems to work for me when nothing else does

Went thru that at that age. Ended up going on the pill

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My 12 yr old has been getting her cycle for 4 years now…

The Dr’s and specialists gave me the all clear for midol… for her.

I have pcos, my periods are HORRIBLE… she is following in my footsteps…

Midol helps her… warm bubble baths and dark chocolate help her too :slight_smile:


I’ve always had really rough periods. Cramps, nausea so bad I’d be dripping sweat, all that. When it got so bad I would pass out I got on birth control. It helped quite a bit. I have the nexplanon now and don’t have periods but I still cramp so badly! Midol and taking it easy is the best thing to do honestly.

Get her checked for Endometriosis!! I went 10 years not being diagnosed and having pain dismissed. After I got excision surgery my life changed for the better in every single way. Get her help early on so she doesn’t spend years wondering what’s wrong and just being told its “normal period pain” by doctors.


Change your daughter to period underwear or cloth pads. Tampons and commercial pads are contributing factors in cramping and heavy blood flow.


I throw up spit up and have bad cramps every month. Nothing works for me so i just lay down all day until i’m able to function again

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You might consider asking the dr to put her on oral contraceptives, this can greatly reduce the negative symptoms and make her cycle very regular. Otherwise, ibuprofen is usually the best option for menstrual pain vs acetaminophen

My daughter was 14 and went on the pill for pain


I get diarrhea too, I just eat things that are easy on the stomach. It usually goes away pretty quick

Ibuprofen, heating pads and even something for her to roll/push pressure where the pain is. I use a weighted blanket rolled tight and lay on my back or abdomen to put pressure. Or lower back massage helps relieve pressure. Also, warm teas always help me! I use warm chai tea!


Aleve for cramps. I had same symptoms and I was prescribed naproxen. Aleve is naproxen sodium which is the same but it absorbs faster and works quicker. I took antidiarrhea pills. I was told my body overly produced my hormones.

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Pepto and aleive , if she meets the weight requirements

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I have used doeterra clary calm for myself and my teenage daughter, along with hot water bottle. Seems to work for us.

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I had a heating pad that vibrated and heated. I just laid my lower back on it and it worked wonders

give her some midol ! That stuff is god!

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Anti inflammatory and paracetamol hot water bottle x feminax are good

Try anything like midol, ibuprofen, stuff like that should help as well as heating pads and stuff. I had a friend who had to be put on birth control specifically to control her pain during her cycles.

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She needs to thicken up her stomach contents. Eating some bananas, rice, applesauce, tea, or toast should aid with that. Her doctor could prescribe her something for the nausea, Zofran or Reglan. The cramping is probably increased due to the diarrhea, Lord knows that can be painful too and in almost the same location. Also make sure she is replacing her loss of electrolytes with pedialyte or Gatorade/Powerade. Midol is effective, it’s basically ibuprofen so if you have that, no need to run out to the store. Warm baths are amazing! Hope this helps!

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Midol extra strength

My daughter got put on birth control at 13-14 due to her period cramps being so unbearable.

It has helped along with midol. She would get cramps, diarrhea and heavy bleeding that would last 7 days. Now with BC it’s gotten much better.

Tylenol helps prevent diarrhea. It prevents the hormone causing diarrhea to sneak into the intestines…!

My Dr advised me to start taking 800mg of Ibuprofen, every 8 hrs a day or so before my period would start. There is soon it that will help with the diarrhea too but she would have to take it every 6-8 hours until her period is done. It did help some. Birth control will help but I’m sure it would be a difficult decision to put her on that being so young.

For my daughter we use a heating pad and she takes menstral pills

Give her ibuprofen. I got period sh*ts and nausea. My mum got me the seabands to wear. Warm socks on her feet pillow under her knees to sleep

Talk to her doctor. There are a lot more options than when we were younger. A weekly patch that can help regulate her hormones may do her wonders and would be easier than a pill.

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I personally go through it all the time, immodium for the diarrhea, gravol for nausea and advil for pain. I also use clary sage oil on my navel.

I had these symptoms & heavy periods so was put on low dose birth control which really helped a lot.

Randi Fisk … didn’t you say BOO helps

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Birth control pills can help but can also cause new side effects.
Naproxen, heating pad, toast and hot tea should help.
Also, offer fun distractions. Plan a family walk, play silly board games, have her try to keep moving. If moving hurts too much, watch a movie or get her a new book to keep her mind off of the pain.

I was the same EXACT WAY from the age of 12 to 24(now)! Finally got diagnosed with Endometriosis after going from doctor to doctor. They may put her on Birth Control. Take her to the doctor and discuss if it could possibly be Endometriosis.

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Have her looked at for endometriosis! I had these exact symptoms younger! No doctor thought it was serious, now at 27 I just had to have a full hysterectomy due to the endo! The pain was horrible the bleeding was horrible I lost too much weight from vomiting and the poops! If my doctors actually listened to me I might still have my lady bits.

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I had them so bad when I was a teen around 15 my dad flipped because mom put me on birth control pills, I was glad she did because it helped me so much. I was out of school almost every week when it come to my time, but once I did BC it was night and day.

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Got my kid on birth control and they have a script for zofran in case they need it but it hasn’t been needed since adding birth control.

I grew up up north but when I was younger I had very bad pains and my mother used to have me walk up and down the staircase and it sounds so stupid but getting up and moving working them muscles really does help. Try talking walks or a hot bath if heating pads don’t work

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I would vomit multiple times each month the pain was bad. At 18 I was diabetes with endometriosis. Get her checked.

There isn’t much you can do. If heat helps but she’s forced in an uncomfortable position because of the cord you can try those pads that stick to her clothing/panties or a sock filled with rice. I add a few drops of lavender to it. Then tie it shut & microwave a little bit at a time until you get a good temperature.

Yes, I had nausea, diarrhea, severe cramps, headaches, leg pain, severe back pain & my joints would swell sometimes. Back then (I’m 33 now) they had this amazing OTC (small blue pill) extra strength midol. I would take 2 or 3 at a time (horrible I know) to relieve the pain. It’s no longer available but I’m pretty positive it’s bc when you took a big dose it was like taking a RX. I hope she can find comfort. Maybe try less drowsy Dramamine for the nausea. Ibuprofen might help with the pain

Hi! :wave:t2: I have horrid cramps. Used to get so bad that I’d pass out. Here are my tips and things my doc taught me. If she’s cramping really bad make sure she drinks lots of water (half her body weight in ounces a day), and make sure she is getting enough magnesium. Magnesium helps with muscle cramping. Buttered pasta is my go to comfort food, rice works too. Carbs release dopamine in the brain and helps you feel good and can help with nausea. She probably gets diarrhea because her uterine contractions can lead to bowel spasms. Increasing water and hot baths can help!

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Extra strength midol, take 2

Midol. Heat. Chocolate and a comfy blanket

I get full on flu symptoms on my first day. Fever, chills, vomiting, diarrhea. I use ibuprofen to keep the worst at bay but a heating pad and staying warm after that. If I get cold I cramp up more. Moving around and doing things helps distract from it too.


Thats exactly how my periods have been since I started around 12. I get to a point of so much pain that I can’t get out of bed. I was finally diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago… try immodium or pepto for the diarrhea, and midol extra strength, pamprin extra strength or aleve for the cramps.

My daughter was like that. I had to put her on birth control to regulate things. Talk to her pediatrician and see if that’s w good way to go for her.


I did n so do my girls… Almonds r good for cramps. And also PONSTAN… u can buy it from a chemist…

Naprogesics targets period pain

Have blood work checked for PCOS my daughter same problems when she started hers at 11 she has been on birth control since and doing so much better.Possible endometriosis

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I was told birth control can help manage pain with periods. Good luck, momma and to your baby girl :two_hearts:

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I feel her. I used to have very bad cramping and the nausea was so intense that I would end up throwing up :face_vomiting:
Advil used to gave me some relief.
Since I had my son, everything disappeared.
I would suggest you to take her to a doctor, possibly a gynecologist, to see if she might need birth control or else.
Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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I’d have her checked for endometriosis just to be safe. And ibuprofen is about the best thing for menstrual pain & heating pad.

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Have her tested for endometriosis:/

I had that when I was younger also. I would get soooo sick. Try midol and cold compression. I use to lay on the tile floor

Has the Dr recommended birth control? I know it slows periods and definitely helped with pain and acne.

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I did. Give her midol.

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I would take 600 mg of Ibuprofen, it was horrible. Even doing that I would shake because my body still new I was in a lot of pain and Migraines so bad I would cry in my sleep! Don’t miss those days :joy:

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