My daughters doctor thinks she is having night terrors: Advice?

My daughter is one, and the last bit she has been waking up every hour at night screaming until I give her a bottle. I have asked her doctor about it, and she says, night terrors. I was just wondering if anyone else has had the same experience and what you did to help or if they grew out of it. I’m one exhausted mama, and I have another little one that will be here in 7 weeks.


when is she having supper?

My twin grandaughters had it. I would just hold them and put them back to bed. Yes, they did out grow them. My 4 year old grandson has them now, it seems to be easing up. Hope this helps

I have a foster son. When we first got him, almost a year ago, he had night terrors every night. We gave him melatonin for a couple months and the night terrors stopped

Same exact thing with my daughter. It was every two hours she would wake up for a bottle screaming until it touched her mouth. And back to sleep she went. We took her off the bottle cold turkey. She was one year it was a week after her bday. And it was hard for three days but she cane around and actually started sleeping through the night with the occasional night terror here n there. She’s 18m now and only gets them once every gees weeks or so. I hope this helps. Gosh do I know how hard this is

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I found that music help. I got a CD play and lullaby CD and just had it play on repeat all night. When my son woke up he would settle back down quickly due to the music.

My son has them too, he is 18months. Apparently they are genetic. My husband got them when he was the same age they grow out of it eventually. I know how exhausting this is

My youngest had them when he was that little. He’d just wake up shrieking and didn’t seem to know where he was or who we were. As he’s gotten older he tells us he has nightmares about fire. I think he might remember dying in a past life since there was no trigger for him to have nightmares or night terrors when he was a baby.

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My daughter did this, it was bad! She would scream, no one could touch her, it was like she wasn’t even really awake but she was. Eventually she just grew out of them.

Mine grew out of them and it’s awful

Melatonin can also CAUSE night terrors so be careful


Yes my daughter does this sometimes for weeks. I noticed that she does it’s if I give her any meds with melatonin in it. So now if she has a cough I give her all natural stuff.

The baby will grow out of it. Mine as well and now she sleeps through out

She’s probably just going through a growth spurt with growing pains. With night terrors kids don’t wake. Night terrors are different from nightmares.

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My niece would wake up screaming and crying. She grew out of it.

My daughter had night terrors and anxiety. We had to really stick with routines (tight routines)…nice calming time 1-2 hours before bed. We had to CO-sleep with her. She would wake up screaming, throwing up, then fall asleep like she wasn’t awake at all. I let her still sleep with me when she is having a rough time and let her touch me throughout the night. I also made my daughter a heavy blanket (like a weighted but only like 2lbs). She has mostly grown out of it.

My son had them and he didn’t wake up every hour and a bottle certainly didn’t calm him down because night terrors is when they don’t actually wake up

As shitty as it is waking a child heres what worked for us. I went in an hour before his witching hour mine was a constant midnight and 3oclock kid. So I would go in at 11, and 2 and gently wake, enough to get a groan, for him to know I’m there and then back out again. This woke him enough to disrupt the sleeping pattern and let him go back without the terrors… I dont remember the science behind it, but It worked. Hes 8 now and has them once in a while, and ita now usually only if I dont go in at 11 and tuck him in again. He DOES however sleep walk now, so the sleeplessness never ends momma but I wish you and your little the best. It’s a rough time, stay strong.

I had night terrors as a child but didn’t recollect having them when I woke. My mom would comfort me, put me back to sleep and I did eventually grow out of it.