My daughters school is forcing me to send her to school because she is sick: Advice?

I really have no idea what to do. I know kids get sick but mine get sick CONSTANTLY. I have 4 so it’s like a new germ every week that they pass around. I have a 9, 8, 5, and 4 year old. My youngest is in pre k and has missed like 20 something days. Her nose is pouring green, called the doctor who said they can’t do anything for a cold, that’s fair. But I have the school telling me there’s repercussions for not sending her. so here we are, a few days before Christmas and I have to send her, knowing full well she’s now going to give this to another child in her class. Also my other ones weren’t feeling well today either but they’ve missed like 15 days from croup, RSV, Pink eye (multiple times) and some other viral illnesses that keep coming home. I did homeschool last year because my 5 yo has epilepsy so everytime he gets sick it lowers his threshold to have seizures so I didn’t want to catch the that i don’t even want to say. I myself am also immunocompromised. I just don’t know what to do some may think I’m overreacting (my own family thinks I am) and that’s fine but it breaks my heart seeing my kiddos sick every single day.


If my kids feel good enough to go i send them to school.
But if they’re lethargic, fever, vomiting, stomach ache or anything major i keep them home


Can you go back to homeschooling and maybe homeschool them all? I feel like this is a double edged sword, if you send them they’ll just get sick and if you don’t you get in trouble. If they’re staying home that often I have to assume you’re home during the day… maybe look into homeschooling all of them for a while


That’s crazy. It could be a sinus infection and she needs an antibiotic. Especially with all the green. Take her to another doctor, an antibiotic and get a note for the school. Keep her home.


Public school is paid based on attendance. If she’s not there, they’re not collecting money.

I send my kid to school sick. I don’t need CPS up my butt because my daughter has a cold. As long as she doesn’t have a fever, vomitting, lethargic, etc I send her. It sucks.

My kid has missed school for 2 days and the school was already calling me wondering when she’d feel better so she could attend :upside_down_face:

My son is in nursery and he’s 3… he’s been off sick more time then he has been at nursery (they even mentioned it to me) if he’s sick he is sick! He went to nursery once and was sick infront of them because they didn’t believe he was sick. There body is just getting use to all these new bugs and trying to fight them all off… if they ain’t well keep them off :woman_shrugging:t3:

My youngest of my 5 is in pre k and if her school ever threatened me like this I would pull her immediately. Pre k is not mandatory. I always keep my
Kids home when they are sick.


Same with my granddaughter. She’s in 1st grade and can’t get rid of the cold that everyone has…they complain if she misses school days but complain when she’s sick. No fever just sneezing, coughing etc. all day. All the germs are spread in classevery day…then she brings it home to a 4 mo old and the entire family…

Take her too urgent care sometimes there better then the reg doctors. They caught my son ear fluid. Told me he needed tubes.

And we know personally that those babies don’t feel like sitting in school all day. Especially if they could be contagious. It’s almost that bad at my house, but we’re grandparents so they’re not here 24/7. Have you had your home checked for mold that you cannot even see ??? Praying for you and your babies.

Get a referral to an ENT… Specialist… My daughter had a similar issue… a simple surgery … Completely fixed…

Yup that’s what schools are like. Just gotta send them sick and tell them if they don’t feel well go to the nurse. It’s ridiculous but if you don’t send them you end up getting in trouble.

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If it’s okay with their doctor, try giving them multivitamins and a good brand of elderberry everyday. Plenty of vegetables and fruits with each meal. Also, keep the air quality in your home clean; change filters, have a specialist come and clean ducts and maybe invest in an air purifier.

We had the same problem. I bought a HEPA filter for my house and we’ve been cold free (:crossed_fingers:) for two weeks.

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Sounds like it’s time to home school again

I would see about talking to the doctor to give a doctors note

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See if the dr office will write notes so the absence is excused.

Pouring green- does need antibiotics

You need to be proactive if you know your kids are prone to get sick
Beef up their immune system
Mask up
Make sure they keep their hands clean

Per the cdc and department of health my children would be staying home I don’t care what the school says or does but just make sure you have drs notes and whatnot to back you up

It’s a cold. She should be in school. A mild virus illness shouldn’t keep them off either.

Pre-K is not a requirement

After so many days missed, the school can take action for truancy, even with doctors notes and your child can be held back.

Send her let them send her home

Get a doctor’s note and the school can’t legally do a thing about it.

Some kids not matter what just get sick and it sucks. Have you tried boosting their immune systems with natural immune boosters? Elderberry is a good one.

Keep your child home and the school can get over it. That’s exactly why it spreads so much. What they going to do? Screw them.

I agree with Heather Lindley! Doctors note cannot be argued with

Your keeping your child home for a cold? If she’s fine to go send her… she’s missing a lot of learning and she’s missing social interaction with her peers because you want to keep her home for every little sniffle…

Send her if she spreads it to another kid tough shit you can then say well I did tell you