My daughters teacher filed false allegations against us: Advice?

I have a teacher of my daughter’s who is filling false dcs reports against my son. She approaches my daughter daily now and asks inappropriate questions about home life. She autistic and has developmental delays. She’s now coming home from school daily crying. What can I do about the harassment and false allegations? Police refuse to help my dcs worker that did assessment won’t answer her phone. I want this teachers job.


Ok I’m going to say it: I have a learning disability associated with the autism spectrum and my siblings bullied me mercilessly. My parents (are claiming as of recently) they didn’t know but I think they just didn’t want to bother their easier children. They probably would have wanted the job of any teacher who tried to help me with it except that I I never talked about it. I assumed I deserved it. They would have been immediately on the warpath just like you. You’re too defensive. I think you know you might be missing something.

What are the allegations … and what were CPS findings? It’s impossible for us to give you advice… we don’t even know if the allegations are false.


Once they investigate & find nothing, they will close it quickly. I just went through someone filing false allegations against me to DCS & it was pretty open & shut.

Teachers are mandated reporters I’m a foster mom so for this I’m very cannot stop her from reporting our area runs off see something say something.which is tough for all the families doing right by their children but please think of all the kids that go home to abuse and neglect rather work with a teacher that reports everything.that being said I don’t think she is the appropriate adult to be questioning your child.if she suspects abuse she should make a report and leave your local investigate I would request a meeting with your principal,superintendent to discuss that.


Remove your child from the school or homeschool her. Or file a restraining order( this is unlikely to be granted or go after the teacher in civil court)

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What’s your son doing that she keeps questioning your daughter?

You should go to the school if you get no results with the principal then go to the school corporation superintendent , the school board etc whoever you have to get the issue resolved.

At this point I’d wait for the kid’s guardian ad litem to be appointed and ask them questions. They work for your kids. On your kids side and what’s best for your kids. They are like a kids lawyer/ advocate

If the allegations are false, you have nothing to worry about aside from a headache through the process.

Teachers are mandatory reporters. If the teacher reported something, there was something that indicated she needed to make a report. If what the teacher indicated in her report was out of context, that will be revealed in the course of the investigation and it will be closed.

As a parent, I would rather have a teacher make a report that results in nothing as opposed to a teacher that doesn’t make a report when they should have that results in a child ending up hurt or worse.

Cooperate with the investigation. Like I said, if the report is unfounded, you have nothing to worry about.

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They have 30 days to investigate if there is no reason to remove the children they will close the case and give you suggestions

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