My doctor said I need to discipline my 9 month old...advice?

My doctor has said that I need to discipline my 9 month old for biting and hitting and pinching. How do you do that lol. Idk how I feel about it or really where to even start to discipline a baby. He’s my first.


That is what is wrong with the kids now days no discipline there many different way to teach a child when they are doing wrong if you don’t teach them how do they know right from wrong


I would definitely look for a different dr.


My 14 month old is going through a hitting stage like he will legit smack me across the face. I was slapping his hand but quickly realized if I’m teaching him to not hit but hitting his hand it ain’t really teaching him much so I stopped doing that and just redirect him and tell him that’s mean and it hurts. His doctors said it was totally normal though and just a phase! My daughter never went through that but I hear boys are different from girls


Do not discipline your baby. Teach your baby. Over and over and over and over. Just because you tell them 2 or 3x not to hit or pinch, doesn’t mean they’re going to listen. It takes 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain. Unless done while playing, it can take 10-20. What I’m saying is, it’s going to take a long time for them to learn acceptable behavior. But they don’t need to be punished for something that’s developmentally normal. Just take their hand and say “nice touch” and rub their hand on your face, arm. Focus on the behavior you want to see! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Discipline as in correct and nip that in the bud.
Hold his hands and talk to him in your regular voice. Express what his actions are doing and how they make you feel. Or come up with a phrase to use consistently (I do this in pretty much all areas of parenting).
And if he tries again, even one time, immediately remove him or yourself, etc. I always say “you got one time to HEAR and one time to ACT” to my toddler. But younger was only one time in general.
How that helps.


You must start early or you will have no control.


When the 9 mo old bites you bite them back to where it hurts. The biting will instill the pain response and he will quit the biting. Same with the pinching and hitting. You need to control him before he turns into a bully.


It sounds like you need a new pediatrician


I think the biggest thing is showing ur 9 month old what is wrong. An not make them see it as u being funny or it as a game.
I think it’s never to early to teach them stop :raised_hand: I don’t like that, “ur hurting me etc”.

His probably not meaning discipline as being a one that yells or hits or give a 9 month old time out… probably more so as discipline in teaching no” showing earlier training to know what’s right and not.


A Dr who tells you to discipline a 9 month old should not be seen.


A nine month old, come on. He/she has no idea that his actions affect anyone else. Distraction is the best way. Please DO NOT try to punish this little baby. Please guide with love.


Also, using your words and coming up with phrases or “a plan” for what to do in these situations isn’t a waste of time just because they are young.
It helps YOU learn what kind of parent you want to be or what works for you. And it’s much easier to help yourself figure out what to do when everything isn’t on the fly teaching when they get older.


My little one is 9 months old and hits all the time but I think it’s just because she’s excited so we take her hand and rub it on our arm or our face and say gentle and rub very slowly and softly so she can learn this is nice this is how you touch.


Redirect him when he hits, bites etc. I usually put my little guy down and tell him (whatever he did) hurts and mommy isn’t going to hold you if you’re going to hurt her.


“Discipline” is a strong word with negative context. “Correct” Your child from biting and hitting by telling them no and putting their arms at their sides. Reiterate “that is not okay” and repetition is key. A 9 month old won’t understand aggressive discipline only repetition of the correct way to behave.


What? I would get a different doctor. Yes they need to be taught, but a baby is not able to understand why it’s being “disciplined”. Teach them that it hurts by expressing how it feels I.e saying “ow” etc. and saying “No”.

You don’t have to “discipline” a 9 month old. But when they do something that hurts you. You can try saying No that hurts Mommy. That makes me sad. We do not hit, pinch, bite, etc.


“Disipline” and “Corrective behavior” are very similar things in my opinion but people use “disipline” as only spanking and so on more often. I think you need to CORRECT his behavior before it gets worse. My daughter was barely 1 yr old and hitting / biting / pinching me and eventually I did have to spank her but I would also slightly bite her back and tell her " it hurts me really bad when you bite me or pinch me, that is not okay, please don’t do that". It took a few tries but she eventually stopped and understood obviously she doesn’t like to be bit / pinched, so she hasn’t really done it since and she’s 2 yr 4 months old now. I’m still working with the hitting behaviors as it has got worse but it’s something I’m having trouble with. I think it’s good to correct his behaviors but as far as “spanking / timeouts” at 9 months old is a bit wrong. Maybe when your child does those things, sit him down and don’t react to those behaviors, he can cry it out and calm down before you feed back into the attention he is wanting from you. Kids first reaction it to hit / bite / pinch because they don’t quite understand why they’re having an overload of emotions and how to control / handle them. It’s good to set boundaries in place, or else once he does turn 1+ it will be 10x worse and you won’t really be able to control him. My 2 yr old is a huge handful and I feel like it would be so bad if I didn’t start those “disipline” tactics at that time when those behaviors started.

My doctor told me to bite the heel of his foot if he bit me so I did and he hasn’t ever bitten since.
When he hits and punches grab his hands and sternly say no hitting.

Depends on what they were talking about. Obviously punishment is a no go at this stage. But discipline could be distraction if your 9mo is biting or hitting. Or they may have been trying to bring up discipline so you can have a solid strategy laid out before you need it.

At their age they have no reasoning skills so really you’ll just be repeating yourself til you’re blue in the face. But it’s good practice for you to start the discipline path you intend to follow!

Seek guidance from your grandparents if they are available. Typically we ask for advice and then follow the advice we want to hear.

Sound advice should come from someone you love and respect

I would discipline. But for that young, what I would do for discipline is basically a “cool down” – say “No.” and immediately remove them from the situation and take them to a quiet place for a couple minutes. Honestly they could be overstimulated when that happens. Removing them will get their attention best, and the quiet could calm them down.


Just a no and redirect is all you need to do its not really discipline it’s teaching

Redirect redirect redirect- I would also redirect myself to a different doctor.


9months? A baby has no idea what it is doing and certainly no reasoning

Do the same back ,it’s surprising how fast they learn

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Whenever he goes to pinch put his hand down and tell him no pinching firmly. Same with biting, remove their face away from you and tell them no biting firmly.


Don’t blame the Doctor you was the one that asked him the question. The doctor only advised you. So don’t take it to heart

Babies do not need discipline. What a weird thing for anyone to suggest.
It’s a BABY!
Redirect. Be calm and kind. Your baby loves and trusts you.


A lot of people on this thread don’t know what discipline is. That explains the current state of the school system…


34 years ago I didn’t know better so when my 2 year old bit down on my shoulder I immediately bit him back and asked if it hurt? He never bit anyone again! I dont know if it was bad or good but it was effective. The outcome I wanted and it took once.


Get a new dr

You can redirect the attention when he’s doing those things. Try to notice if something is triggering the behavior. At that age they’re still unable to communicate their wants, needs and emotions and will try to find ways to express themselves.


wth get a new doctor, ridiculous :unamused:

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I was whakind of doctor would tell you to discipline a 9 month old , that’s crazy , time for new doctor.

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A 9 month old is not old enough to understand what they are doing​:flushed: What kind of Dr do you have :flushed:

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When he bites or pinches or hits set him down (in a safe space for him) and walk away… do this every time and eventually he will learn that play time ends when he does certain behaviors.

Discipline doesn’t just mean hitting and yelling. It’s consequences for negative behavior. Maybe even just saying ah no hitting/biting and setting him down away from you and walking away for a moment.


I always pretended to cry. They would laugh then decide I was hurt. It stopped

There’s a difference between discipline and punishment.
Discipline is partly teaching right from wrong and setting boundaries.
Even babies understand tone of voice !


You could say no or ouch in a stern voice. But theyre 9 months old and dont know what theyre doing. My almost 2 year old hits and i say ouch and put her down or walk away from her

First I’d look for a new dr. Second anytime baby bites or hits I move baby away from my body and say “no. That hurts mommy.”


I’d say ouch loud enough to startle him and then a stern no that hurts. And then move him away from you.

Most people think of punishment and use the word discipline instead and if that’s the case, get a new doctor. Discipline should mean teaching boundaries. It’s highly likely that your baby is biting because he’s teething. Just redirect (because that’s really the only thing you can do for discipline until they are about 3 years old) by giving him something he can chew on, like a teether. For hitting and pinching you just model what you want to see, “gentle hands”. They don’t have the cognitive ability to take in what you say as “don’t do x” and then analyze and come up with alternatives. You have to literally show them what they can do.

I’m sorry babies are not stupid.

You should discipline your doctor by finding a new one


Your doctor is super freaking weird.

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Have them get used tp the word no!!

You don’t discipline, you redirect. Get a new dr asap

I remember telling my 10 month old not to do something and someone said she’s just a baby she doesn’t understand but how do they get to know? And to be clear I was just saying that’s not nice that hurts mommy. Crying when they bite or pinch saying ow. I screamed getting bit as it shocked/hurt while nursing my first and she got spooked. I wouldn’t just scream every time they do something though lol


Well he needs consistent reminders, sometimes a little swat… I used paint sticks on their seat of learning (butts God gave us). Paint sticks really sting, but never a scar or bruise. A red spot that fades. I had one in every room. I believe what God’s word says about discipline. Plus I did it out of love… Either start or do it when they figured out how to manipulate you.

I think as a society the issue has become the language.
Personally I try to take the meaning into more account than the actual words.

Discipline has somehow become synonymous with ‘abuse’
It’s not always what that means though.

Teach your 9mo it’s not ok to bite or hit.
At 9mo, discipline looks like…
*Saying ‘no’ in a stern voice (not yelling or hateful) just a firm no.
*moving their hand away when they hit or moving yourself away from their mouth when they bite.
*Giving them something else they can hit or bite (like a toy)

It doesn’t have to be hateful or mean by any means.


I had to bight my daughter back one time. Never bit me again. I told her many times no and ouch and that hurts me and she didn’t understand those….she deff understood blighting isn’t fun for the recipient after a mild demonstration.

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You simply tell them no, not nice that hurts. Tell them nice hands and show them physically how to touch appropriately.


Pretend like it hurts a lot and you are crying and tell her no bitting people it hurts . She will understand it hurts and stop. That how my son stop .

For the ones saying they need a new doctor yall must not know the definition of discipline or something that doctor is not wrong it is our job as parents to discipline (TEACH) our children from day one if you don’t teach your children how to act (not to bite, hit, kick, etc) you will not be able to take control later when they beat on you and go wild as teens or even sooner this does not mean beat your child or abuse them in any way but teach them to be gentle and loving humans by being a loving and gentle human

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As far as possible avoid a bite/punch/kick by physically blocking it using your hand firmly but gently and let your child stay in a safe spot where you can still watch him.Do NOT hurt your child at all when avoiding slaps or bites. Do not continue hugging or holding a child who is hitting, as he will not understand that the hitting needs to stop. . Also, figure out what your child wants as he is speaking with aggression. A hungry, thirsty, frustrated or exhausted child has a legitimate issue and will in time learn to communicate his wants.

Bites=bites back, I know it’s an unpopular option but they don’t realize that biting hurts till they get bit. Now, that being said, I’m not saying bite back and to leave a mark/break skin, just enough that he realizes that it hurts.

Not kind of discipline but the sooner you start saying NOT, and teaching your kids about boundaries the better , kids understand more than we think they do .
Everytime he pinch , bite , scratch or pull your hair , tell him NOT , and do the same to him , he will soon understand how it feel and will stop doing it, remember that if you don’t teach him he will do the same to other people/ kids and they might react differently.

PS : before everyone start attacking me, in NOT way , I’m saying that she should do it hard enough to hurt her kid

When baby does hit or bite react like it really hurt, over exaggerate, then redirect, put them down and tell them they don’t get what they want if they are going to hurt you. They don’t understand yet, but will eventually.

The only way I know is to do it back to him . My son did this and he bit me on my breast one day when I had him sitting on my lap just cuddling him and out of nowhere he bit me pretty hard and I saw stars that is when I started doing back to him what he did and he finally figured out it hurt and he quit

I would yell “ow” and be way dematic and say they hurt me. They usually give hug and want you to feel better. But that young not much you can do but keep telling them no.

There are different levels of discipline according to the child’s age and development. There is nothing wrong with saying no and letting the child know that it hurts.
If you don’t nip it in the bud then your child may do the same to another child for instance at day care or another sibling or your friends child. Then there could be a potentially worse problem you’ll be dealing with, another child and his parent. You can’t just let it slide. Kids are a lot smarter than we’ll ever give them credit for they know at 9 months when Mom says no it’s for a reason…

I think redirecting is a better option. “Ow! No biting. That hurts.” Get them something else to chew on like a ring. “Chew on this.”

All you do is the correct the behavior…tell your 9 months old no. Or ow, or that hurts. Even a light tap on the butt since they wear diapers anyway. You must be persistent.

You “teach” a 9 month old, not discipline them!

Cant believe how many people are saying to slap and bite a 9 month old baby

You can discipline by redirecting your baby.


9month old seriously? Hes a frigging baby ffs!! How would a 9month old no biting is wrong and as for hitting & pinching :rofl::rofl: give over.

Discipline starts on your behavior. It’s not the same as punishment. You don’t punish an infant. You disciple from day 1.

First don’t act aggressive to or around her. . Never laugh at her behaviors you want to continue.

Second if she bites or pinches you put her down & walk away with a firm NO. Don’t tell at her. Shell catch on that you don’t like that behavior.

Simple solution do it back to them happened with me I learned from it didn’t do me any harm

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I wouldn’t call it discipline. More like redirecting. Letting them know it hurts and is not okay, but then giving them something that is okay for them to bite on, like a teething ring

Mom always said those that can’t hear must feel sometimes you learn hard way

bite back not hard but just enough that the baby knows it hurts and hurts you or anyone else .may take a couple times. and shouldnt bite after that.did to all 3 of my girls which are 27 and 10, and 11 ive also smacked before the bite.

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If the baby is hitting or pinching or biting, hold his or her hand or face away from the victim and say NO loudly in a stern voice with a severe frown on your face.

In a stern voice say, “NO biting or hitting or pinching” as the case may be.