My ex stayed in contact with his ex during our marriage and now wants to get back together: Advice?

Nope…sounds like 2nd choice

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Omfg no. My ex chose women over me constantly. But when we divorced suddenly it was “I only loved you, we can make it work” :face_vomiting::face_vomiting:
He even messaged me 2 weeks before I got remarried to try and get back together lmaoooo no thank you.

No. If he wanted to cut things off with her , he would have when you were together. It ain’t happening :no_good_woman:t2:

If he still wants his ex then let him , life is too short to stress over a man who doesn’t know your worth , u deserve better my dear

If you wanna be known as a pushover sure why not :joy:

What the hell are you talking about? No! Don’t keep breaking your own heart with some jackass who’s using both of you.

He’s trash. You don’t want trash in your home cause it belongs in a dumpster.

He’s messy.
Is he really worth the stress and drama?

Sounds like he only wants what he can’t have

Wow , You don’t give yourself any value. He is playing with your feelings. Respect your self.

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Never be second best to anyone in life.

She didn’t want him now he wants you. Forget about him. Move on.

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Nope - if he hid talking to her from you what else did he not tell you ?

If your sister, daughter, or best friend asked you the same question with the same scenario, what would you tell her?


She probably didn’t want him back either so he came limping back to you. Heck no if I were you tell him to take a hike!

Would you take garbage out of a trash can? No… You wouldn’t. Don’t take this piece of trash back.

Omg yes :heart_eyes: ye are perfect :heart_eyes: you didn’t freak when he was talking to her :clap: ye had time apart :raised_hands: he knows what he wants which is you :heart: and you seem calm and want a push forward :blush: go get ur man and be happy :pray:


No…not just no hell no!!

You don’t know what to dooo! Knock knock! Is there anybody in there! Lol egad’

Nope, he’ll do it again

No, you better not!! He gonna do it again to you!! Don’t it legit screams no at you