My fiance was added to a group of all girls: Thoughts?

This may be lengthy, but long story short my fiances friend asked him if he could be added to a group with just girls… and girls he use to like for that matter. And he told me. But made it seem like he was already added. And then he got mad when I went off on his friend telling him that I wish he could have just asked me because both my fiance and his friend know I am very insecure…but my fiance kept defending his actions, saying he didn’t do anything wrong. Well, now tonight we have been grumpy with each other. And just now he went to the bathroom, and I got an email that he changed his Facebook password so I couldn’t get in… I have a two-year-old daughter, a little boy on the way. To make matters worse, I’ve felt so down and depressed…and this is making it worse. I’m lost at what to do, and I have no one to talk to. I’m scared to leave. Because I don’t know how ill take care of my kids. But im tired of feeling this way


He and those girls must be plotting to cheat on you and made a group dedicating just for him to sleep with all of them just for shit and giggles… Totally some conspiracy there wouldn’t trust him…

It always start with changing facebook passwords :sweat_smile:


It’s a Facebook group correct? Because I’m in one and it’s basically a sex group with out meeting the females but they do post nudity and a lot of it ! Tell him how you feel and see how he reacts’ but I wouldn’t leave over it …

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How old are you… :thinking:


If he wasn’t hiding anything he wouldn’t have to


I’m sorry… this is an actual questions? You’re mad about a Facebook group? :joy: What?!? Have you seen the state of the world today? Grow up. If you don’t trust your boyfriend then don’t be with him. Who has time for this gamey crap?


If he’s changing passwords he’s probably hiding something. No way in hell would my boyfriend or fiancé be in a group chat with all women. Idc what exactly happened it’s disrespectful. Obviously there is more going on for there to be so many trust issues. If you’re not happy leave you will only regret it later. There are plenty of resources for single mothers if you decided to go. If he’s willing to compromise and talk things out maybe it will work. All these women blaming you are probably single or sleeping with someone else’s man. Good luck!


Nah mate go nuts :joy::heart: I would. Fuck these girls calling you insecure and telling you to grow up :heart::heart:

Get that password, get him to show you what’s been going on and if he won’t or refuses to… I’d leave or kick him out.

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Hes hiding something on purpose…if it makes u uncomfortable, a group of girls should be the easiest thing to say no to. Red flags alllll over

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God blt you and your kids

Leave. It will just get worse. Learn as you go and put bring a mom first.

I’m in almost similar boat except my husband’s co-worker (male) likes to send him pictures of girls (in bikinis/ naked )… I have told him that I don’t like it and he needs to stop, I feel like this co-worker is encouraging my husband to look at these stupid pics. He’s also married… I was so close to sending him a nasty message to stop since my husband is to chicken to tell him. I feel this person is disrespectful towards me knowing he’s married he shouldn’t be doing that even though I have never met him

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Why would his friend need to ask you for permission. Are you his mother? The I security is in you. Work on your self esteem and you would not be intimidated by others.


Change your facebook password and see how he reacts

When he’s showing you who he is…believe him

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It wasn’t that serious. His friend asked to talk to some girls and he gave him afew to talk to. He didn’t go out and fuck anyone. He clearly didn’t like those girls that much since he’s with you.
You turned it into more of a problem then it needed to be and he’s tired of fighting about it so he changed his password to avoid more argument about it cause I’m sure your going threw his and the guys messages now. Or anyone else’s.

Why do you need his password? Y’all need to be marrying people you trust, not people you feel you need to snoop on. This is silly, imo. Sit down, chill out, take a breather, have a conversation, and hash out your insecurities or eventually one or both of you will be miserable over it.


Nah thats sketchy. Especially changing the password after joining that group.


Why does he need to be in a chat with all girls? (Him and the guy friend I assume are the only dudes?) Why can’t you be added to that chat? And why would he wanna be in that chat?

I don’t understand why he would feel the need to change his password because you don’t agree with him being in that chat.

My husband and I are super transparent with each other, I don’t have his passwords but we literally use each others phones all the time. We trust each other.

Your fiancé shouldn’t have changed his password if he was comfortable with you having it before the group chat.

If there were girls in the chat he liked before I could see why you wouldn’t like him being in a chat with them.

I’m sorry you’re going through this. Maybe you should reach out to some family and see if they could help you and your kids if you really don’t trust him and don’t want to be with him anymore.


How is it a group with all girls if there are more than one guys in it?
Also what is the group for?
Why does he or his friend need your permission for shit?
Why do you have email alerts regarding his Facebook?
If you’re that insecure and controlling hopefully he runs and the next thing he changes is the locks
Some women can be just as if not more toxic than some men

Tell him to get out, hes hiding ahit from you

Proof that YOU are the problem. Neither your fiance nor his friend did anything wrong.


Definitely suspicious. I would have a sit down conversation with him and express your concerns. If he doesn’t listen and blows it off, I wouldn’t stick around if I were you. You need someone you can trust 100% and I’m sure you’re insecure for a reason.

You need a chill pill. Ypu sound very controlling and as you said, insecure. I’d work on your own issues first.

Honestly, if you don’t trust him to the point where you need his Facebook password, then it isn’t meant to be. Either you have some issues that need to be resolved on your own, or he is the type of person who isn’t trustworthy. Either way, you two might need to take a break for a while.

Think your overreacting, you sound crazy. There’s more important stuff to worry about then your partner joining a group.

So he tells you about this group, then makes out he’s already been added and seems sketchy about the details. I guess it’s a good sign he was honest about there being girls in the group he used to like. If something was going to happen there with one of them it would have already happened before you and I’m sure they’re aware of you and your family life together. I’d be wondering why he felt the need to change his password though! Maybe he feels you will check up on him and overreact to things you read on there? He knows you’re insecure and will not like to read him joking around with other women but changing his password just makes it seem suspicious when it most likely isn’t at all. I would ask him to show you the group as you should have no secrets between you and see if he’s prepared to do that, to put your mind at rest. I agree with other comments that you shouldn’t have to check up on your partner and trust them online, but you’re human with feelings and insecurities too. It’s too eas,y in thid day and age to cross lines and potentially get caught up in online stuff a partner would not like. I’m sure you have nothing to worry about as he told you about the group in the first place. Try and talk to him and if you get that gut feeling he’s not being totally honest with you then you need to tell him how it all makes you feel. You should be more of a priority than some Facebook group…

This is going to cause you all sorts of problems. He is hiding things from you because he knows you’re insecure. You are insecure because you don’t trust him. If you don’t trust him and he’s hiding things from you, it’s only going to get worse. He sounds like a douche to me. And (I’m sorry) you’re being a jerk for not giving him any privacy. :woman_shrugging: