My fiances mom is mad we are moving out: Advice?

Me and my fiancé just got our own place. We were living with his mom and it just wasn’t working out. She’s bipolar and really manipulating. She’s pissed were moving out and keeps putting us down. We got an awesome opportunity we couldn’t pass up . She just keeps saying we’re going to fail. Just could use some up lifting words.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My fiances mom is mad we are moving out: Advice?

You got this, you guys will be better off. My in law was same and she hates me because we moved but it was the best decision for both of us and we never once regretted it. You will grow much stronger as a couple as well. Congratulations :raised_hands::orange_heart::tada:

She sounds like a wonderful lady, seems like your pretty clearly doing the right thing to get away. Just ignore her the best you can until you’re away

Ignore her. You guys have decided together what’s best for you. Don’t let people stop you.

Don’t let her negativity stop you and your fiance from improving your life

Do what you need to do for yourselves and be happy

Ignore her,do what you need to do for yourselves.

Honestly I’d move and cut her out
No one needs that negativity in their life