My friend is needing some advice about her second pregnancy

Hello ladies! I have a friend who’s recently learned she’s pregnant. She has not been seen by a provider yet, so she has some concerns about what she’s going through. This is her second pregnancy, & it’s completely different from her first. She’s feeling a lot of nausea & can’t keep anything down. She’s feeling tender breasts &, as of today, cramping. Her main concern is that she’s also dealing with diarrhea no matter what she eats. She’s needing some advice & wondering if anyone else has gone through the same thing? Thanks in advance!


Go to the damn doctor

Umm she needs to see a doctor. Probably better advice you can give her than coming on to fb to ask for everyone else’s advice.


Depending on how far along she is, the cramping could be implantation cramps which are normal! Remind her every pregnancy is different. Have her invest in some candied ginger, pedialite and sugar free popsicles for the nausea

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Tender breasts and nausea are normal. As for the diarrhea and cramping id try to see the doc. Pedialyte, water. Will help fight dehydration. Also rice and applesauce are good for helping slow diarrhea.

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Went through the same thing during my first trimester with second pregnancy. Ginger pops helped with nausea. Did the BRAT diet and took prenatals. Good luck!

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Unison helps with nausea

And. Y the sounds of it she dehydrated she needs to get a bag of fluids go to the er


I mean depends on how far along she is . What kind of cramping . Is it in your cervix vagina cramping or the intestine cramping at the top left side or right bottom side? That could be diarrhea. The body is going through changes . There’s usually a specific poop a week associated with your body changing . At least for me. I found with my girl I was so much more sensitive in all areas .

I had diarrhea bad with my first pregnancy and couldn’t keep much down. Had to learn to eat only chicken and things high in protein…such as peanut butter and protein bars…and drink a lot of water, fruit juice, and milk. Ginger ale helps nausea…as well as eating something high in protein before bed and first thing in morning…drinking lemonade…or chewing mint gum. Should see dr just in case. No one on here can tell for sure what is going on.

I had bad diarrhea with my third. I had to just figure out what triggered it and what I could eat. I tried to stay with very bland food and drank TONS of water.

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doctor why ask people


All of that is possible first trimester symptoms. If she is worried she needs to make an appt with the doctor or at least call the doctor. But I’ve gone through all of these symptoms recently and I’m pregnant with my third…

She need to go get prenatal care now!


I went through the same thing with my second. It was 100% different than my first, I was so sick for about 3 months, constantly throwing up. I lost a lot of weight and couldn’t even take my prenatals. Doc prescribed Zofran but it literally made me throw up as soon as I swallowed it. He said to try sour candies/peppermints. I found sour fruit (green apples/green grapes) helped a lot too.

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Go to the doctor… Not come to Facebook seeking advice. :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:


None of these people are doctors. She needs to see one. Period.


Uh she needs to see a dr. Everything sounds normal but what if it’s not and she jeopardizing her life as well as babies?


Let me guess… her first was a boy. This one is a girl, lol.

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It could be the beginning of Hyperemesis Gravidarum, it gets overlooked often

That is GERD I had it with all three of my pregnancies my youngest is 5 days old she needs to see a doctor get prescribed nausea medicine and acid reflux medicine.

First priority - get to the ER or OB as soon as possible. There are a million different things that it could be and her priority should be to make sure the baby is okay.

With that, I experienced exactly this. I’m willing to bet baby #1 is a girl. I have 4 kids, 3 pregnancies. My first pregnancy was twin girls. My third pregnancy was a girl. Both of those were fairly normal. I had some issues with the first pregnancy because of it being twins. My second pregnancy though, my boy, was pure HELL! I was sick, constantly, for my entire first trimester and part of my second trimester. Absolutely nothing helped.

Hopefully, she’s just going through this because she’s about to welcome a stubborn little boy. But still, please tell your friend to get to the doctor as soon as possible!

Good Luck :four_leaf_clover:

She can call the Dr and tell her symptoms and they can get her in sooner. But that is all typical first tri symptoms.

Depending on how far along, the diarrhea could be a sign of possible dairy issues. I would check with a doctor to confirm. I had diarrhea when pregnant with my twins, because of my lactose intolerance issues, but with my daughter, I was able to drink milk all the time, no issues, till 2wks be4 she was born. Won’t go into specifics, but it wasn’t a good night and then with my son, I couldn’t drink milk at all. It made me sick. Every pregnancy is different for every woman

Every pregnancy is different, she could be on her 6th pregnancy no two are the same for anyone, and she should go to the doctor instead of waiting for answers on facebook.