My friend is pregnant and took plan b before she knew: Will baby be okay?

My friend is pregnant, will be her 4th baby. She just found out but is scared to go to the doctor. She’s scared there will be something wrong with the baby because she was on birth control and took plan b after. I told her I do not believe anything could be wrong that people get pregnant on birth control all the time, and plan b only works, or it doesn’t(cause it’s too late). I’m just trying to get input on if anyone else has done this before, and the baby was fine, so I can give her peace of mind. She obviously will be going to the doctors anyway but just trying to help her anxiety. Thank you!


I’ve heard of that happening multiple times and baby was fine <3

It is safe, it should even have on the side of the box that it does not harm or do anything to a pre existing pregnancy

Being on birth control, especially the pill, increases the risk of an ectopic pregnancy by increasing mucus in the reproductive tract and stopping the egg from travelling to the womb. I’d check with a doctor/hospital as it can be fatal.

There is no need to be worried, plan b is not an abortion pill ,it won’t and can’t affect the baby.
She’ll be fine

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My friend is pregnant and took plan b before she knew: Will baby be okay?

Go to the Dr. nobody can tell her everything is fine or will be ok.


This is a doctor question not Facebook :woman_facepalming:


Not going to the doctor could be worse for her… she has already done what she has done… if there are any effects the doctor will know… and getting to the doc asap could be essential


Plan B supposedly won’t hurt an existing pregnancy. However, she needs to go to the doctor.

If the baby is already conceived then it shouldn’t hurt it, from what I’ve heard from an OB. :woman_shrugging:

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I got pregnant on birth control and took 2 plan b’s. My son is perfect. He was born two months early but that had nothing to do with plan b.

Plan B works by temporarily delaying the release of an egg from the ovary, so there’s no egg to meet the sperm. No egg, no fertilization, no pregnancy.

Ok so this is the same as the old morning after pill we had in the UK.

My fourth child is a morning after pill baby. He’s 25, over 6ft tall, is a security guard at the hospital and wrestles in his free time!


Plan b is essentially super strong birth control it can only prevent the sperm from reaching the egg it wont do anything to a pregnancy that has already happened


It’s absolutely fine.

If she has any concerns tell her to talk to her doctor but plan B only works to prevent pregnancy, doesn’t do anything to an existing pregnancy.

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Plan B is to prevent pregnancy. Looks like it didn’t work🤷🏻‍♀️ Baby should be just fine, I’m sure there’s lots of babies conceived on birth control and plan b


this OB addresses plan B

My best friend took plan b 4 different times not knowing she was already pregnant. She found out when she was 3 months along. She is now 5 years old and in excellent health😊

That must be very scary for your friend, but please keep in mind we aren’t doctors, and even if we were, we still would need to be able to give her a proper check up.

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I have never taken plan b so I can’t speak on that but I was on bc continually when I got pregnant and was almost 6 weeks when I stopped taking it. I’m 33 weeks and baby is fine

I had my son on birth control and with taking a plan B. He’s a happy healthy handsome 4 year old now. But still go to the OBGYN for sure!

Plan B is essentially just progesterone. It blocks ovulation and induces a cycle. It won’t harm an existing pregnancy as the pregnancy hormone is progesterone.

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No she should be fine but she should go to the OB just to get her blood work done and the baby should be fine

If she reads the information on the flip side of the box it says plain as day it will not harm an existing pregnancy. It’s not an abortion pill.

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Plan B only works to prevent pregnancy, doesn’t do anything to an existing pregnancy.


I took Plan B 2 days after like I was suppose to, it didn’t work and I had my son and he’s perfectly healthy

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I was on birth control for 2 months into my first pregnancy because urine test kept saying negative. My son was healthy and thrived into a wonderful man.

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Plan B does not hurt an already implanted/fertilized egg! Says right on the package!


Plan B will not effect an existing pregnancy…it only stops the an egg from fertilizing before it has a chance to…

This just happened to me. I will be having my daughter Monday. My Doctor told me that the pill doesn’t affect the baby. You should be all good.

Whether she thinks someone is wrong with the baby or not - she needs to go anyways. Your friend should be okay :slightly_smiling_face: Plan B is just to stop you from ovulating. I know tons of people with birth control babies that are fine

I did the same. He is 2.5 and absolutely crazy cute!

Is just progesterone. All will be fine

Plan B is basically emergency birth control. It won’t harm a pregnancy if taken to late. I was told that by a nurse. My body doesn’t respond well to hormonal birth control and I got pregnant twice off the pill and both pregnancies weren’t affected by it specifically.

She’ll be fine, plan B is just supposed to prevent ovulation, if you’re already ovulating when you take it it’s ineffective but should not have any effect if pregnancy happens.

I don’t think being scared the baby isn’t okay is a good reason to not go? see a doctor… 🤦 (Go.)

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My friend is pregnant and took plan b before she knew: Will baby be okay?

I’m pretty sure that if the plan B didn’t work, it usually just was taken too late. It isn’t designed to terminate a pregnancy, it’s a last ditch effort to prevent one from happening. Chances are, everything is fine, she should see her doctor ASAP either way though.


I got pregnant twice on bc and the first time I had twins and 6 years later a son.all three were fine

I got pregnant on BC and my daughter is 100% fine.

Also, my plan B failed because it doesn’t work if you’re ovulating. My son is 9weeks now and perfectly healthy

If she still doesnt want the baby, is adoption an option…I know someone who would love a baby if her own but cannot have children.

I became pregnant a few weeks after giving birth to our son and I was on birth control (one that was safe to take while breast feeding) and went in with stomach pains due to having a c-section…the doc did an ultrasound and said, congrats, there’s your baby! And I said, do what?! Now, our youngest is 13, a star athlete in many sports, straight A student, with endless possibilities in her future. Also, we have what is called Irish twins!!! For some reason, this baby she is pregnant with is meant to be, so rest assured things are going the way they are meant to :heart:

She will be fine the same happened to my friend her son is absolutely fine!

I got pregnant while on the pill, she is perfect

I got pregnant while on birth control, my daughter was fine and is now the mother of a beautiful year old baby girl. She needs to let her Dr know but everything will probably be ok. :heart::heart::heart:

I took a plan b and still ended up pregnant we actually got excited about the baby and then at 9 weeks we suddenly miscarried. Maybe a connection maybe a coincidence. Yes google says plan b won’t harm pregnancy however plan b changes your hormones and to much changes in your hormones can cause a miscarriage.

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That’s not how plan b works. Its a myth that it can cause miscarriage. A simply Google search will tell ya.


The plan B only helps release the egg before its Fertilized. If that didn’t happen, there’s no damage done. She can let the doctor know, but they’ll just tell her the same thing.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My friend is pregnant and took plan b before she knew: Will baby be okay?

Best thing to do is go to the drs it’s the safest way to make sure everything’s alright

Well waiting isn’t gonna fix it if there is. Tell her to go to the dang doctors.


Hey, I did exactly this and I have a very healthy little 16 month old girl :heart: don’t panic xxx


I got pregnant on the pill… Continued to take it until I took a test and it came back positive. It had been 8 weeks by that point… My baby is still growing away healthily atm.


I was on the pill and had took the morning after pill too :rofl::rofl: she was meant to be…shes number 5 …she also has a baby sister…dads had the chop since :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I can’t see anything to be wrong I didn’t find out I was pregnant till 7 months gone I was on the pill and I took after pill had a tonsillectomy got drunk smoked went to a theme park the lot and my lb was just fine x

Just go to the Doctor it would be worst to leave it. If there is a problem get it dealt with straight away. If there is a problem she can get it fixed before it is major.

The OB will typically not see you until 8-12 weeks or if there is a problem, but there should be a nurse available for questions she could call and ask these things. Then if they want her to come in early, they will get her scheduled. If she doesnt have a regular OB, I would try a women’s clinic or health department.

How Plan B works:

  1. Temporarily stopping the release of an egg from the ovary (ovulation) Preventing fertilization.

Why it’s considered abortion:
2. Preventing a FERTILIZED egg from attaching to the uterus by changing the uterine lining.

Many people say it’s not a baby yet but the Bible says otherwise. Do what you want with that information, I WILL NOT read replies.

If your friend is pregnant, Plan B did not work and the baby will be fine.

Scared to go? Makes no sense

Morning after pill only delays ovulation, if you’re already pregnant it won’t do anything. Baby will be fine, people get drunk early pregnancy without knowing they’re pregnant and their babies end up fine too.

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I was pregnant and taking my pill up till 12 weeks because I didn’t know I was pregnant and now my son is almost 11 months old and flourishing

Plan B is a high dose progesterone… it’s literally pro-gestation. Can’t hurt an already established pregnancy. Birth control and plan B pretty much just simply give you pregnancy hormones that trick your body into not ovulating because hormonally you already “are”. It will not hurt a baby if you’re already pregnant because all progesterone does is stop your menstrual cycle (ovulation mostly, but also the uterine lining build up and shedding) during pregnancy.

Yesss, took it before I knew 6 years ago. I had to get several shots of progesterone though bc it was low from the pill and then it got regular again. My baby was born perfect. It doesn’t affect

I took plan b but it was too late and we had our 3rd and final boy. He’s just as crazy and healthy as the other two.

Plan b is used to stop ovulation, prevent fertilization, or prevent implantation
It has zero effect once implantation (aka pregnancy) has occured