My friends and family give me a lot of grief because my toddler doesn't eat meat: Advice?

I get a lot of grief from some of my friends and husband’s family about our two years old not eating meat yet. We don’t eat meat on a daily basis, and we just never introduced it to her. We’re not really opposed to her eating it; we just like the benefits she’s getting from a diet high in micronutrients, and meat just isn’t necessary yet. Her pediatrician said she’s getting plenty of protein and B vitamins, and her weight, height, and health are perfect. She’s never been sick and has energy for days! Even after telling them, she’s as healthy as a horse; we’re still ridiculed for it. Do any other moms have vegetarian kiddos? How do you deal with the “no meat drama”?


They should be happy your raising her to eat healthy and not junk food

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My son won’t eat meat hardly at all. It’s a texture problem. Your kid, not their business to worry about. 🤷

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Ur kid, ur choice! My son is not big on it either.

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My son doesn’t eat meat. No one in my household does. I really don’t pay attention to what my family has to say about it. Not their business.

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My kids ages 5 and 2 don’t eat meat .my kids just don’t like meats

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If your kids didn’t come out of their vagina it’s really none of their business. Who cares what they think?

Everyone is always going to have an opinion about something. It’s your child, not their business honestly.
If the child was malnourished and not healthy that’s a different story
My daughter has a problem with textures and with the smells of food… it’s a struggle to get her to try new foods at all. But the limited food she does eat keeps her healthy and doctors say she’s fine

My daughter would not do it either… and I just ignore my family, is my child not theirs, and our pediatrician said she is healthy so I’m not pressuring my daughter.

my kiddo is “vegetarian” by choice basically. she’s 6 she broke a tooth when she was 2 and just never liked the texture… Now we still try and offer it to her and she says she doesn’t like the taste or texture still. she will eat turkey breast sliced and very crispy bacon and that’s it… the child is healthy and that’s all that matters. just make sure they’re getting their protein and iron and tell the people bugging to go eat a steak and enjoy it, your child doesn’t have too…

My 7 yr old old rarely eats meat and even then it’s crispy bacon or chicken cooked a certain way. She’s been like that since she started eating solid food. I had to learn to ignore comments from other people but it wasn’t easy. It’s my child and as long as she’s getting enough nutrients then other people can quite literally jump off a cliff for all I care

Sssooo if the doctor is saying she if perfectly fine why do you guys care what others think ? This is the thing people need to stop caring what others have to think . It’s your choice if you wan to listen to them . You can only hear there opinions but you can literally tell any one no matter related or not you don’t care :woman_shrugging:. If you know you are doing good . Then who cares what others think !!!

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We offer my 3 year old meat along with her brother and sisters and she’s just not interested. The others eat it no problem. She’s happy and healthy so no biggy! You do you, they’re your kid/s x

My son just started eating meat and he’s almost 5. He’s never cared much for meat except if it was a burger. I never pressured him either. You do what you feel comfortable with

As long as the doctor says your child is healthy, fuck what other people think.

It’s none of their business. Period. Don’t allow these people any headspace. You don’t owe these people any explanations.

Being a mom, people will always have something negative to say, good thing their opinions are meaningless.


We are meat eaters, but my youngest will always choose fruits and veggies over meat and chicken. She gets protein from peanut butter and occasionally eggs. She’s perfectly healthy. Who cares what anyone thinks?

Get protein in her in other areas like eggs or peanut butter and she’s fine. Don’t let people tell you how to raise your child. It’s easier said than done, but that’s YOUR baby.

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That is completely normal for toddlers. Went thru with my 2 oldest who are now teenagers and currently with my 3yr old. It’s not a big deal. If your pediatrician is fine, your kid is healthy, then ta hell with anyone else. My favorite saying is " if u are not financially supporting or provided half of my child’s dna mind yo dam bidness".

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Look at her bkoodgroup. Will tell you alot about her needs.

My son is 12 years old and still don’t eat meat so I would not stress over this

One thing I have learned from being a mom for 16 years is don’t worry about what people think

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My toddler will be 2 in February. He doesn’t eat meat either. Neither does my daughter, she’s 8. Both are very healthy.

My mother once brought a pack of bacon over and said it’d be a nice snack for protein for the kids😂 needless to say when she left she took her “nice snack” right along with her!

I say come prepared to speak up to anyone that has something to say! That’s what I’ve always done. I speak my mind and eventually they’ll shut up!

There are so many meatless options for protein! I don’t see an issue with a child not wanting meat :woman_shrugging:t3:

Meat in the U.S. is terrible for you as it is full of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides maybe more, unless you get organic, and even then it’s a crap shoot. There are great vegetarian cookbooks including for kids. You can always add meat to any dish if she changes her mind. Quinoa is a grain that’s a complete protein.

As for the Nosy Neds and Nancy’s, ask them why they think it’s any of their business? If they get rude you can wonder if the growth hormones in their meat is contributing to their being overweight. If that doesn’t shut them up, just say, “This is not open for discussion.” Walk away if you have to.

Cholesterol kills 800k per year. And The only place cholesterol exists is in animal cells.

The biggest, elephant. Oldest, tortoise and parrot. And strongest, gorilla. All vegan

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Not their kid, not their problem!

My 14yo has never eaten meat. When I was pregnant with him trying to eat meat would make me sick, every time. When he was little, every time I would put any in his mouth he would gag. Till this day at age 14, he has never swallowed a piece of meat. He is healthy and fit… no worries mama. Your little one will be just fine. Don’t let them make you feel unworthy or like a bad mom. You do you. Your baby, your business… xoxo

I use the same method for everyone who judges any aspect of my parenting, whether it’s how they eat, when they get potty trained, how they’re homeschooled etc, “are you the one raising them? No?? Well then don’t worry about it.”
As long they’re happy, healthy, and safe, you’re doing a good job.

We eat meat as a family my children however don’t always eat it. They eat beans and other protein packed food so I’m not worried about it. My son(5)goes through phases where he doesn’t want any meat at all and my daughter(2) isn’t a big fan of red meat right now. No matter what you feed your kids someone will always have an opinion do what’s best for you and your family

You will always deal with drama and opinions from other people about your kids. Don’t pay any attention to it or invest energy into it, it will drive you nuts.

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My kid has been introduced to meat and he doesnt care for it🤷‍♀️ the only down side is she might be picky about it later which really isn’t a big deal

People will disagree with anything and everything you do as a parent, it’s annoying but comes with the territory. Do what y’all feel is best and works for you. As long as she’s getting protein and nutrients in some way and is healthy, that is ALL that matters.

My family eats meat every day but my daughter doesn’t when she was little she fell hard outside and ended up with problems with her teeth and eventually had to get 7 teeth removed so she couldnt chew meat she still cant cuz most of her teeth will grow back when shes older and shes so healthy my son just doeant like it they would rather have a salad or fruit than anything else and both rarely get sick and r above average on the chart there taller than there age so i think its everyones opinion on the subject u do what u think is best

My kids grew up as vegetarians as I am one they now eat meat , it’s not anybody’s choice but yours.

My grandson does not like meat

My daughter is 2 and eats meat but she won’t eat cold deli meats or plain chicken.
Once your child is healthy I don’t think it matters much x

As long as she’s health who cares.

A lot of young kids don’t care for meat. As long as the child is healthy, I’d say they could mind their own business.

She doesn’t need to eat meat ever just so she gets protein other ways!

My neice doesn’t eat it…not that it isn’t offered to her she just doesn’t like it. She just turned 2. Her dr said that is completely fine,she’s happy and healthy.

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As long as she’s getting a form of complete protein it’s not a huge deal I grew up on a ranch and we eat a lot it non animal proteins now just for the fast it cuts my groceries in half

My daughter eats meat but shes not a big fan of it but neither am i, we eat chicken strips or nuggets here and there but meat is not a regular in our diet. My grandmother still everytime we see you tries to feed us meat ill usually eat it but my daughter is give or take and then the comments begin. Her doctor says she is in full health and tall for her age amd has more energy than most kids, so i just keep saying shes fine she’ll eat what she wants and i leave it at that

As long as her doctor says she’s getting what she needs, screw everyone else. Red meat isn’t even that good for you anyways. Keep doing you and what you think is best. Shoot i grew up without eating meat and I’m fine. We ate mostly chicken and turkey base products because my mom wasn’t a huge red meat fan especially. I was always healthy to. Never really got sick either

We aren’t vegetarian but both my older girls went through no meat phases (I think it was a texture thing). Unfortunately this won’t be last thing they will nit pick you for. I learned a long time ago someone always has “advice” to give. Normally I’ll say thanks, I’ll take that into consideration. It kind of ends the conversation.

My daughter didn’t eat meat until she was about 3. Any grief I got I simply pointed out that they either already had their chance at parenting or that once they had kids of their own they could parent how they see fit. Be blunt and basically tell them to get lost. Your kid, your parenting choices. As long as your child is happy, healthy, and well cared for the rest doesn’t matter. :heart:


If the doctor says she’s fine, she’s fine. Tell them to mind their business and do their research. She can in protein throught beans, milk, Greek yogurt , cheese, and many other resources.


My 3 year old doesn’t eat meat either. Not because we don’t try to give it to him, he just refuses it. He is a very picky eater.


I wouldn’t mind that at all , I haven’t eaten meat myself from an early age and wouldn’t have a problem but my girls eat chicken and ham no problem , don’t worry I’m sure they’re eating well enough they don’t need meat xx

Not there kid not there business. If doctor says they are healthy then leave them be


Tell them to basically shove it. It’s none of their business. As long as your kiddo is happy and healthy. It can take a while for them to eat meat. Especially if you don’t have it every day. Our son still sometimes refuses to eat meat.


Worked with a woman whose whole family is vegetarian. Her son in law, the cardiologist, her daughter, and 3 grandchildren plus herself. Never crossed anybody mind to question it, except for tips on cooking or sharing recipes.

Like every other aspect of raising your child, there are going to be know alls who think they know better than you. You can see your child thriving, your paed backs this up. You need no further proof or doubt supplied that you’re doing the right thing. You are the final say for your child. Stick to your ways. It’s all good. Good luck and don’t let them phase you.

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Y u gotta answer to anyone …child doesn’t eat meat…its not the best thing for u…hmm maybe the old myob…be appropriate

2 year old are picky if they eat and are healthy who cares tell them to mind their own business. Not their kid

Most 2 yr olds don’t eat meat. Mine didn’t. They don’t digest it well because it requires more chewing to breakdown to be able to digest properly. If your 2 yr old is eating healthy then you’re ahead of most. Most toddlers eat spegetti I’d and chicken nuggets and pizza, so you’re doing great!


My son is 6 and the only meat he eats is hamburger ( but only when it’s in spaghetti sauce and he chooses to put the sauce on his pasta instead of just butter and Parmesan), and chicken strips.

He used to eat just about anything when he was younger, but since like 3-4 he has had a very selective range of food he will still eat. I can’t get him to eat any other meats, not even chicken breast that I’ve cut up and seasoned to look like chicken strips. He won’t eat vegetables. He lives off of rice, cereal, yogurt, PB&J sandwiches, pasta, and I supplement with pediasure at night because of his lack of nutritional intake. His doctors aren’t overly concerned because he is growing well overall and because I supplement. My son is also ADHD/ODD, and on the waitlist to test for Autism… So there could be a sensory based food aversion at the root of it all…

Really, you just gotta do what works best for your little one and your family. People can provide their advice and opinions all they want, but it’s not their lives. :heart:

I have a couple grandchildren that dont really like meat as long as they are healthy

I believe their concerns are just to make sure the child has a balanced diet and is not lacking that would ultimately affect any growth.
Yes it’s against social norm, and maybe that’s why they question it so much.
As long as the child has a very balanced diet and are getting all necessary nutrients from non meat sources. It becomes worrisome if the only protein is maybe from yogurt or milk yes those are good foods but also packed with sugar… just looking at the nutrient content of all the foods the child does eat…

My son is 5 and STILL doesn’t really eat meat. Fried chicken (has to be fried) or fish (which we don’t eat often). As long as your child is healthy and getting the things they need from other foods, it’s fine. At least according to several drs/np and the wic office.


As long as your child is healthy, there is no problem. Your child, your business. It doesn’t sound like you are a completely vegetarian family from your post, though. If you do eat meat occasionally as a family, maybe you should let her try it sometime. Eating habits and tastes are developed in early life. Personally, I always let my kids try a big variety of foods early in life and got them used to eating everything that we ate. My kids are not picky eaters so maybe that is why. Honestly though, it is up to you. Parents and in laws and strangers on the internet have lots of opinions but the choice is yours to make.

I would be so happy if my kids would be vegetarian! Just don’t mind them, it’s your kids,your rules!

My oldest just recently started eating meat on a regular basis (i cook it almost every night) and even now if he has vegetables or fruit he would rather have that. I would just tell them that shes your kid and to worry about themselves and if they have a problem with it then theres the door.

Unless the friends and family want to buy your groceries, they shouldnt have an opinion at all. Your family, your home, your rules and most importantly your lives! Take it on the chin when this conversation comes up, but please dont feel pressured!!

My 2 year old refuses to eat pretty much all meat no matter how I make it or anything so I can’t force her shes still healthy and growing and at least east peanutbutter so others need to mind there own business we know our children and some kids are just more fussy or have texture problems and what we feed them is up to us they don’t know the struggles of a toddler obviously and if your doctor says its fine than your doing a great job as is

Our daughter is 8 and she will only eat chicken, not all kids like it, my 2 year old scoffs her face with any meat, they are all different

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Her body needs protein, that does not mean it needs meat. As long as she’s getting it through other sources, that’s all that matters.

My son hasn’t eaten meat since he was 2 years old and he is 10. Just his choice and I don’t force him either because he gets his nutrients elsewhere!!

Lots of kids don’t eat meat in my experience. It’s a learned thing.

Tell them to mind their business…meat isn’t good for you in most cases anyway. If she is healthy then what they think doesn’t matter


As long as you have medical back up.that your child is well.why not.

Do what you think is best for your daughter period don’t worry about what other people think

Nobody elses business unless you include them in it.

It’s your decision, they can mind their business

Fuck them all honestly ignore them n move on don’t let anyone stress you over YOUR baby. You are doing good.

Your child, your rules. None of other people’s business.

Tell them to mind their own business

My daughter didn’t touch meat until she was 7. Doctor said it was ok. So I didn’t question it. I just kept offering it to her and she helped me prepare dinner a lot. She eventually gave in and now she loves meat.

My 5 year old is allergic to dairy and the milk protein so he cant have beef and the protein in the milk in the the meat and he cant have soya so cant have chicken as most chicken are soya based fed but he loves fish vegetables and fruits so I dont worry. Like most people.have said its yoir child you do what feels best and tell everybody else to butt out

Tell them all to sod off! Quietly in your mind if you think it will cause more drama then go about your day knowing your child is absolutely fine :blush: xxxx

Tell them mind their own beness!!!

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Tell them you are vegan. They shut up real fast. Your child your choice…

We found that our 2 year old didn’t even particularly liked meat, she just started eating it just after the age of 3. If she’s happy and healthy who cares what others think.


I have a 2½ year old & 17 month old. My brother is vegan & eats most of his evening meals with us so my children have a mostly vegan diet. It’s full of proteins, vegetables & goodness. They both still have milk at night (cows milk), both eat cheese sandwiches & my 2 year old will sit & eat an entire packet of luncheon meat if given the chance lol. So long as your child is healthy & fed, it don’t see what it matters if they aren’t eating meat yet. Meat is a relatively new thing for my eldest as he wouldn’t entertain it at all. He’ll be 3 in March. Youngest isn’t quite as picky.

Tell them your not animal murders and prefer your greens then go further and show them how they meat made in factory they won’t tell you again.

Tell 0eople to mind their own business!

Tell. Them. To. Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

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Tell them to mind there business

Just tell the family members comments that end the conversation. “She’ll get there eventually.” “What we’re doing works for us right now.” “It’ll be okay, no need to worry.”

You said you haven’t introduced meat yet, not that you won’t. I would just make that clear to anybody concerned. :woman_shrugging:t2: it’s just out of concern, I’m sure. Try to see the nagging as loving, & it’ll make it easier for YOU, I promise.

& if that doesn’t work, just tell them to go to hell in your head. :woman_shrugging:t2::joy:

My daughter is 14, and she has never eaten tons of meat and I don’t force her. If she doesn’t want to, she doesn’t eat it. She was always developing well. One time she went to friends house and they had steaks for dinner. She said she won’t eat it because she doesnt like it. After that statement they interviewed her what she eats and why she doesn’t eat meat. I found it very intrusive. As long as child is developing well and in right pace it’s nobody’s business.

My daughter hated any kinds of meats til she was like 7 years old…she was always and still is very healthy and she eats pretty much anything now. They can get over it. As long as she’s getting protein from somewhere, she’s fine

My children 15 and 12 were born vegetarians. Over the years the odd family member tried to sneak in a piece of meant but my kids just knew and never ate it. Kids at school gave them grieve. We overcame. They know why ther vegetarian. And they now have a choice which they continue to stand by that we have a huge assortment of food to est and a living being is not part of that


My 18 month old just isn’t bothered by it. I don’t think toddlers and a lot of children are massive fans of meat anyway so even if you offered it to her she probably wouldn’t eat it anyway. Your child, your choice no matter what you do people will judge but just politely tell them to mind their own business. You don’t need to justify your choices to anyone xxxx

My daughter hated meat. She is 9 and is slowly starting to introduce more meat into her diet. She will eat ham and cheese omelets, or turkey sandwiches. It will get better. We tried forever to just let her eat what we ate. We worked hard on sticking to that. But she would never eat so I would cave. Dont worry, my family has given me grief about her pallet but shes turning out just fine.

I am lucky if my 3 year old son will eat 2 bites of his chicken when I make it. I am also lucky if our 20 month old eats any meat at all. My 14 year old daughter was the same when she was younger too. It is absolutely normal for young ones to refuse to eat certain things due to texture and if you don’t make it often and they’re healthy otherwise, don’t listen to them nag at you. Just simply state when they mention it, my child is healthy and happy, I am done talking about it and if you push the conversation further, you will be pushed further away from my child and myself. End of discussion. It is not their place or worry nor concern if your child is absolutely healthy :heart: breathe Momma, just breathe

my son is 2yrs old and is being raised vegetarian since he was in my belly, some family members thought it was unhealthy until they got educated about it.

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You are the parents you do what is best for her in your eyes. You know her best

What no meat drama? Who the heck are you hanging out with. Those people are not your friends.

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