My husband and I cannot agree on baby names: Help!

I am almost 23 weeks pregnant with my second child. Found out it is a boy. My husband and I can not agree on a name at all. I’ve suggested so many names, and he has said no to all of them, he has only suggested two, and I’ve said no. Can you all flood me with boy names, please?!?


What style names do you each like and what is your other child’s name

My sons name is Oryn Loxley :blue_heart:

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My boy is called Blaine :slightly_smiling_face:

Start adding absolutely horrendous names so when you pop a good one in that you like, he’s more likely to consider it lol


I bought a book with all girl names and he wrote down all the names he liked and I did the same . Then check to see if you have the same names.

I love Emre Wren and Jasper James for a boy. Those are out top if we get a boy n

Following because same :roll_eyes:

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Jase, Bronx, Cameron, Blake, Sébastien

I figure you are the one giving birth so you decide. I chose all of my kids names.

Tate, Henry, Harry, George

Asher, Reuben, Roman


You still have time. I was 35 weeks pregnant with my daughter before we came up with a name. Just keep communications going with names you like.

I heard the name Wells the other day and loved it.
Different but not hard to spell.

We had the same issue. My husband picked the middle name and I picked the first name. Just a suggestion

If my she was a he, she would be named Maddox

Colby…Kai Frankie…Aiden…Harley…

My little boy is called bailey :heart:xx

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I let my husband pick for ours due in 2-3 months. He chose Baynham Rhett

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Jackson, Dalton, Declan.

We have an Aiden James and are expecting Carter Jaxxon :slight_smile:

My little one is Rex Marshall

Myles. MacPherson . Clancy. Darcy. Hedley Finlay

You take a few names that you like let your husband take a few names that he likes mix them up in a dish and then draw the name win-win game over

My second son who I thought was a girl went 3 weeks no name until decided Damien ,second choice tanner . I like Guy , Redmond ,Smyth , Garrett,Quest,Kent,Charlie .

My hubby’s middle name is Rui think it means Ruler it’s portuguese I love it and another is Atreyu off neverending story or Bastian live movie referenced names

Just found out im having a girl this past Friday but she would’ve been Bentley if she was a boy. I like Noah, Carson, kaiser, kaison, Mason, Jackson.

We are having our 2nd a girl and having issues with names also. Our first is a boy Liam :slight_smile:

What names did you and your husband pick

Mason, Maddox, Jackson, Jamison, Cash, Carter, Kairo, Miles/Myles, Luca, Lucas

Our son is Cooper James- it was so easy for us… His due date was exactly 8 years to the day that we first met at a place called Cooper’s Furnace. And James was my late FILs name. It just kinda fit for us.

I love the name Cody

Hudson, Jonathan, Ryder, Jesse, Colt, Nick

Logan, Ashton, Austin, Hudson, Mason, Lucas…these are the names I personally liked lol

Cash , Oakley, and Ross I love qlso

Lucus Owen
Wyatt Knox

Asher, Axel, Bryce, Carson, Christopher, Cole, Ethan, Evan, Gavin, Garrett, Gage, Isaac, Jax, Lorenzo ,Liam, Lucas , Michael, Micha,Max, Maverick, Noah , Nicko, Nicholas, Nolan, Peyton, Parker, Rowan, Sam, Tyler, Vincent, Zander

My boys are Tyler Garrett and Brandon Troy. My grandson is Casey Lane

I have a Zaniel and Zayvian very different but not too weird. I also like Zekiel Zayden and Zander

I went thru the same thing 2 yrs ago with my son…I wanted a strong masculine name for him…we decided on Abraham❤ it fits him very well. Its not to common of a name and everyone loves it.

We have a keegan (4yrs) & Alan (31 weeks preg with)

Otis, Oscar or Oliver. Loved all three but had a girl.

I had a girl but if I had a boy we were going to name him Pierce. I love that name for a boy

bobby alex oliver,harry

Tell us which is ur favorite and what is his and let’s vote!

My husband named our first boy. I’m 11 weeks with my second and I’m naming him/her unbeknownst to him​:joy: it’s only fair :crazy_face:

We have a Graesyn which i see literally all the time. And our second is Kalum (pronounced cal-um)

My son is called Ezekiel (zeeky) for short currently pregnant but this time with a girl but if it she were a boy we were going to name atlas Luca xx

You can give the baby 2 middle names incase you can’t decide all my kids have 2 middle names

Aspen, Parker, Ethan, Zayden, Shaw, Oakley, Lake, Massey, Cooper

He picks first name and you pick middle name or vise versa

My son is Caleb, i always loved Dominic, Jacob, Owen, Jackson

Don’t feel bad. My husband and I are having a girl and we Vito names like crazy.

Dont stress you have lots of time

Imma be weird on this but I’m loving Harvey and Burt.

Lemuel . Grant Troyce

Hawkeye, Emerson, Axel, Grey, Wolfe or Wolfgang, Maximus, Latimer, Matteo, Blaine, Austin, Alexander, Dean, Ryder, Calum, Zachary, Russell, Slade, Sloan, Blaise, Cooper, Cassius, Sy, Dominic, Carter, Reagan,

If we were having another boy we’d name him Colesyn. My husband and I absolutely LOVE that name!

Give it time! My first daughter didn’t have a name until we were making the 2 hour drive to my hospital in active labor…she was only a week early :joy:

Jasper, Kaylor, kyle, Fisher, Hollan, levi, Derrick, Dylan, Dakota, cody,

My husband and I could Not decide on a name we ended up finding 6 that we both didn’t hate and put them in a hat and had our 3 year old pick the name.

I have Ronan and Joel.

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What movies do you like. Watch a range of movies.

My oldest is names after a character in Divergent. My youngest from How to Train Your Dragon.

Noah Zion Seth Jordan

Named my son Oliver Bryant. We almost named him Beckett Jackson but went with Oliver instead.

Take his two and your top two, put them in a hat and pull one out for first name and then a second for middle name.


Axil Mitchell
Austin Montgomery


Caiden, Kevin, Jake, Jack, Adam, John,

Tripp is my son’s name… it’s unusual and I’ve not met another one.

Derrick, Jayson, Jeffery, Phillip, Deven William, Robert, Shane

Omgoodness we fought the entire pregnancy. I finally lost my mind and gave 3 options, said pick one and never bring this up again.
We literally went page by page in a baby name book and he said no it EVERY.SINGLE.ONE

You months yet … enjoy being pregnant x

Adam, Luke, Lucas, Nathan, Henry, Thomas, Jackson, Jax, James and Joshua.

I recently dealt with the same problem. I have always wanted to name my boy Austin and he didn’t want it to we both agreed on Lucas. I’m 20 weeks with him

Is there a family name that you can agree on? If you can go back to perhaps great or even great great grandfathers name.

No names but with my 1st my hubby and I couldn’t decide I presented a 2 pages of names i liked told him 2 narrow it down 2 15 names he liked, i picked 10 out of those 15, he picked top 5 of those 10, then we agreed on the top name. It helps that i put my foot down on a middle name 1st.

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Slade, Tripp, Easton, Ryder, Staton, ledger, Drenon, Austin, Sawyer, Champ, Kale, River, Stine

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35 weeks here and still no name for our 3rd.:woman_facepalming:

Download the Baby Name Matcher app. You both have it on your phones. You swipe left or right on names, and it will tell you when you and your spouse match. That’s the ONLY way my husband and I were able to get down to a list of 6 names for our two-year-old daughter. I swear by this app!!


Asher, Adam, Blake, Cooper, Dylan, Elijah, Ezekiel, Gavin, Gage, Hudson, Ian, Jameson, Keegan, Leland, Micah, Nathaniel, Nolan, Ollie, Percy, Quinn, Rylan, Rowan, Sawyer, Toby, Vince, Wesley, Xander, Zane

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Here was my list of top picks for my son
I finally picked jasper lol but your welcome to it :joy:

Beau - bo

If I had another boy I wanted to name him Marshall or Maverick

Nolan, Nathaniel, Malachi, Sterling, Lincoln, Linus

Jamison. Jacob. Joshua
John. Jordan
Jace. Jaxon.

Julien, Damien, Jaylen, Lucian, Marcelo, Jael, Gianni,


My sons Name is Noah :blue_heart:

Axel Ethan christian Elijah micah

Henry, Hank, Benjamin,Milo, Miles,Bret,Camden, Trent, Travis

Let us know what you named him!

We couldn’t close on our second son, so we found a middle name and that helped narrow down a lot

Liam Noah Oliver William Elijah James Benjamin Lucas Mason Ethan Alexander Henry Jacob Michael Daniel Logan Jackson Sebastian Jack Aiden Owen Samuel Matthew Joseph Levi

Mateo David John Wyatt Carter Julian Luke Grayson Isaac Jayden Theodore Gabriel Anthony Dylan Leo Lincoln Jaxon Asher Christopher Josiah Andrew Thomas Joshua Ezra

Charles Caleb Isaiah Ryan Nathan Adrian Christian Maverick Colton Elias Aaron Eli Landon Jonathan Nolan Hunter Cameron Connor Santiago Jeremiah Ezekiel Angel Roman Easton Miles Robert Jameson Nicholas Greyson Cooper Ian Carson Axel Jaxson Dominic Leonardo Luca Austin Jordan Adam Xavier Jose Jace Everett Declan Evan Kayden Parker Wesley Kai

Logan, brodie, Jack, Stuart, Arran Kian, kerian, Darren.

We named our son “Adreyn Anthony Hunt”