My husband changed after we had a kid: Advice?

Has anyone else had a kid, and their husband went crazy like cheating and talking to other females and not even wanting to be married anymore? Then just straightening up after he thought he was gonna loose you and keep the straightening up for months and months on end?Just complete attitude change, someone talked to him and he just straightened up like he knew he wouldn’t be the same with out me and his child.


I doubt it will last tbh. He just realized you would actually leave. When he feels comfortable again, he will go back to it.


Horrible he cheated in the first place. I would walk away with my children in a heartbeat as they need to learn that their mom won’t be a doormat. Best of luck but it won’t last this good behavior.
My condolences on remaining despite the disgusting disrespect.


If your daughter was in a relationship like yours, with a man like your husband, what advice would you give her? Remember your kids are watching and learning from you and your spouse. They understand more than you think.


Some men tend to make it look like they are cleaning up their act but they aren’t cheating is not about you its about them id be done it doesn’t get better it gets worse


Yep it all changed after we had our two boys. He became very cranky and never helped with them and became distance from me and we would fight all the time. Some men aren’t mean to be fathers I’m convinced

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He found out that it’s cheaper to keep her. Probably from the little chit chat with his friend😆


My ex-fiance was like this… started after I had our first daughter saw a few red flags then after I had our second daughter it got worse(are 15 months apart btw) I left almost 2 years ago. Best decision I’ve made… My kids are my life and they didn’t deserve to see or hear any of what went on. We were together 7 years engaged for 6.

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He got jealous of the baby for needing all of your attention. He found somewhere else to get attention. A lot of men do it. And instead of actually helping with the kiddo so you actually have time for them, they pull this bullshit. And then they try to blame you for not meeting their needs. It’s up to you if you can forgive him, but don’t have any additional children with him.

Looks like some of y’all in the comment section triggered a Veronica :rofl::rofl: she seems to think every comment stating cheaters never change is hilarious so I’m assuming either her or her SO are for sure cheaters


Well give him a chance it may work out, but if it happens again leave right away


First off the day here cheated he would have found out really quick because me and my child would be gone. Screw that bunch of male shit.

People can and do change. Wishing you the best!


Yup! I walked away and never looked back. He still hasn’t changed btw


WOW…I am totally loss with this one,

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I dont get this what’s the problem

Don’t worry…it won’t last. My ex pulled that with me and after every kid he did the same shit. I’ve learned if you have to give them an ultimatum then your family was not the priority. He only cares about himself and his selfish ways.

He wasn’t ready for the responsibility of the child and he wants out.


Cheaters don’t stop cheating, they just get better at hiding it.


He’s worried about that child support, lol

He will probably leave you for good when he sees you posting about your personal life on Facebook.

Yes. It happens. I went to counseling anyway and dealt with things together. I’m not sure if you are asking a question… relationships are two people working on a relationship together. You both have to be all in or it won’t work. Good luck.

I wouldn’t have ever given him the chance to fix himself and the situation. Eff that. Repeated cheating and chatting up others? No.
There’s certain things that can he forgiven but that’s not one of them.

They never fix themselves, they just get better at hiding it and pretending to be better. Its not worth it, just move on.

He’s just getting better at hiding it. If he was worried about losing you he’d have never done it to start with


Cheaters don’t change. He’ll just be better at hiding his flings.

Once a cheater always a cheater.

Nope! If he did that he would be kicked out and never be welcome, only to pick up the kids so they can see dad. I would never give him a second chance, I am worth more than a cheating asshole!

Yeah spent 10 years trying to chnage myself for him na never worked out he never stopped never cared

The damage has been done. Once a cheater, always a cheater. You know what to do

Some men go through a sort of depression after a baby comes into the relationship

Stripes don’t change. Is he acting? I’m sorry, but once a cheater… he thinks it’s ok


Everyone here is going to tell you to leave. People can change. Everyone is capable of it. It’s really up to you to decide if you can heal from what he has already done and if you can or want to rebuild the trust for a future.
I’d be very cautious moving forward for both yours and your child’s sake but yes people can change. . .


Families are hard. None are perfect and some have to work harder for it to workout than others. Some ppl dont realize what they have until its about to be gone forever. Im not telling you to leave or to stay but just keep working at things and see where it goes if thats what he is truly showing you back. In the end if this really changed him then good! Your kids get to keep their family together. If not. Just make the best of it and know you did all you could. Id suggest a couples councilor to help keep the communication open and the relationship healthy. Best wishes :slightly_smiling_face:!

Mine cheated when I was pregnant with our first then when I was ready to leave he changed, it really fucked me up and I still have trust issues but he does everything he can to try and keep us now, we aren’t as close as we used to be now but slowly trying to get back to how we where, it’s just tough now we have 3 little boys and he works so much