My husband didn't even want to open his gifts...advice?

Anyone elses husband not care about what they got enough or acted uninterested? I literally just told my dad I’m not buying a darn thing next year. My 10yo and my husband both have me in the bathroom crying right now over their ungratefulness! I got no gifts or even a thank you and my husband refused to open his gifts and told me to take them back because he “knew” he wouldn’t like them and didn’t get me anything. I made him open his big one and he loved it and I still didn’t get a thank you. His second one was a coffee thermos and he rolled his eyes. I’m DONE!


Take it back and treat yourself to something nice. He gets nothing from here on out.


He’s not going to change sweetheart, you deserve better.


Leave. If the 10 year old was ungrateful it’s not too late, they can still be taught. But that kind of behavior from your husband is unacceptable and my guess is, that attitude rolls over into other aspects of your relationship. Someone out there will treat you like gold and will be thrilled with any little thing you do for them. Don’t let him teach your 10 year old that this is an ok way to be.


Some people have a hard time receiving gifts. It’s an anxiety thing I think. I think that because I am one of those people and I have anxiety but I also have BPD(borderline personality disorder) so me showing emotions doesn’t look the same as everyone else.

I literally have to have a talk with myself before occasions where I will be getting gifts. I discuss how I am supposed to act according to society standards and I remind myself constantly to smile and say thank you. Then maybe post about it online so people think I am excited even when I’m not showing it.
Honestly sometimes I am super excited I just don’t show it well. I don’t like having strong emotions in front of people.


I used to go all out for birthdays and holidays. My husband wouldn’t get me anything and I would always get him something. It wasnt even about getting him something and me not getting anything. I would bake or buy a cake, make a nice dinner and just want to celebrate him. Finally after years of doing it I quit. I got tired of giving my all and not even receive a thank you. Now I don’t even worry about it. You eventually get tired of being taken for granted and maybe this is your year hun. Next year just worry about the kids. It makes the holidays much easier.


Did you agree no gifts then get him gifts? I can be a terrible gift receiver and I don’t mean to be! My husband tells me that he prepares himself for my reaction before he gives it to me because I don’t react the way other people do lol! I had the best Christmas literally every single thing I got I love and the thoughtfulness behind all of it made me so happy!!! I hope that all of those people my family, my husbands family all know how much I appreciate them and love them. When I read your words I feel like he may just not know how to react or he may be uncomfortable with the fact that he didn’t get you anything. Thank you for the reminder to say thank you though!

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I’d say just leave like get out of that marriage life is to short to waste it on ungrateful people. You only get one life so live it to the fullest and find somebody that worships the ground you walk on.


I don’t understand why people stay in marriages like this. Christmas to me isn’t about receiving gifts, to me its being able to gift an item to someone and watch their joy opening it. I couldn’t imagine having a partner or child be so ungrateful that they didn’t even want to open their gifts or even a thank you. Id be making your 10 year old donate all THEIR new gifts to the less fortune- I don’t tolerate ungratefulness. Id also be returning your partners gift and gifting yourself something. I’ve been in situations where we’ve scraped Christmas together and we’ve had years where money wasn’t an issue. My kids to this day still prefer second hand gifts (all under the age of 12). Lifes to short to be unhappy, I’d talk to your partner and your child about what your feeling. If your husband isn’t able too see that he’s hurt you or that your giving 110% and he’s merely not doing anything- I’d consider couples counseling or I’d hightail it out of there


You know how you deal with that? You don’t! Fk that shit if he doesn’t care about you enough to buy you a gift and appreciate what you got him then sorry to say he doesn’t care for you. I would open the door and and say hey I got you the best gift every get your ass out.

I know exactly how you feel. Expect all I wanted in return was a simple thank you. I know a friend of mine was struggling this holiday season with the heart surgery her mom had , the. Literally two weeks before Christmas her brother passed away unexpectedly. They were going to get nailed for there garage that was falling apart codes was already at there house. I got a company to donate the demolition and I got another company to donate the disposal of everything even had other companies lined up if the first one told me no. And I didn’t even get a thank you . There was no appreciation at all from the person. I did it to be kind , keep them out of trouble and because I knew they couldn’t pay for it. And I got nothing.

Bring gifts of both of them back and spend that money om yourself. And with that think about your relationship. Are you not worth more than how he treats you?


Wow. I say every holiday… Pamper yourself FIRST… learn to love yourself first then with gifts you would like…sounds like these men will never appreciate anything. So go get that pampering going sista.


cruel…just damn cruel. rethink your situation…might be time for a change, your child learns from what you accept

Ungrateful…NEVER buy him nothing…Baby to little to express it knows no better don’t take to heart …Time to have a talk are leave.

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Yup don’t buy anything else for him, problem solved.


Lol there would be no.married people left if we get divorced for everything

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Take both of their gifts back and treat yourself. They deserve nothing


His next gift should be divorce papers…


Take them ALL back and treat yourself to something nice with the money… your hair and or nails done or a spa day or even a overnight stay somewhere. I’d be so upset too

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Next year use the money for his presents for yourself and make him watch you open your own gifts to yourself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Throw the whole husband away. Sounds like a real jerk. Bet that’d be the last MFing gift his ungrateful ass got from me…

Don’t do for him anymore :woman_shrugging:

Take his items back, including the item he loved and get yourself something nice.

Don’t buy for either again, give them the same treatment back.

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Throw the whole husband out & it’s very apparent he’s teaching your child to act the same way


Dump him Dump him Dump him Dump him Dump him Dump him Dump him Dump him Dump him Dump him Dump him Dump him Dump him Dump him Dump him Dump him Dump him Dump him Dump him Dump him Dump him Dump him Dump him Dump him

is husband under exchange warranty??? or just make a return…?! what a loser! im sorry

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Sounds like ur son may b learning his ungratefulness from his dad.I wouldn’t get the husband anything again.


Baaa Baaa!!! Take your 10 yr old with you and givem sum good book lernin on appreciation and gratitude

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Your not done tell your really done .you figure it out

Take the gifts back and treat yourself, and run away as fast as you can

If he doesn’t get you anything why would you get him stuff :woman_shrugging:t2:

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No more presents for him.

Leave his ass! He is not the one for you!

That would be the last time I bought him anything. And next time you’re at the store picking up necessities, like tooth paste, soap, etc… forget about his.

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Your husband already told you not to buy him anything, so follow his wishes and don’t set yourself up for heartbreak (but these problems extend far beyond him “refusing” to open your gifts. Your 10 year old is ungrateful; there needs to be discussions and repercussions with him. Hold him accountable for his actions; do the same to your husband; but I have a feeling this progresses far beyond Christmas. Take your 10 year old to a homeless shelter or food coalition and make him volunteer some time helping people with nothing. Let him see kids his own age that truly have nothing and teach him the value of being grateful. When it comes to matters with your husband, if you truly can’t see what’s falling apart in your marriage, have a nice long talk on what is going on. Find out what he expects, tell him what you expect and get on the same page. Your marriage is spiraling out of control and you have the ability to fix it together if you both want to save it. (You should always opt for fixing your marriage if it’s possible, but it’s not going to just magically fix itself and you are going to actually have to voice your wants and needs to your husband because contrary to popular belief, husbands, (people in general) aren’t mind readers and he probably doesn’t have the slightest clue about what you expect from him because you’ve never told him and so you’ve gone ten+ years just hoping he reads your mind and he’s none the wiser. Sit down and talk, find out why he’s acting like this, find out what it’s going to take to get on the same page and if at the end of it you aren’t satisfied, then leave.

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You deserve better sweetheart

Don’t buy anything for him from now on. Just worry about the kiddos and yourself.

Sounds like yu need a new husband

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Listen when they get no gifts next year, remind them of this nonsensical bullshit.

Next year. $hit in a box and give it to him since he wants to be a POS this year :woman_shrugging:t2:

Try marriage/family counseling first to see if you can find the roots of this behavior & why they acted the way they did. Then, work from that information to figure out ways to deal with the behavior. There are some online/phone options where you can get therapy/counseling sooner than trying for in-person options.

Is this ungrateful, hurtful behavior only around gift-giving occasions or does it extend to much of everyday life? Perhaps he’s terrified of getting you the “wrong” present (maybe based on past perceptions or experiences from childhood or later) and reacts this way as a way to avoid being put in a position of having to do so.

Sit down and ask him and other family members about what gift-giving/receiving was like for him before he married you. If it turns out he’s just being a jerk, then at least you’ll know for sure.

Take them back and buy yourself something nice…getvrid of that inconsiderate lout…make 2023 your year…life is too short to spend it with hurt