My husband doesn't want to be intimate with me: Thoughts?

I am your average female… stay-at-home mom all the same duties… laundry, lunches, dishes, cleaning… picking everybody in the house. I have my mother and father living with us as well as my husband mother and father. As well as our little boy. It’s a full house. At the end of the day, I crave the attention of my husband, mostly ready to go (fully shaven, lingerie or matching panties and bra), and I get nothing… zilch. He has a mentally stressful job. He respects me. Often helps we supper and dishes. And our conversation is always there, and communication is great on paper, virtually PERFECT. I JUST NEED TO GET LAID. My situation is often different from friends or relatives, where it’s usually the men clawing at them, and they’re too tired. In this household, it’s the other way around. I just need to be satisfied every day. I’m wearing out batteries here. Any other mama’s feel the same or am I just a rare breed. Please help.

Have you ever had a deep talk with him about why? There could be something he isn’t telling you. Maybe he is overworked? Depressed? Speak up love