My husband is lying.. what should I do

So for those who have been married for a while… My husband and I have been married for only a year in March this year 2022 and I am seriously having situations in which are making me think that marriage isn’t even worth it anymore (even though it has only been such a short time we have been married). My husband has lied a lot to my mom and her boyfriend about many different things in order to not have gotten into trouble. He has only lied to me once and has not done it since today. He was brought up in a household where his parents did not show their children a lot of right from wrong so therefore my husband had to fend A LOT for himself and basically had to grow up by himself taught on the values he thought were right. He was a very rebellious child and to this day, does not like “playing by the rules” even if it comes to our marriage. Today is what completely shocked and disappointed me the most about him. We are not doing well financially and we have a 5 month old son so in order to just make it through to the end of the month payday, he had to go into cash converters and put his xbox on buy back. He then needed to extend it just until payday this month and the lady at the place had told him that it would cost R250. My mom then gave him the money and told him to go and extend it to which yesterday he said he did. She also gave him R150 for petrol. We are both smokers so we did not have smokes for today…sometimes we hide smokes for each other so that we have a few to last until payday but today i went to find if he had some hidden and went inot the car to maybe see if there wasn’t an extra one in the side door or somewhere in the car. To my amazement, there was still R200 in his wallet baring in mind that he told me that he extended his xbox yesterday. I confronted him about the situation and he then told me he lied. He had gone into cash converters and said their systems were offline and could not take the R250 cash but the verbally told him that they would extend the xbox until next month. He also said yesterday that the few smokes he got were from a guy at work and then today told me that he bought some smokes with the money that my mom gave him for the xbox. When you put something on buy back with cash converters, they re-print you a new receipt with the new extended date that you have to pay and come collect your stuff but he had told me that they do not… I am slowly losing my patience with him because I do love him but how do you go about a marriage when he says that he wouldn’t have told me about the lie if he could have made a plan to pay back the money before i found out about the lie. He does not understand the concept about how upset he made me and just wants me to forgive him