My husband lied about giving another woman money: Advice?

So my husband travels for work and I stopped tagging along with him after I got pregnant & had baby, she is now 3 months old and I’ve always had a fear of him cheating… well the other day I asked to use his cashapp and he sent some girl $150 so I asked why? Long story short he lied to me about the girl/situation & I found out the truth because I found her on Facebook & asked … nothing happened besides the fact that he stopped her outside of the bar, got her number (they texted for a week) & sent her money to help with “car problems” We are trying to work through it as I’m trying to get over it but now I can’t stop wondering about the things I don’t know about or what else he’s lying about…


They had to of gotten pretty close for him to send her money to fix her vehicle. He sure didn’t wait too long after you stopped tagging along to start getting women’s numbers at bars. I’d head out of there before he brings you home something you can’t get rid of.


Life is to short to stick around and wonder what he really sent the money for. You will never stop thinking about it. Leave him. You deserve better!


I seriously have known women who couldn’t wait to catch their man messing around so they could guilt him into a new car or a kitchen remodel seriously. One that will allow a man other women and mess with your money? I think not. I wouldn’t tolerate either one. Leave it will get worse. With your little one only being 3 months old will keep him or her from missing daddy growing up him not being in the household will be the norm. Leave before your child is hurt too.


Nope kick him out or you leave. Him asking for her number should tell you something right there and I think the girl lied to you . He should only take care of his family no one else leave him.

Girl !!! Get a divorce and move on, how you can be in a relationship with not trust .
They probably did more than Tex, Nobody will give 150 to a person they just meet in a bar just trying to be nice


He probably went to the strip club. We get cash app and Venmo’s all the time and they always have Notes like food car payments stuff like that.

That’s a great big NOPE… he gonna have to get that money back from her to pay for his motel room after he gets the boot :hiking_boot:


« Always had a fear of him cheating » —> trust your gutt.

« he stoped her outside a bar and got her number » —> He initiated it, it is not innocent at all. Why would he have done it other than wanting to have sex with her?

« Nothing happened » —> how can you be sure? You weren’t there and he has lied and kept secrets from you before.

Your husband is a walking red flag. Get out of there, you deserve better.

I wouldn’t be working anything out .at the very moment I found this out I would be so turned off him i wouldn’t be able to leavee with my child quick enough. Life is way to short to be treated this way .


Yikes!! I think I’d just be done with him… you have a baby and he’s sending another woman money instead of using the extra money for your child? And lying about it AND texting another woman for a week?! Not to mention I’d NEVER trust him to travel for work ever again… so I guess at that point it would be BOY BYE!!!


The advice is you leave him. I mean he gave a “random” woman $150. He was trying to get involved with her, and as far as you know they are both lying.


You need to decide if it’s something you can truly and totally forgive him for (with NO second thought) and move towards healing together or if it’s going to eat you alive and if so, you don’t deserve to live like that either…I wouldn’t hang around for next time, but whatever you decide, best wishes! :heart:


Leave now you can find better

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Girl, that sounds like a prostitute. She’s also not going to admit to taking money for anything illegal. I would definitely be looking into that

That is not innocent. He asked for her number and was messaging with her for a week. He was trying to get involved with her.


You follow your gut. Protect yourself and your child at all costs.


If you can’t trust him, you must move on…

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If it was innocent why didn’t he tell you? He obviously hid it for a reason


Once a liar and cheater always one, the more you let him away with it the more he’ll do it, he will just get better at hiding stuff

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Both of them are hiding something. Men don’t just send money after knowing her for a week, for car problems.


Lesson learned, I would be giving him the boot. File for custody and child support. He obviously has money since he gave it to a random woman. No way to live.

Lies, lies, lies… it will only get worse.

Sounds like somebody paid for that :scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat:

This is pretty bad. & not something you should try to get over. Most men don’t give anything without getting something in return. Don’t lie to yourself & get rid of him.


Bruh, she is lying too. :rofl: no dude is gonna send some random chick that he “only texted” that kind of money. :rofl:


Guys can do that and it’s just their natural instinct and now you know your trust is forever broken. If he’s a great partner otherwise just ignore it if not this is your chance and choice . IMHO and a lifetime with men on the road . A couple actually had a long-standing relationship on both ends I never asked but assumed that the women knew . I have no idea what happened at retirement but I am curious as all get out .

Girl. She’s lying for him. And he’s lying to you. Who tf does that when he’s got a wife and newborn at home.

:wastebasket:. That’s who.


Just because you found said girl and asked doesn’t mean she was honest with you either. Some ladies make up bullshit because they just don’t wanna deal with the drama as they don’t have a connection with your man after a one night stand. Others lie because your man is right there telling them something different. Your man doesn’t sound like a real man. One he sent a stranger money to fix her car and lied about it. Two he didn’t think he needed to talk it over with you first or let you be aware of it later. Leave him or expect more disrespect and lies. Not to mention he approached said girl at a bar and got her number to begin with. That alone is disrespectful and him showing someone else interest.

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Nope he did much more. Hes still lying and for the sake of your child and yourself worth I would get a divorce file for child support and make him leave because you dont have to. Take screenshot of his venmo before doing so that way you have proof for court. If you stay your only teaching that child what they should tolerate when they grow up. BD is a pos.

The fact that he entertained another woman for a week should be all you need to know

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Uhmmm, I wouldn’t trust that. Nothing happened but he was willing to send her money to fix her car… nope. Him stopping her outside a bar as soon as you stopped tagging along is enough reason to head out :woman_shrugging:

Why is this even a question :neutral_face:

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The fact you have always tagged along because you were worried about him cheating, that right there should tell you something. If there is no trust, there’s no relationship.


Girl. 1 word. Divorce! He is a dog.

He is acting like a single guy. Let him go on and be a single guy. Married with a baby and asking ladies for their phone numbers.

I would be like adios amigos

I doesn’t matter what the money was for. He shouldn’t be sending anyone money period without discussing finances with you first. Plus a random woman, he shouldn’t have said more than hi I’m married. No numbers no texting no money. My son cut his hair the other day and lied about it. I’ve been explaining to him that when he lies, even if it’s a small lie it breaks trust in huge ways and you have to now be caught telling the truth 100x over to fix the small lie that broke trust. If he would’ve explained the situation he would’ve had to own up to flirting with women at bars. Now if it was an old friend or family memeber ans be said hey honey can we help out soandso with whatever, then ya could’ve computicatee about it and made an agreement. Breaking trust is one of the most insurmountable things in marriages. He has to be willing to give complete transparency to anything you ask for and not be shitty about it. That would make me question all the things too. Unfortunately it sounds like you were questioning things far before this :black_heart:

He asked for her number and sent her money…they either messed around or he was trying to. Leave that mess because IF this is the first time (which I honestly doubt) it won’t be the last. If you wanted something that misbehaved when left alone you could get a dog. Marriage needs trust and he clearly doesn’t deserve yours