My husband made a comment about my weight...advice?

3 months ago!!! You’re postpartum

Take care of your baby and your mental health first. You will lose the weight…
I am so sorrry he made you feel that way! Take a breathe and snuggle that sweet baby

Tell him his dick is getting smaller. :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2: fire with fire baby. Now we’re both crying.

In all seriousness, I’m really sorry. Just remember your weight doesn’t determine your worth. :heartbeat:

Lol what a loser. He probably walking around with four inches and a dad body. .

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This depends was he saying it out of a health concern or attraction. There’s definitely a difference. I’m about 60 lbs heavier than when my husband and I met. He has told me before he just wants me to get healthy, even if I don’t lose much weight. Going up multiple flights of stairs almost kills me, that concerns him. He however makes sure I know he is is still attracted and loves me either way. He just doesn’t want to become a widower at a young(ish) age. We are 39 and 41. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish the difference between the two especially if your husband doesn’t say things well. However if he’s saying it out of attraction at 3 months after having a baby, that’s horrible and you need to talk with him about those feelings and maybe try marriage counseling. If that don’t work, it might be time to walk away, as hard as that is.

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The comment section on this page never disappoints :joy::joy: always nothing but gassing up the poster

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Might not be popular opinion but the longer you keep it on the harder it is to loose. I had 3 children but I exercised through 2 of my 3 pregnancies & I exercised after all 3 as soon as I was released. I refused to let myself go to be a Mom.

He’s an ass. You just built an entire human, and that takes a lot of resources. Tell him that in case of a shortage of resources, you will outlast him. The tears will stop, hormones are trying to normalize. I always heard that it takes 9 months to gain the extra, and 9 months to lose it.

I would ask him if the weight gain is bothering him. Or if he was pointing it out because he is genuinely worried about your health and may think something is wrong. If you haven’t already, make an appointment with the Drs and get a lipid panel done and make sure your hormones are okay. As insensitive as he sounds, it may not be how he meant it. I gained 50 pounds after my 3rd daughter and I found out I had PCOS.

You had a baby 3 momths ago. He’s an ass.

You literally grew an entire human. Tell him to stfu till he can do that.

Tell him when he spits a baby out his man hole after walking around with it in his belly for 9 months AND gained weight doing so, then AND ONLY THEN can he comment on a woman who gave birth 3 months ago’s weight! :rage: tell him to Google how long it takes a woman’s body to fully recovery from child birth!!!

Ask him if he know how it feels to carry a baby

Girl u need to stop laying with that man! Make it the 3rd and final baby. U need to leave. Ain’t fixing a man who don’t want to be fixed.

Unleash those 3 month postpartum hormones on his a$$ and make him second guess every opinion he decides to have again lol!

Tell that B#tch his penis is small :joy::joy: and that it stinks more than usual. Bring it up often, if he gets defensive say “oh? I thought we were pointing out things we don’t like about each others bodies, no?” That’s when you tell him that he can F#ck right off when him telling you how big you’ve gotten. Mhm
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Oh, he’s a dick for that.

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