My husband thinks I victim shame him

My husband and I have had many talks about his teenage years and we can never agree. To sum up what our talks are about, he was involved in a few inappropriate relationships with older women. The first one was when he was 15 years old and she was about 30 years old. After that there was a quick fling with another older woman but the one we really have differences about is the 3rd one. He was already relocated by his family to get him away from the first women and somehow another older woman got her claws in him. She struck up convo but then he was the one who went and found her on social media and they started talking that way. She was married but said she was in the middle of a divorce, she also lied about her name and age making herself younger. My husband was 16 and a half at this point. She ended up having a baby that is biologically his. My husband was a victim of statutory rape in all these scenarios but he says I victim shame him because I’ve expressed how I feel that he is also to blame. Yes he was a young boy and the women should’ve known better but at some point I felt like he was also willing and even initiated it at times. I feel like he also enjoyed the relationships and the sex and no one was forcing him to do anything. They may have been manipulating him but after how many times with how many different women should he have known better. Am I wrong to feel like this? Is he not to blame? Would I feel the same if the roles were reversed and it was me who was being manipulated by older men?