My husband was stalking a girls instagram: Advice?

Looking for advice because this has never happened to me before.I accidentally saw my husband looking up and stalking another girls instagram page who is local to our community and is known for her OnlyFans account. Her IG is also full of very X rated content and is definitely pushing the limits of having her account up haha. I was able to confirm last night that he intentionally looked her up as her name was the first one that popped up when I tapped the search bar. I’m not upset with her at all, as I know this is what she does for a living but mostly upset for the way this has made me feel. She’s tall, blonde, beautiful, fake boobs, perfect skin. I’m 5’1, breastfed 2 kids, have stretch marks, and struggle with acne. I just know I’ll never be that. I don’t really know to confront him because there were no messages (that I’m aware of) and he doesn’t have an OnlyFans (that I’m aware of). Part of me feels like he didn’t totally do anything wrong but it definitely doesn’t feel right either. What would you do?


It can be hurtful to find out your man is looking up beautiful girls on social media, but remember social media isn’t 100%. I’m sure you’re beautiful too. Unpopular opinion but I don’t think following other girls on social media is cheating or that there’s anything wrong with it, unless he’s reaching out or paying for her content.

You need to work on feeling beautiful and good. Don’t ever compare yourself to anyone else. I’m sure there are many women who feel that way about you!


You can’t stop him from viewing certain content on public social media. I would work on yourself and your confidence. Try flirting with him and making jokes and enjoying each other.

Other women may have the body, but you have the heart.

He knows who cares for him when he’s sick, who sees him at his worst and still loves him all the same, who is with him as a life partner for better or worse. And I’m sure he knows that is worth more than a body. However, men are men, and they like to have eyes. Whether they admit it or not.

It comes down to: does he respect women, and does he respect you more


I would be co fronting my husband and letting him know exactly how that feels. It would not be ok for my husband to be stalking another girls page, especially if that girl is local. I’d be letting my husband know that his actions are causing insecurities within myself. Confront him.


Stalking?? Lol he’s looking at an IG page let’s hold the dramatics. Your insecurities shouldn’t be 100 percent on him. Have you never enjoyed looking at a good looking man? It feels like an over reaction BUT it’s perfectly acceptable to talk to him. Is he not allowed to watch porn? Serious question

You need to deal with your insecurities about yourself and fast .

You’re stalking him, stalking her. Good times.