My husband works hard but it isn't enough: Advice?

I really need some support or advice. My husband works very hard to support our family, but right now it’s just not enough. I’m pregnant and cannot work full time right now. I also have a 2 year old. My husband works sun up to sun down. However we are in a major financial crisis. We are facing eviction with no place to go. He’s facing charges for writing a bad check. I was in a car accident last month and our vehicle is at the repair shop but we can’t afford the deductible. My other vehicle is at the repair shop because it stopped running, and we don’t have the $2,000 to pay that bill. We are in over our head. We’re getting food stamps and health care, but we aren’t getting any other help. We don’t have any family that can help us either. We are in a major hole that we cannot get out of now and I don’t know what to do. Everyday I get certified mail regarding bills and checks and shut offs. Has anyone been through this? How did you get out? We’ve cut all the expenses we can.


I called our local Catholic church. They paid my rent for the month and i get Liheap for utility bills… and food pantry helps with diapers and wipes and clothes and Wic are there to help too


Call ur case worker for the foodstamps and see of u qualify for the cash assistance they may give u other options if u don’t qualify

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There should be a community action agency that will help with utilities if you qualify. Contact your local department for children and families.

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There are programs for bill assistance I believe. I’d check with your local DCFS office about housing. If it’s an emergency, they may can get you guys somewhere asap.
Reach out to local churches and community outreach programs.
Also, a pack of cloth diapers maybe more hassle but come in handy when you’re in a tight spot. And wipes can be replaced with a damp, soft cloth.
Hope you find some help love.


Tell yourself it is only Temporary, pray.
Put the word out to do childcare in your home.

Have your hubby go to the department of labor. My husband was able to get a cdl license/training for free through our state because theres such a high demand. There are local good paying jobs he can get. They have other paid for programs too but cdl is only 4ish weeks to get.

U need to get a job . I have 5 kids and still work, also worked while I was pregnant. Call 211 and see if there is help out there


Go ahead and file your taxes with h&r block and ask them about the advance


I know certain companies have at home positions… I can post the link but let me check the rules of the page first. Or maybe you can work full time at an office where you can sit down most of the day… not sure what your credit situation is but maybe you can get a small loan from your bank to get the cars out. Check local shelters, food banks, churches, there are plenty of places that give out food.

If you own your home call your mortgage company and talk to them. They will help work work out a plan to rework your mortgage and save money. If you rent talk to your landlord

Does he have a 401k? You can take out a personal loan or a hardship withdrawl to prevent eviction.

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Call 211 or your local- Blackstone Valley Community Action Program Center 401 723-4520 Pawtucket Office they are throughout R.I helps with alot Rent & Security Deposit if Eviction is in place. Utility Grants emergency funds are available. Also have Food Banks. They should have a street sheet where they are places to go for food once or twice a month also soup kitchens (cooked meals). There is also Society of Saint Vincent DePaul 401 490-0822. You can try your local Salvation Army and Try Your Local Churches. Good luck n God bless.

File bankruptcy and get a job


I would talk to food pantry’s and churches. Try to work out payment plans with places you owe money to…if they hear your situation they might work with you. Ask the garage if you can do a payment plan on the cars repairs…then sell one of the 2 cars. Someone mentioned a 401k loan…also my job allows us to cash out vacation time if there is a hardship…ask your husband if his job does that. Sell unneeded items on a Facebook market page in your area. Good luck Mama…you will figure it out.

Not sure we’re you live but there are agency’s that if you have a eviction notice they help with rent

Idk where you are, but if y’all have an OCAP office try that. They can pay your bills one time a year. May help with high utility bills.

I worked full time and went to school full time with a toddler all the way up until i gave birth… get a job


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Thank you so much for the suggestions. I will try some of those. And for those of you that said get a job, I am working as much as I am physically allowed. Having a safe and healthy pregnancy is the absolute most important thing.


If her husband is working dawn til dusk she’ll need daycare… I’m assuming she is not qualified for a position that would pay enough to cover that.

Been there so stressful! Pay what’s most important first , rent , electricity, water , insurance. Next check pay your car you need it. Save whatever you can. Again next check it’s back to rent , electricity , water , insurance. That next check is the check to catch up on bills that’s how I did it

Find an all bills paid 2bd apt. For y’all, it will for sure help cut down the costs. Secondly I know being pregnant and someone actually hiring you for work and then also needing daycare, let’s face it that’s almost impossible, so my best suggestion for that is post ads up on fb and groups and it store windows, promote a side job you can do from your home like baby sitting, cosmetology of some sort, and since you get food stamps you can get most baking goods on them so if you have baking skills you can according to the cottage cheese law you can sell baked goods legally from your home.

Dave Ramsey total money makeover.

Withdraw on your superannuation?