My husbands breath is horrible: How can I tell him?

Give him some peppermint tea. Peppermint helps with bad breath if he don’t brush. Lol I tell my husband ASAP if he has bad breath and he thanks me for it. Maybe it’s diff for other couple :woman_shrugging:t3:

Buy him those tongue scrapers. Bad bacteria that causes stinky breath is on the tongue primarily. Lots of people don’t brush the tongue and they should!


Don’t tell him just buy him the stuff everyone is suggesting… Then say hay have you tryed that new mouthwash its amazing ,offer him breath mints throughout the day real casual like

Tell him to man up and fix it… my husband doesn’t brush at lunchtime and he should… He needs to brush his tongue too

Hes ur husband, just tell him. If u cant, theres way bigger issues. If he gets that upset, hes probably really stressed and worried about things, maybe he has rotten painful teeth but is so stressed about Bill’s, house, family, etc that it is on back burner. Talk to him. If hes that stressed and you dont know, his breath isnt the problem. Speaking from experience. My issues ended with divorce and I kept kids. Guess what, I have rotten painful teeth and my breath nasty. But I’m fine with that in my house with my kids and dogs.

If you’re married to the man, you should be able to tell him his breath stinks. Just tell him, sensitive or not, you’re his wife.


It could be something medical. My husband said my breath smelt like death for like a month and figured out I had gallstones and had to have it out. The breath was the first sign then the pain.

Hurt his feelings or live with smelling his bad breath for the rest of your life 🤷😷


I would just tel my husband straight out if it was me. Proper hygiene is very important and a grown man shouldn’t be forgetting to brush his teeth. I’d do it in a nice way of course but he definitely needs to step it up

I don’t know. But this is funny. Send him to the dentist asap though. Also supply your bathroom with mouth wash and start asking him if he wants gum or mints and you just start Poppin all the time. Maybe he will too? 🤷

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Could be halitosis its an actual disease

Make him a dentist appointment lol let them know his breath is terrible. They might be able to give him suggestions

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Tell him, I would hate my husband walking around talking with people at work with nasty breath. Tell him to brush at least twice a day, floss and use mouth wash. Plus see a dentist

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It’s better to be honest vs letting it continue to build up and cause bigger issues. Bad breath can be a huge turn off.

God I have the same problem. And when he’s hungry it’s 10 times worse. And I try so hard to stay quiet about it, but it enrages me. Ughhhhh.

I literally went thru this a few months ago. My partner is very sensitive as well. But unfortunately I had to suck it up and just tell him. He was embarrassed and offended. But he got over it and saw a dentist. Problem solved!!


“hey wanna do something fun? Let’s go brush our teeth! :grin:


That’s so rude. I’m sorry but damn.

He may have gum disease if its THAT bad and doesn’t go away with brushing

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He may have a health issue causing bad breath.

Tell him to see a dentist. Tell him it’s because you know he brushes his teeth and it doesn’t help and you want to make sure he doesn’t have an actual disease

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I would just tell my husband… look, yo breath stank!! Brush your teeth


If his breath is that bad then it more seems like a medical problem than not brushing, I know people that don’t brush regularly and their breath isn’t bad! My kid doesn’t brush as much as he should and doesn’t have bad breath like that!

Maybe he has halitosis :roll_eyes: i know someone who has it …

I’m so thankful my fiance doesn’t get that offended cuz I definitely tell him that :joy:

Maybe suggest a dentist check up for both of you? Could possibly have an oral health issue


You have to tell him. Could be a serious health issue

I knew some 1 that could set in the other rm and u could smell her breath smelled :+1: like some1 crap in her mouth had it for yrs bad

I agree with making appointments for you both. You can talk to receptionist about your concerns for him but tell recptionist to note that you don’t want him to know you mentioned it. Easy peasy.



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Does he have tonsil stones? My husband had them and his breath was horrible but once he removed them it was instantly better

He needs a trip to the dentist

He may have H.Pylori bacteria in his stomach. That can definitely cause bad breath. Find a gentle way to tell him because there may be a bigger health issue there. Good luck!


I make gagging noises…seems to get the message across lol


He either has diabetes or cavities or there could be other medical issues. Tell him you are concerned and have him see a doctor and dentist.

Get some new tooth paste or swish and you use it then say “hunny please come try this with me, it makes your mouth feel so clean its unreal” and act really inthused about it. Next day get new gum or peppermint and give it to him.

Start with the dentist, ask him what day would best for him. Just say you both need to see a dentist for an exam. I had periodontal disease and I did everything to stop and reverse. I lost. Affects your breath. I chewed gum all the time to help peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon. I am just saying start with the dentist I am sure the dentist will notice and dentist doesn’t love him, you do. Health issues like stomach can also be an issue. No problems then a physical by a doctor. Wellness check up. Oh and I can’t bush my tongue I will gag and throw up.

Could be diabeties? Get his bloods checked … failing that just tell him

They all gave good advice but in the meantime some listerine and honestly rinsing with some peroxide could kill the stinky bacteria until he gets to the dentist.

Sounds like it could be tonsil stones. Get in there with a flash light and qtip. Watch some YouTube videos. If you see them, get them out and boom problem solved.

They are WAYYYY more common than you think.

It could be a number of things. Halitosis is caused by gum disease. He should see a dentist. It could also be as simple as a tonsilith.

When did he go to the dentist? May need a good cleaning and to floss. Also check for tonsil stones.

He may need to see a dentist my husband’s was like that come to find out he had abcesses like 6 of them they put him on antibiotics and it’s was 10000 percent better and he needs to brush 2-3 times a day but yes go make him an appt

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Honestly you should tell him. This happened to me 45 years ago. I had just married my husband, hus breath was worse than disgusting. I told our dentist, he thought I was maybe over staring things. But sent us to a specialist. They did full facial xrays. Found that my then new husband had a tooth at the upper right side, that’s totally incased in an infectious pocket that was actually also pushing into his sinuses. They did surgery, removed the tooth, sent the sac away to check for cancer.
Luckily it was not cancerous but seriously infected. They had to leave it open to drain for months, gave him syringe to rinse this hole in his mouth out.
It could have infected the whole side of his face if left as it was.

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Rotten teeth will make your breath smell

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Hygienist here! Might be beginning stages of periodontal disease. He needs to make a cleaning appointment just to be sure!

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Casually make him a dentist appointment.

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And casually leave his favorite gum around the house :grin:

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I refused to kiss my fiancé for a while. Turns out that he had a cracked and decaying tooth in the back that he didn’t want to tell me about. He went and had a couple bad wisdom teeth pulled and his breath is so much better

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When my husband’s breath smells bad I make a joke out of it. I tell him oh my gosh baby your breath is kicking. Then I’ll give him a quick peck on the lips and he will go brush. Maybe your husband has tonsil stones pockets in his throat that hold food


Buy him some biotene mouthwash

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Explain to him that you love him…that’s why your telling him straight that he has bad breath…you don’t want that other people telling him that.and if there are health issues…it can be check this early …you want him to be the best in everything…

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Be real smooth about it… Like, sitting around just chillen… Be like “I’m board! Let’s go brush our teeth!” :joy:…No… Seriously… Make him and you a “check up” dentist appointment. Sounds like he might have some dental issues…


I straight up tell mine, your breath stinks lol


So like I’ve been with the guy I’m with for less than a year and we established pretty quickly that I was gonna say what needed to be said haah. But since you didn’t you should be like listen I was googling bad breath and it could be a. B. Or c. And I think you should go to the dentist.

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He needs to floss. The food between his teeth smells like death. Seriously, floss your teeth and smell the floss. It smells like shit. That’s why his breath stinks. Plain and simple.

Just lean over and say it … "babe I love but your breath is deadly … floss brush and mouth wash you be fine "


These are great comments


I have no shame and would be hurting some feelings :rofl::woman_shrugging:t2: dental hygiene is a huge thing for me​:bangbang: my husband knows not to kiss me until we have both brushed our teeth and not to breathe in my face with fresh breath or not… I just can’t handle it lol


Everyone is saying diabetes. You only get bad breath with diabetes if you are in Diabetic Ketoacidosis which is life threatening. It is caused by ketones that are created from the high blood sugars. This tends to only happen when you are in hospital with severe diabetic ketone acidosis. I have had this quite a lot throughout my life as a diabetic (type 1 for 21 years now) and when I was in this state due to severely high levels and high ketones I could barely be bothered to breathe let alone work or go about my day. The doctors always leant into me to smell me, it was comical looking back.

It sounds like he has halitosis which my step dad had. He brushed his teeth twice a day everyday and still it stunk to high heavens!

Like others have suggested probably best to get him a dental check x

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I could have written this. Only my husband is all sorts of a dick when told his breath smells …
So i made a FAMILY dentist appointment which means the entire family goes in for clean and check up and which I’ve sneakily said that need to address his stinky breath :grimacing:

He is your husband you can talk with him about it. You should feel comfortable with that kind of stuff.

That’s most likely a rotting tooth and or tonsils stones. Just say honey I love you to death but your breath is hot. Gonna set you up a dental appointment

He needs to go to the dentist regularly. Could have periodontal disease. You should be able to have a mature conversation with him about it. Also, make sure he’s flossing and using mouthwash.

He could have tonsil stones or not flossing his back teeth good enough.

Explain to him in a sensitive manner that maybe it’s a health issue and he should get checked out. You never know! It could be a simple fix! If it is linked to a problem, you guys would want to know.

Honesty always helps b4 you start avoiding kisses if you haven’t already

I’d suggest a visit with the dentist or doctor. If it smells like ‘shit’ I mean that literally there could be something wrong with his bowel.

If it smells like :poop: it’s most likely just allergies causing it…get him tested and started on treatment

Get a new toothpaste or mouthwash and be like hey check out this new stuff it supposed to be pretty good! Go try it out and tell me what u think! :joy: if u get an Act brand mouthwash its good for that!

Oh God! Sorry, I’m giggling! Could be legit though… gingivitis, bad tooth. Tell him you are concerned.

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Might have tonsil stones

I straight up say your breath smells :joy::see_no_evil:

He’s probably got a bad tooth. Just tell him

Better comming from you then someone else

If he has good hygiene and his breath is still rotten it could be a medical issue, honestly. I would maybe approach it in that manner? Like babe, I know you brush multiple times a day, and I don’t wanna hurt your feelings, but I wanna make sure something more serious isn’t going on, I think we need to look into this.

Second thing, does he floss? If not it could be that simple as well. Something stuck in his teeth the brush can’t reach. Sometimes you just have to rip the bandaid off for their own good.


Just straight up tell him to breathe somewhere else, brush his teeth again or have a mint! :joy: You’re not alone though
These comments :joy::joy:

My ex was like that. I didn’t care about his feelings though. I told him many times " dude you need to get kicked in the mouth by a toothbrush " " brush your damn teeth or I’m going to carry a spray bottle of mouthwash and spray your shit. " :woman_shrugging:t3: he didn’t care about my nose so I didn’t care about his feelings.

I love this entire post

Look if you really love your husband just come on out and tell him he will appreciate it,you his wife better you than someone else.and you say he is sensitive yea you better tell him.

I laughed to fucking hard at this​:joy::sob:

Talk to the dentist before he goes to his next appointment and let the dentist tell him. :bulb::wink:

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Ew. Floss mouth wash and brush 2 times daily. Casually purchase him a water flosser to get him into/excited about mouth hygiene lol :laughing:

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If he has sinus issues it could be that his sinuses are beyond full an need to have surgery to get it fixed my dad has really bad allergies an his sinuses were full of mucus causing horrible breath…either that he may have an infection in his mouth or somethin…

I hand my husband a piece of gum and he knows​:joy::rofl:
He gives me one if I have it too :tipping_hand_woman:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:

Severe bad breath can also be signs of sometimes serious diseases. If you love him indeed, y’all need to get to the bottom of the problem!!!

Y’all most be newlyweds :joy:

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Im bored let’s go brush our teeth


Just say it. Whatever it is more than likely can be fixed. Your not helping him, not saying anything.

Some heart conditions can cause bad breath. Even periodontal disease. Have him check into it. Or at least that’s what I was told by my doctor

My partner often falls asleep while putting our little one to bed and then comes into our room with a twinkle in his eye for me. I straight up tell him to please brush his teeth and use mouth wash and I will be more than happy to participate in some mattress wrestling :joy:


I’ve had this problem with my boyfriend. Me being pregnant again, I can’t stand it and I just tell him straight up”your breathe stinks”. Yeah, he gets hurt but he knows my nose is sensitive to smell and I puke at the smell of anything nasty.

Make a dentist and doctor appt for regular check ups for him and tell them when you make the appointment of your concerns - then they will address it when he’s there :+1:

My husband has since passed away but I totally understand because he had the same problem and for me it was awful. He tried everything and nothing helped. From what I have read it is not the mouth, it’s the stomach. Try good probiotics. Not the over the counter but the ones that have to be refrigerated.

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Does he not go to the dentist? He could have cavities and it’s possible you could be smelling those!

Schedule him a dentist appointment. Probably needs a cleaning.

Smart mouth mouth wash. You can get it at target. You can buy it and both use it and he hopefully won’t be offended :slightly_smiling_face:

Make appt to get his teeth cleaned,Tarter build up causes a terrible breath.

This toothbrush is great! Tounge scraper and some floss.

You do know theres a mouth wash called biotene for bad breath try it.

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