My husbands breath is horrible: How can I tell him?

I would be like : babe, you gotta go to the doctor, your breath smell very strong and I am afraid for your life … then take him to a trip to Walgreens or CVS and buy listerine, a new toothbrush, and make him eat a lot of cucumber :cucumber:

Tonsil stones can give someone really bad breath…

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Leave some mouthwash on the sink and keep telling him how amazing it is.

Be gentle. Say something like this, “Please don’t be offended but there’s an issue with your breath. Let’s try some breath mints or spray between brushing. I’d hate to have someone else telling you about it.” I, too have the worst breath! I’ve spoken to both Dr and dentist and no one can come up with a remedy. I’m going to try the Smart mouthwash, as mentioned previously.

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Damnnnnnnnn honestly you really can’t say it nicely :joy: no matter how you put it, if he’s that’s sensitive he’s going to get butt hurt so just let it out. He won’t forget it and will make brushing them more a habit

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Might need to get him in with a dr. My brother had this issue as a kid. And it ended up being something wrong with his nasal passage. After clearing in and meds its all better

Tell him to do a teeth whitening challenge with you you saw on YouTube and make him start gargling with peroxide

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I don’t tip toe around. If my husband’s breath is nasty I will tell him.

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He should be brushing twice a day, everyday. Bad oral hygiene is a major turn off for me. If you can’t keep your mouth clean I don’t even wanna go near you or the rest of your body :mask::woman_shrugging:t2:

Halitosis is real, see a doc!

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He could have bad breath from gut issues, tonsil stones, a food trap… I don’t know that seems petty to me to worry about something like that. I would worry if he smelled like another woman but not a breath problem. Especially if he is what u say and the most amazing man???

eat a whole garlic onion and let him smell that and if he says something there is your chance to say well by the way can we talk about your breath issue


He needs to go to dentist to see if he has gum disease it will give u bad breath

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Could be that his teeth need attention from a dentist. Make him a dentist appointment. Should sort itself out

All you have to do is ask him to brush his teeth…
I’m cruel when it comes to bad breath. I tell them they stink. :joy:

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Bad breath can be an early warning sign to a couple different health issues you might want to speak to your dentist or dr.

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If someone in my family has bad breath I am going to tell them. Better me telling them they stink then to go out in public and breathe their stinky breath on people.

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Uh. Just tell him. I can tell my husband that it smells like Satan himself is defecating on my face when he farts and he doesn’t get upset. You should be able to tell the person who’s closest to you how you really feel.


First of all… if it’s that bad babe… he knows. Hes self conscious and doesnt know wtf to do. Make him an appointment. Go over his oral hygiene make sure hes doing what he’s supposed to and as often as needed. Outside of that, theres some underlying issue. See a professional. Seek advice. It can be fixed. :brown_heart:

Periodontal gum disease smells horrible send him to the dentist so they can tell him!


Make a dentist appt and have the dentist to tell him. Let him be the bad guy. Maybe he has something stuck btwn teeth. If it isn’t his mouth then he may have a medical issue thst may need looking into. Good luck.

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Have him go to the dentist. It could be medical. When you make an appointment let them know about his constant bad breath & that he is sensitive to the topic.

just mention his breath is starting to smell bad and you’re worried it could be because of a mouth or digestive issue and you’d like him to bring it up to his doctor because you’re worried about him. that should soften the blow

mouthwash maybe? Electric tooth brush might be easier for him

You should definitely have a conversation with him. If it smells that bad to you then it smells that bad to other people. So to keep him from being embarrassed you should at least let him know.Befor someone else does.and they may not be so kind. Then he can fix it or not.

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Just tell him to go brush his teeth.

Make a dentist appointment for your self and him.

Say the new year makes you want to make sure you both on top of your health :woman_shrugging:


Buy him some altoids and magic mouth wash then go on a date to the dentist together. 🤷🏽

Just say…hey let’s do something fun like brush our teeth or mouth wash :joy::joy::joy:

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Make everybody a dentist appointment

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I out right tell my hubby when his breath stinks, but then again we are just very honest with eat other

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Definitely tell him. He could have an infection.

for his HEALTH he needs to see a dentist !

See a doctor. Liver issues can make your breath smell awful.


Does he have stomach issues, too? That could be a reason too, for bad breath… Just sit down with him snd say… ( Honey, Dear, Sweetie, whatever you call each other)…Look you are having a bad breath issue, as your wife, I feel it is my responsibility to let you know about these types of issues … instead of letting you hearing it rudely from a co-worker or a stranger… this is what husbands and wives do for each other… we have each other’s back! How do you want to proceed with this information? … Good luck, Ms on your mission!:wink:

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Why he butt hurt :sob: never met no one like that . Me and my husband tell it how it is .

He has a bad tooth or gingivitis. Just tell him it’s time for his annual Dental check-up and get his teeth cleaned you’ll be amazed at the difference

Slip him something to knock him out, then get in there and floss and brush those bad boys lol

Try buying him a new toothbrush and some charcoal toothpaste (or whatever kind of new freaking toothpaste you want because know-it-all’s ALWAYS have to put in their two cents and completely ignore the point). Just be like “oh hey this was on sale and I thought you might like to try it out.

I don’t mess around. If a man gets up in my face with stinky breath I will straight up say “brush em or nothin.”

Tell him go see a dentist. You married him yet u cant even tell him to get his teeth checked like what the hell lol Hes probably got gum disease or some sort of fungi to why it stinks so much.

He needs to see the dentist, sometimes bad breathe in an underlying cause of something worse. Dental hygiene is important and it’s better you tell him than someone else.
He needs to brush at least twice a day and floss at least once a week.
If he doesnt, he will be in for way more trouble in the long run like rotting teeth.

My husband was very bad with his dental hygiene even tho I told him to be better. One day part of his tooth chipped off from rotting away, I finally convinced him to go to dentist, they had to pull the tooth and they made him keep it after. It was rotten and the root was exposed. We showed our children what happens when you don’t brush your teeth. Now NO ONE goes the day without brushing twice

Also FYI DO NOT USE CHARCOAL TOOTH PASTE it literally erodes tooth enamel!!!

I have been in the dental field for over 15yrs. Please make your husband an appointment with a general dentist for some xrays & a comprehensive exam. It’s seriously the only way to know what is going on. Also try and do it sooner then later, just to make sure he doesn’t have a serious infection

Yeah. Make a appointment be honest.

Could be tonsil stones?

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Tell him let’s floss together?

That could be sign of bad teeth, or even infection. He really needs it checked. My husband had the same horrible breath & brushed 3 times a day. His whole face & neck swelled up one day & he ended up in ICU & 2 surgeries as the infection got in his bloodstream & was travelling to his heart, all from an infected tooth.

Extremely foul breath is usually indicative of other issues, specifically gut health.

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Bad breath is gross. Gently remind him of oral health. Ask him, have you brushed your teeth, often. He might be sensitive but neglecting oral health will lead to expensive things to fix later, not to mention, you have to kiss him :nauseated_face:

Just keep telling him. My husband was sensitive at first but now we literally tell eachother if our breath stinks. Your married, it shouldn’t be a personal thing!

sometimes they get white nodules in the tonsils and they smell like poop

there’s a way to get rid of them bit don’t know how

Have him see a dentist.

Hes your husband be honest with him.

sensitive or not he needs to know his breath is STANKKKKY


Just b like hey babe tick tack? Lol

Could be tonsil stones…

My husband was the same … i was honest with him becsause i would hope hed do the same for me. Turns out he had a cavity that was never taken care of which eventually caused him to chip that tooth. Once he went in to repair it, the smell went away. I did buy a waterpik when I was was originally at my wits end for the ‘family’ and its a great tool we all use because we all have tight spaces in our family that leads to bad breath.

The truth hurts sometimes but you just gotta be blunt with him lol im sure youre not the only one who has noticed if it’s that bad.

When I was little I had chronic halitosis and it was cause by my tonsils. My tonsils were literally dead and rotting in my throat. They removed my tonsils and the dead tissue from the surrounding area and gave me some heavy antibiotics. It could be a medical issue causing it. So maybe instead of approaching it as your breath is nasty. Maybe say babe I’m concerned about your health and well being and go from there. It would be a lot less offensive and shows that you care. Like others have said it could be a dental issue also but approaching the issue from a place of concern rather than hygiene may help.


:joy: my guy tells me I have trash juice breath in the morning because I always forget to brush my teeth after I eat before bed :joy::joy:

Just be honest. Be tactful. Offer help.

It could be a mouth infection

“breathing the other way” is definitely going to upset someone who’s sensitive :joy: sorry but that’s funny af.

But yeah, if you want to encourage change with this, you need to sit down and have a mature and respectful conversation with him about it. I use to be the same way (still struggle at times) and my wife can’t stand my breath when I don’t brush either. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with “hun. We need to talk. I really wanna spend more time cuddling with you and getting intimacy and blah blah blah but your breath has been really bad and it’s making it difficult for me to enjoy being close to you. Can we please work on brushing more often?” There’s absolutely no excuse he can come up with for not brushing, especially if he wants to keep his teeth. He knows his breath smells. He knows you don’t like it. It’s time to show him how much it’s hurting the relationship.

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Just tell him it stinks :joy::joy:

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My guess is you haven’t been married too long :joy:

Tell him you’re dam Breath stinks!
Are you can just offer breath mints,If he says he don’t need one ,tell him yes you do!

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Buy him smart mouth wash. Use it in morning and before bed trust me it’s the best

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Oh no I couldn’t deal with that. I will tell him you need to brush your teeth. If he’s upset remind him he’s an adult and shouldn’t have to be told to bitch his teeth​:woman_shrugging:t2::nauseated_face:

Just like you told us lmao

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Leave candies or chocolates available to him, his favorites and at least this way you don’t have to say a word and his breath will be a bit better

Better you tell him so other people aren’t talking about behind his back

Can’t you just tell him how your breath stinks go brush your teeth LOL I mean I would rather hear that from my husband because he loves me then somebody not knowing how to be nice on the street so they don’t tell me or they tell me and it’s actually rude or whatever at least I know my husband’s like a I love you but go brush your teeth

Make a dentist appt for both of you. Just check ups. Tell him what day so he can take off or whatever & let the mouth God’s themselves tell him…


Smart mouth wash is great! I unfortunately have the same problem due to a condition of having a dry mouth. He may have it also, no matter how many time I brush my teeth it still would smell. Fortunately there are special products out there for dry mouth that helps, smart mouth wash is one of them!

Offer him a mint. Ask if he brushed his teeth since he last ate. If he wants to know why, smile innocently and shrug. He knows damn well why. Or you can say you wanted to make out, but he should go brush first. But that’s alot of work. lol
If he’s getting mad at you for giving him a heads up, that’s bullshit. He’s being a baby for no reason. I get easily embarrassed, but I’m not dumb enough to blame my fellow man for letting me know when I got toilet paper hanging out my pants, or have broccoli in my teeth. I feel dumb. I blush. I fix it. Maybe I fixate for a day or 2. I move on. I don’t recall ever feeling that way when my husband has been like, “you smell.” I’m like, Do I?! Shit! Thanks!.. Or, I know! Why do you think I’m standing here naked waiting for you to get tf out my way so I can shower? … Except that one time he told me my unwashed hair smelled like vomit. But I don’t think I got mad at him, I just haven’t forgotten it… in like… 8 years? :joy: :woman_shrugging: :grin:

My bf straight up told me my breath smelled the other day after I ate went and brushed my teeth afterwards. At least he told me before we went in public. So just tell him

I have no filter. If you are breathing in my face and your breath stinks, I’m going to say something. If he is sensitive it’s not going to matter how you say it. I do suggest setting him up a dentist appointment and tell the scheduler when they ask for purpose of visit, for bad breath.

Tell him you have a fun game to play. Then go to the bathroom and brush your teeth together😆

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Schedule dental appointments for both of you.


If he still has his tonsils could be tonsil stones causing the bad smell. You can google it and find out how to remove them. A lot of people do not know about this problem.


He actually might have an issue that needs to be addressed by a dentist.

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He needs to floss daily! Food rots between teeth.

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He needs to see dentist. Maybe, maybe not there’s problem.

Bad breath us usually due to poor hygiene. Could he see a dentist. If nit, get him a nice water flosser as a present. Get a family one and you can all use it and make it like a new routine. That should help reduce the gum inflammation and bacteria. All the best. Big hugs hun. I know you have to be subtle but if you do the same as him, he might not feel victimised or picked on xxx

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Say hey bro your breath stinks! Brush your teeth😂 thats what I would do

Nag him to brush his teeth when he ‘forgets’, it’ll cost loads to get crowns or implants, they won’t last forever if he doesn’t look after them!

I know that it can be a bigger problem than just “brushing teeth”. Go to the dentist so they can determine it :slightly_smiling_face:

Go to the dentist he may have dry mouth and that may be what is causing it

Sometimes I say let’s go brush our teeth, meaning both of us lol

He’s sensitive because he knows it’s his problem and most likely does not even know he first step towards fixing it. Halitosis usually alludes to other problems and not just bad breathe. Maybe if you do the research on the first steps to getting the problem solved, he’ll see that as a step positive step and not focusing on the negative. Help him to see there are options other than suffering through it. He may not be so sensitive with a solution based approach.

or hes “eating…” nd not brushing after…

food! ya’ll dirty minded🤣

Family dental exam time! If he’s not flossing could be that simple or something more extreme like a rotten tooth or root. I believe someone also mentioned tonsil stones as well. Just express concern for his health and future enjoyment of chewing because it will catch up and cause pain if it hasn’t already

If his breath is kicking like Bruce Lee offer him a mint lmfaooo

He needs to go to the dentist it could be gingervitis or an oral ulcer .

Buy him a bulk pack of mints or gum.

Tell him to go to the doctor. There may be a lung issue, or another organ trying to give you a warning. PS, ask him to drink lots of water to help move toxins through his body.

It could be a dental issue or medical. My husband had a bad tooth that was not addressed for over 15 years. Because the nerve was dead he didnt address. When I met him and repeated had to voice breathe issues I ADDRESSED IT. He got a dental and physical and referral for more dental treatment

I’d honestly recokment going to a dentist. If he’s brushing daily and it still smells like death then he could have cavities