My husbands mom enrolled my son in school without asking me: Advice?

We moved to a different state for a job. We are staying with my husband’s family and my son has missed a couple of weeks of school. He went to stay a couple of days with grandma, and my husband called saying she enrolled him in school there and he will be staying with her until school is out. I’m incredibly hurt that I didn’t even get a simple phone call asking if this was okay. My husband always sticks up for his mom, granted she is an amazing grandma, and I love her, but I’m never considered in any decisions regarding our kids. I’m pregnant so Idk if I’m just emotional or if this is way overstepping. I get her wanting to help and had she asked; I would probably have said yes, but to not even be asked is really bothering me. We had been discussing what to do about school cause he obviously needs to be in it, and finding a place to rent in the new state is a lot harder than we had expected. Am I just being hormonal? I am thankful that she loves him enough to want to help, but I’m still his mom…


That’s shady to me honestly. Maybe your husband also had something to do with it? How did she get all of the documentation?

She overstepped. Two weeks is a long time for a child to be out of school if not sick, I get it. and as amazing a grandma she is you are his mother .you need to be involved all matters concerning your children. Your husband needs to be reminded of his marriage vows, forsaking all others, and those whom God has joined together. Those children belong to you and him, not him an his mother. The only other advice I have , hurry up an get your own place. If the new house is in the area of the school and you don’t have a problem with him staying there, fine. But he lives you and his father, he can visit his “amazing grandma” on the weekend