My husband's snores are keeping us awake, help?

My husband snores really bad, all night every night, I'm absolutely exhausted, I have 2 young kids who also wake me up at night so doesn't help that when I get back into bed my husbands snoring keeps me awake too. I'm a walking zombie. We don't have a spare bedroom to sleep in, and the sofa has gave me terrible back pain in the past. I feel I have nowhere else to go when he's snoring. He doesn't seem to care either, I've asked him numerous times to go to the chemist or doctors but he won't, he won't sleep on the sofa, he won't even help with the kids, I've really had enough to the point sometimes I want to leave him because I'm just so tierd now, at least on my own I'll get some sleep! I don't even know what to do because he doesn't care, as long as he's sleeping hes not bothered that I'm not.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My husband's snores are keeping us awake, help?

Have him tested for sleep apnea


I’d wake him up everytime the kids woke me pr his snoring kept me up that way he would get a better idea of whst you are going through.


record him, then let him listen


Throw water on his damn face and tell him to get the kids.

When hes snoring just keep waking him up until you fall asleep before him. If you got to be up because of his snoring then he should be too.


Sleep study. He’s probably got sleep apnea and it can be treated


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These work!!

Hammer or spade should help :grimacing::grin::rofl::rofl:


I mean if he’s that selfish about his snoring I’m sure that he’s not that gr8 anyway


Breath right strips on his nose, try getting him not to sleep on his back, ear plugs for you

Wake him up and keep waking him up. As soon as he dozes back off wake him up again. Do this again and again until he’s exhausted and the lightbulb goes on and he agrees to get checked for sleep apnea

I agree with the person above about him being tested for sleep apnea. My husband used to be really bad and still is if he doesn’t wear his c pap machine

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My husband wouldn’t get his snoring fixed so I fixed it by sleeping in a different room we have not slept in the same bed for 15yrs and I LOVE it​:purple_heart::purple_heart:


He sounds horrible. I’d be outta there. Completely selfish.


naaaaah. wake him up everytime you hear him snore!! eventually he’ll get so tired too that maybe he will go to the doctor to help himself. sleep deprivation for all!!! :joy::joy::joy:


I had this problem with my husband for years, nothing worked, I recorded him snoring and basically told him fix it or I’m done. Mama needs sleep.

I would play a video with someone snoring really loud next to him to the point he wakes up. And tell him: see that’s what I have to live with.

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It’s annoying but I sleep with earplugs

I started recording my husband’s terrible snoring and playing it for him the next day. He was embarrassed because he claimed he didn’t snore before that.


I shake my bf awake Everytime he wakes me up with his snoring. Eventually it stops or he goes to the living room 🤷 he will get tired of you waking him up constantly and either fix his snoring or move


I kick mine until he rolls over or until he realizes if mama can’t sleep, he’s not sleeping either

Look in to mouth tape for people who snore

Tell him to take the couch, or keep waking him when he snores. He will get tired of it eventually lol

Y’all have to get separate beds! Bed in the living room instead of a couch! :woman_shrugging:t2: I live in a tiny 2 bedroom trailer, so I understand lack of room. I occasionally snore, and we have back problems, plus 2 autistic toddlers, so we have a bed in the living room. No room for a couch. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I admit, i snore horrible!!! Lol, we also have a 4 yr old that sleeps with us. She does too, gets it from me. We fall asleep quickly, then she starts tossing and turning, so im up half the night, hubby sleeps

I’m literally in the same boat I feel it’s me talking :weary:

My husband put it off for years. Finally I said I was moving into the kids room and I wouldnt sleep in bed with him anymore. I told him it’s not fair that my sleeps interrupted and I’m just supposed to live with it. It’s very selfish. He finally did a sleep study. We r waiting for results now.

Lol these are making me feel horrible. I (only sometimes) snore and my guy sleeps super light. It wakes him up all the time. He’s a trooper i guess :sweat_smile:

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Try a n air mattress for now

get him one of those nose clippy thingys lol, idk what they’re called :rofl:

Maybe a daybed in the living room that looks like a couch?

:eyes:Waiting on the usual “Leave him, you can do better” comments

Let him see a Dr it could be he has sleep apnea

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Roll him over, pinch his nose, kick/elbow him, lol

Take him to a Dr for a sleep study so he can get a CPAP. Snoring is not a good sign. In the meantime for you. Ear plugs.

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Buy an adjustable base for under your mattress. Lifting your head only a few inches is still comfortable and can curb the snoring

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He could have sleep apnea and needs a clap if you can get him to have a sleep test! This could be a very health risk!

If he doesn’t even have enough care and consideration to try to look into ways to help the situation then sorry, but you have a shitty husband

Definitely could be sleep apnea! My husband has sleep apnea and would snore terribly. It can literally kill you if it’s not treated!

WAKE HIM UP!!! IF MOMMA CAN’T SLEEP NEITHER DOES DAD!!! I smack my hubby when he snores or grinds his teeth. Its the worst.


So seriously though he may have a medical condition like sleep apnea. I’d get him into the dr for a sleep study.

I hold his nose and cover his mouth until the snoring stops…I’m kidding…


Get those soft orange ear plugs from the gun Dept at Walmart! They definitely work :zzz::crescent_moon:

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Get another bed and have your own rooms. My partner snores so loud, we’ve been together over 8 years and haven’t slept in the same room for about 6 years. I now share a bed with our 2 year old.
It has made me alot happier having my own room and being able to get a decent sleep :blush:

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Every time you’re awakened by his snoring, wake him up too. Sooner or later, he will be motivated to do something about it, when he’s the one who is made uncomfortable.


It’s so annoying. So help the kids first, warm bath, a white Machine in there room or soft music. Heard people give melatonin. Ok on to that husband of yours every time he wakes you. Take his dam pillow hit him with it (((hard))) then hurry and lay back down like nothing happen. Act like ur sleeping. Wake his ass and he won’t know what hit him. Ok sorry ur husband is a d-bag. He won’t help with the kids. Put some heavy heavy melatonin in his food. Night night. Lol it’s safe I promise. Maybe you can catch your self a good night sleep. Much love hun need more tips just in box me

Gently put a pillow over his head for ten minutes, that should do it…:kissing_smiling_eyes::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


CPAP MACHINE. It will literally save your marriage.

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Sleeping in his side could help

Sleep in another room.

Make him sleep somewhere else until he gets to the dr he could have that sleeping disorder and thats dangerous he’s got to take it seriously

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Stop complaining I would give anything to hear my late husband snore.


He needs sleep Apnea testing and a cpap machine


My husband snores, he’s restless, etc. I sleep with ear buds, which drowns his snoring. There are times that I sleep in another room because of his sleep issues. Not sure you can sleep with ear buds because of the children. Perhaps you can sleep in the childrens room.

Tell him that you want an adjustable base or you can get him up enough to tell him to roll over to his side and it helps I have a snorer to

Need to consult a doctor. Sakit po yun. Grabe naman yang mga comment ng iba. Paano masusulusyunan ang problema kausapin po ninyo bg masinsinan ang asawa mo para po maayos ang problema ninyo.

Your husband had sleep apnea. Which means he quits breathing while he sleeps the snoring is from gasping to breathe . My husband had it my dog would come in and hit me with his paw to make him stop . Once he had the sleep study and got his Cpap. The snoring stopped it was a god send . Get a sleep study


Sleep apnea test it will change both of your lives

My husband snored for years and then he did a sleep study on him was supposed to monitor all night, he quit breathing 11 times in 30 minutes so they stopped and put him on a c pap he has been on it for over four yrs. and doesn’t snore anymore, that is really so dangerous.

I don’t think it’s funny at all to all the people laughing. I had to deal with this for 13 yrs and 3 kids and it made me miserable and tired all the time. And if I moved rooms, he would follow me in there and snore. Mostly bc he was always drunk. Hence the divorce.

Buy him an air mattress and send him packing :v:t3:

Tell him to sleep on his side

Sounds like he has sleep apnea and he needs to have a sleep study done. He would be surprised how much better he and you would feel.


I would rub my husband’s chest when he snored loud and he would usually eventually roll over and the the snoring wouldn’t be nearly as bad. But I do agree that he should see a sleep doctor, my husband did and got a sleep mask which of course he hates and it comes with it’s own noise too but it’s not nearly as bad as that loud snoring was.
Just a funny story… when my husband and I got together and he eventually started staying the night my kids woke up scared from their bedrooms and thought a bear was in the house trying to attack people. :rofl:


My man has mild sleep apnea. Doctors said it wasn’t bad enough to get a machine. But honestly his snoring is soothing. Even tho he can sometimes sound like a train. I wouldn’t change it.

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Have him do a sleep study and get a CPAP machine…game changer


It’s possible if he’s fat or if he sleeps on his back…

Headphones with classical music

Sleep apnea is a very serious medical condition that require a CPAP machine. He should go for the test ASAP

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Yup. I have this issue. Apparently, I snore like crazy. Ive spoken to doctors and I’m scheduled for a sleep study very soon. I’ll probably have to use a CPAP machine. My mom who has sleep apnea and uses the machine says it really helps her.
I wake up every day with terrible migraines from my apparent snoring. Hope you both find some relief to this situation. He should really try and get a sleep study done.

Just throw the whole husband away and start over haha

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Sounds like he may have sleep apnea. He needs to schedule any sleep study

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Sleep with earplugs in that’s what I do :woman_shrugging:t2:


Oh girl I feel this. My husband used to snore soooooo freaking loud and I am such a light sleeper. With my hubby, it happened to be the meds he was on… when he stopped taking them, he stopped snoring (12 years into our relationship lol). At some points, I was so sleep deprived I had very very strong negative feelings towards him haha. It’s hard for me to sleep next to anyone even because I sleep so light. My solution was a hide a bed couch with a memory foam mattress pad to lay on top. I think your hubby may need to be evaluated by a Dr tho, but it’s so hard to convince someone who doesn’t want to go to the Dr tho.
I hope you find a solution so you can sleep well again!

I’m in the same boat…I make myself a bed on our livingroom rug to get some sleep…I use our couch cushions

Have him tested for sleep apnea. Mine snored awful and that’s what it was. He now has a machine he sleeps with. No more snoring and I get a good nights sleep.

Sleep study and CPAP machine :stuck_out_tongue: its the only reason Im still married OMG now I wake up because its too quiet :open_mouth:

Ohh my goshhh nothing more annoying then someone who snores none stop!! I’d be whacking his face with a pillow!! So frustrating! Hope you can get him to understandable annoying an tiring that is!!

Roll him on his side and yes maybe tell.the dr about sleep apnea he will look into

Can you get him to sleep in thet kids’ bed? Or you sleep in there with them? You didn’t say hire big their bed was. Sounds like he needs a sleep study and a c-pap!

I bought myself a sleep mask that has built in headphones! Helps SO much with my OHs snoring!! Highly recommend them!!

Get a comfier couch.

Kick him until he wakes up and rolls over. If he keeps snoring keep kicking, if you aren’t getting sleep neither is he! :joy::joy:


Breathe right strips? A fan? Whack him in the head with a pillow ? :joy::joy::joy:

Sleep apnea . I was loke that my poor husband couldnt sleep. I have sleep apnea and i use a cpap

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Plug his nose when he does it. I do it to mine and we both lose sleep now. :grimacing:

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Turn your living room into a bedroom. Take the couch away or try to fit both. Or set up a bed in the kids’ room.

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I just kick or smack my husband and he knows to stop :joy:

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Check into a hotel and tell him u see him after the weekend


Sorry doll. It’s time to trade him in. :laughing:

Get a roll out bed and put it the kids room or living room. I stop sleeping with my husband along time ago because of his snoring.i slept in the living room on a hideaway bed.

Wake him up and have him switch positions. Normally if your on your back it’s worse

Try your husband to sleep left side position

One day, when he’s gone, you’ll want to hear that snoring again. :tired_face::pensive::pensive:

I wear earbuds with white noise playing to drown him out.

Try those breath right strips also he needs a sleep study

Mine was the same. Went to gp (general practitioner) and he has sleep apnea. Has to use a machine @ night

They sell on Amazon these headphones that look like a headband you can Connect to your phone and Sleep in them you can hear white noise like Rain or ocean when you download the White Noise app on your phone helps me out I turn it up full blast

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