My in laws made a comment about the fact that I am not pregnant: Thoughts?

I would’ve been petty and told her your problems right there in front of your buddy PCOS is nothing to be ashamed of you can’t control it anymore than you can control what color eyes you’re born with

Does she know about your issues? Maybe she doesn’t and just thinks you don’t want kids? Idk

K. This boils my blood. Ring or text your mil every time you have sex till it becomes uncomfortable when she tells you to stop tell her to stop asking about kids. Or tell her simply, you dont want any yet. It’s none of her business. Stick up for yourself, perhaps Its just not your time or meant to be yet. Being under pressure by someone like her is not healthy just think of how annoying she will be when you do have a kid.

Tell her to piss off, your body will have a baby when it’s ready. I know someone from my mothers group that had her first child at 42. Next time she says something say something hilarious back, like I’m sorry but we have a TV. My other friend that has pcos took 3 almost 4 years to finally carry a baby. Good luck hun

Does she know this? It might not be meant to be hurtful or rude. Some people just lack common sense & are really ignorant.

First of all, you tell your in law’s that what happens in your bedroom is between you and your spouse.

I’ve suffered from PCOS. I understand how irregular your cycles are and planning a pregnancy. Getting aunt flowers each month is depressing. However, I have 2 boys. They were conceived naturally. Quite honestly, whenever i ate low carb, high protein foods. I lost weight. I ended up pregnant both times.

Do they not know all you have been through? If they aren’t aware… Stand up for yourself.

Print out some articles about your condition. And give them to her. Tell her that she really hurt you. Tell her that you are devastated by the lack of a baby. I’m so sorry. Some people need God to reach around their shoulders and put His hand over her mouth.

Have u heard of keto babies …look it up…just. A thought

Mine said the same thing :expressionless: little do they know that he has ED. :tired_face::skull: Weve been together for 3 years going on 4 but married 2 and I’m guessing they are probably wondering why I didn’t get pregnant yet. I have 3 kids prior he has 4 but one passed his parents take care of 1 but i think were good in that area. It’s the fact though too idk why his mom told us that. Also, his auntie gave us what she called a baby making blanket lmao OMG. I couldn’t even when we got that. I hope you open up to her and tell her I still have yet to talk to mine as well. Best of luck with whatever you do. :heart:

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I probably would have blurted out “well, my children died, so I’m sorry my body doesn’t work as well as yours did. Would you like to come to my doctor appointments and tell him how to fix me so I can pop out your son’s clones for you?”

First off you need to speak up forget them. I was you and when it was my time I had my beautiful babies. Pray on it you and your husband get right with each other tell him how you feel. Believe me when it’s the right time in his time it will happen. Don’t let others move your clock only God can do that. :heart::heart:


She definitely needs to mind her own business. Prayers God blessed you with sweet blessings in his perfect timing

When someone makes you uncomfortable, you need to make them uncomfortable as well. Like when the mom said, I hope he looks like my son! Perfect opportunity


Sending prayers for you & your hubby! PCOS sucks! I have 3 girls- 28, 22, and 11. It will happen for you too! :heartpulse::blue_heart:

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Tell her to mind her business! You have to stand up for yourself, you will feel better about everything. Dont give people any control over your life and how you live it. Jk, That is a very sensitive subject especially when you have miscarried. I have myself and because of that happening twice, I waited until i was far along to tell others. Dont be quiet be loud and say how you feel, all the the time so there is no guess work.


horrible, they need to mind their own business :angry:. sorry you are going thru that, parents and in=laws sometimes think they have a say in this but they DON’T . Make sure your SO understands this, even if he is hurting too. Prayers for you that you may be blessed with a baby when the time is right. I got pregnant when I gave up and went back to my career, lol. Best wishes <3

Your husband needs to step in and put his foot down on how his mother talks to you. Your his wife your what’s important now. This is between you and your husband and she has No right to say anything…


Your husband should speak up and say…i think my wife is beautiful I hope our kids do look like my wife…prayers

I am so sorry you are going through this, I had a miscarriage and it was horrible, so many people do not understand what it is like going through it. Then found I had endormeteriosis and would never be able to carry a baby to full term, that was devastating. People don’t know what you are feeling, you need to tell them. We ended up adopting 2 children and we could not love them more if they were ours biologically. Stand up for yourself and make sure your husband supports you!


As a person who also struggles with PCOS and miscarriage, dont take it to heart. I know it hurts when people say those things but at the same time it will happen when the time is right… I know you hear that a lot because I do to but if they ask you that again just tell them that your personal life is none if their concern and leave it at that.

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Tell her how you feel, if she dont understand so be it, she’ll survive, good luck

First off your husband should have put his family in their place but alot of woman problem these day man do not take up for their partner at all . When it comes to friends an family… I honestly wouldn’t be with a man what I know now … that want even take up for me


I got pcos and endometriosis I have been trying to have kids for years been on fertility meds the whole 9. But me and my husband aren’t telling Anyone we’re trying for that very reason I don’t want the stress of when are you going to have another baby? Etc save urself the stress love and don’t stress stuff works out the way it’s supposed to and keep it between you and him fuck everyone else


I was told I was infertile at a young age nothing I did.worked until I found preseed at Walgreens it was expensive but 3 months after using it only twice.i finely got pregnant

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I would say God hasn’t blessed us with children yet and when he does he will decide who they will take after ( assuming you believe in God)

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Put them in their place or have your husband do it. It’s a sensitive topic.
Don’t they understand how hurtful it must be ?


Don’t let them no it bothers u or they keep doing those things…i pray for it to happen for you…

How insensitive. Perhaps your husband could have a chat with them.

I think women forget that we have a voice and can use it! When someone is obviously rude (doesnt matter who it is) you have to decide right then and there if you’re going to let people disrespect you or you’re going to correct them.

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Don’t be quiet about it. Stay the truth and what’s on your heart. They aren’t raising them you are. I don’t understand why the older generation puts so much pressure on the younger generation to have kids. Things are like they used to be and we live a lot longer so having kids later in life isn’t a bad thing or if you can’t have any then you always have other options. But don’t feel bad about it and stand up for yourself and your husband choice.

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ah…nice family of in laws you have…tell her to f/o-she has her family-stf out of your buz…wow

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I would have told her to shove it where the sun don’t shine. If I wanted their opinion I would have asked for it, until then, I don’t want to hear about it. :woman_shrugging:

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She shouldn’t have asked you that!

Tell her how you feel. Be honest

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So sorry,some people say thoughtless things,i know its hard but forgive and move on.

Why the hell didn’t your husband stand up and tell his mother off? I would never let my family treat my wife that way. You need to tell him to grow a pair and be a man and a husband. What kind of father would he even be? Dosen’t sound like he has a backbone.

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Don’t give up on having kids tell mom in law it’s not so easy with your medical condition

Im sorry for your losses and struggles with babies - it’s not an easy task for some - but your hubby should of stuck up for you - being silent won’t help - I would kindly voice how you feel - i wish you luck

It is a whole different world today. It would be rough with all the chaos. My husband’s mom said the same thing to our oldest. That brought anger and frustration. Health issues are preventing it. That generation are block headed. Big weddings and babies are their fantasy. You are intelligent and let her know that. THE WORLD HAS CHANGED.

Have your husband have a talk with her about it. If she tries to make you feel bad again I would tell her off!

Don’t let her stress you out when its right you will get pregnant. Oh and I hope when you do they look like you

Don’t be mad, they just want to be grandparents. You will feel that way one day also. I doubt they mean to offend you. I am sure there excitement means they are not realizing your side. Talk to your motger in law heart to heart. Ask her to please be patient as you would also like her to be a grandmother.
However, don’t be mean about it. It will shut them out and make them feel bad about wanting to love a child you brong into the world. People ask things because they care enough to want to share lives with you. When we make things off limits we just push people away. Find the courage to discuss what you can and discuss that you both want the same thing but are ask8ng her to be patient so your not stressed. I hope this helps

U have to ignore ignorance hon

She probably doesn’t mean anything bad by what she says, she is just oblivious. Most people are that have never had fertility problems. The best thing you can do is sit them down and tell them that you are struggling and that although you are trying to conceive, it just hasn’t happened yet and you are sensitive about their comments. You are taking it personal because you alone know that the infertility is probably coming from you and you’re sensitive about it. It’s normal, but regardless of her comments, she is not in the wrong because she has no idea that you are struggling and suffering and you’re expecting her to guard her comments and her excitement, for YOU and your husband to conceive. If she did not like you, she would not encourage children at all. Be honest. It saves a lot of hurt feelings.

I’d tell her to stfu because it’s not her life. I’d also inform her that you’ve already lost 2 babies and have medical conditions that make it harder and inform her how lucky she was that she could easily have babies. And as far as the comment about she hope the babies look like him she can kick rocks. She really needs to stfu and think before she speaks. I’d be done going around them and inform her that when you do have babies it wont matter to her because she will be nothing to them due to her being negative and a bitch speaking out of turn like that. I would also tell my husband he needs to grow a pair and address this with his mother. I wish you the best with having a baby. Dont let her stupidness get you down.

Ask your doctor if you can carry a child if not maybe think about adoption but she sounds like an ass.

Some people can’t help but run their mouth. Ignorance. Try not to let it bother you. People are going to say things that bother you. Forgive the stupidity and move on.

Tell her to shove it! Your husband needs to put her in her place