My in laws try to parent my kids: Advice?

How do you tell your in laws to back off when it comes to you parenting your kids? We had to move in due to Covid so I cannot just walk away and ignore them. But I am tired of them trying to parent over me. It’s exhausting.


Ehhhh your family is living in their home. Kinda like “my house, my rules.” My suggestion would be to get whatever is going on straightened out, and get your own place ASAP.


You need your own place. This will continue to be a problem. And can turn worse if you address the issue.

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leave and get your own place now


Until you leqves, good luck.
In the meantime, have a sit down with them and set some rules. Explain that you are the parent and you’d appreciate them respecting that and acting accordingly.
From personal experience, move out ASAP before the kods become confused as to who to listen to.

Their house, their rules. Even visiting, I always explained to my kiddos we’re not home so watch, listen, and learn the house rules.

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Doesn’t matter where you are living it’s your child your rules. Put your foot down and tell them.

I live with my parents and have a 4 year old. They have never tried to parent over me. They know my rules when it comes to MY child. Now if I am not in a room when my child does something that isnt ok they will step in and correct her. I would definitely have a talk with them. No grandparent should try to over parent the parent! Their house or not, it is your child!!!


Depends on what the issue is. Living with others is hard. You can put your foot down and enforce your rules but it may start a battle over every little thing. Your best bet is to move out as soon as possible.

Y’all need to get your own place, both of you need to get jobs. There are places hiring. I’m sure if you guys put money aside for 2 weeks, you will be able to get your own place.

How r they trying to parent …pick up your toys throw Way your trash …put your dish in the sink …or do your homework …or don’t be loud in here…its there house …but if its more extreme then I’d be pissed …it seems the only way to escape it would be moving out …maybe they r trying to be annoying to push you at asap :thinking:

My father in law use to let my son out of time out as soon as he sat down. Our rule is whoever put them in time out let’s them out and talks to them. One day he did it and I just told him he is my child not his and had to stop doing it. I was mean about it only cause I was flustered at the time but he never did it again… if they won’t stop the only thing you can do is move.

A grand parent always has knoladge we dont try appriciate it :heart: just try set boundries with what are ur responsibilitys :heart: as in when u say no it means no kind of stuff :heart: