My IUD dislodged and I think I may be pregnant: Advice?

Long story short, my IUD dislodged on January 25th. I did not get it replaced and have had unprotected 5-6 times since then. I am supposed to have my period for 4 days. I have no signs of it coming. My husband and I have decided to try to get pregnant (I already have three boys). It didn’t take any time to get pregnant with my boys. I have been a bit more tired, moody some days, and nausea some days. I have also spotted about a week ago for a day. I have taken multiple pregnancy tests, and they all come out negative. Is it too early to tell? Is this my brain just hoping I’m pregnant?


Take a test, it’s possible.

Get a blood test from doctor

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Go for blood test. Ur hormones levels might not be high enough to detect on urine test

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Take it when your about to start your period. Or should the first.kisded day a positive urin will arrive if you are.

Do the blood test. Keep is updated

Please take a test…:unamused:

Give it a few more days and test again. With my third i got my positive test exactly 1 month after my iud came out. With one of my others it was 6wks.

It took me about 3 months to become pregnant once mine was removed. I had it in for about 3 years

I got my mirena out in August and tested positive pregnant the first of September

It could be too early to tell. Defiantly too early for nausea but maybe other symptoms. Spotting could have been implantation. Could be too soon for positive pregnancy test.

Wait it out and do another test in a week or go to the dr for bloods, you should know this


Also, different pregnancy tests read different levels of HCG. The dollar store ones read only 10 which is pretty much the lowest you can’t get over the counter to get the earliest result.

It could be your body reacting from the difference in hormones. But they do say you can get pregnant immediately after getting the IUD removed. Wait a few more days and take another test. Or have tour doctor do a blood test.

Well, first i would call your ob and get in to get your iud taken out, then have them test you.

You know what you can do to find out? A pregnancy test. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Probability is low if it has a hormone release to it

Is IUD still up there?! Um. Ya might want to get that handled before you start making babies…

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There is such a thing as imaginary pregnancy symptoms, sounds crazy, because it is, but it happens.

To early to tell wait two more weeks then take another test

So you’re expecting strangers on the internet to tell you if you’re pregnant :woozy_face:

You are. With triplets in fact. But only one of them is yours.

Might wanna get a blood test at the doctor’s.

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Dislodged, as in came out fully, or is just not in the correct position? Either way, I suggest a trip to the gyn is in order.

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Go to the doctor get blood work and internal sonogram

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So call the doctor. Fb ppl cant do anything.


Get a coles pregnancy test

And get that thing removev