My man turned me down when I asked to be intimate: Advice?

I’ve never been one to love sex 24/7. For the past three years, I’ve been perfectly content with having sex with my partner 1-2 times a week. But I’m currently eight months pregnant and suddenly horny all the time. Tonight I asked my man to have sex, and he straight up told me no. I’ve never had this issue before. I’ve never been turned down in my life, so this is a new one. How can he be perfectly okay with having sex once a week or once every two weeks??? Am I just being hormonal and overly sensitive? I find it so strange for a man who is only 24 to not want sex all the time. Any advice, ladies?


Hello how are you? In my opinion, it makes sense that he said no because maybe he’s used to how much yall usually do it. Have you explained to him that your hormones are different, you are really craving it right now, and that it would mean a lot to you if he changed his mind? That’s not a guarantee but it doesn’t hurt to ask again. Please don’t be hurt if he tells you no again though.

Have you tried to “turn him on” with other forms of intimacy such as touch, kisses, rubbing on him? Will he allow you just to whip out his “member” and for you to perform oral on him or something to initiate his desire?

Sorry if none of this is helpful. By the way I am a 29 year old male who is usually in the mood 24/7 with few exceptions. So this would not be an issue for me. Maybe it’s time to invest in a personal toy? Good luck and I hope everything goes well!!!

BTW amazon has PLENTY of toys that will help. They have many with clit sucking action and you may never need a man again :rofl::rofl:

guys get weird about sex in the 3rd trimester when things start becoming pretty undeniable there’s a person in there.

education can constant reminders will probably do the trick. Let him know there is no way he could do anything to the baby in any way. and tell him how badly you want him, need him…etc. Feel free to start things up otherwise. Explain how necessary it will be to…handle it yourself if he doesn’t take part and then do it right then if he doesn’t go for it still.

I can’t imagine any man being able to withstand that. Just realize he’s probably just uncomfortable and perhaps come enticement and coersion will do the trick. I’m sure after a time or 2…he’ll be much less…apprehensive… :wink:

Find your biggest dildo, lube up and make sure that he can hear you having self fun

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My man turned me down when I asked to be intimate: Advice?

Maybe he’s not in the mood. It doesn’t mean anything. Men aren’t sex driven all day everyday

Maybe he just doesn’t feel like it? I get like that a lot. Maybe he’s stressed ?


My husband tells me no it happens


Not all men are sex crazy. My boyfriend doesn’t care if we have sex or read or watch tv he just enjoys time with me.

You already stated that you’re not always in to it normally… why does he have to be? Also I’m sure you’ve turned him down plenty when you don’t feel like it, how is this any different?


he banging someone else


He might be weirded out by the pregnancy. Might have low T, a jacked up thyroid, or something else medical going on. I would encourage him to find the root cause of this but don’t make him feel bad or worse try to pressure him into putting out when he doesn’t want to.


Some men dont like having sex when your that far along

He’s allowed to say no :woman_shrugging:t3:


It happens hun… they go thru stuff as well sometimes just not in the mood … maybe ask him :thinking:


It could be because you’re 8 months pregnant… some men find it weird once you get so late in pregnancy or maybe he just didn’t want to.


Not every man wants to bone everyday, you’d be surprised how many are burnt out from work, stress, ect.
My husband’s told me no before, no different than me telling him no


Are you ever not in the mood sometimes? Because it’s the same for guys. Don’t listen to the ones saying he’s banging someone else. He probably just wasn’t in the mood.


If we tell them no, they can tell us no as well


Maybe you being near the end of pregnancy has him concerned and he isn’t sure how to tell you. Communicate ask him to explain why he turned you down. It could be as simple as he just wasn’t in the mood.


Lol. Your always in the mood 100% of the time? Give a guy a break, it’s not a big deal and it’s okay for a man to say no to sex or not be in the mood sometimes just like it is for a woman. They’re not machines.

Well you don’t want sex all the time before you were pregnant? Because he is 24 doesn’t mean he is on heat and all he thinks about is sex not all men are like that.

Mayb he just doesn’t feel like it- possibly because your also heavily pregnant too.

Maybe he’s just not in the mood…I would rather my hubby tell me no one night then forcing it and it be terrible sex bc it was forced.

People get concerned…at having sex at the end of a pregnancy…

Believe it or not but this is something quite common,only an opinion not my position. But men sometimes don’t like to have sex whilst you are pregnant as there’s that fear that they will hurt the baby,or for some just don’t feel right to do it whilst pregnant so I wouldn’t read too much into it even though your hormones will be in overdrive❤️

There’s literally nothing wrong with him saying no


talk to your man about this…


Just go do it yourself. There is more than one way to kill a cat!!!. I know I would.


Ask what his reasoning was… maybe he had an upset stomach etc?

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If on any medication it can lower your libido

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Men can not be in the mood just as much as a woman can. I wouldn’t over analyze it at all honestly. Also some guys worry they’ll hurt the baby when youre pregnant, it’s a real thing that scares some men I have seen it. Dont stress it to much.


Honestly no is no regardless of the gender. But maybe he just doesn’t want to have sex. Ask him instead of strangers on social media.


omg lol :laughing: you are blessed :raised_hands::pray::sparkling_heart:

I have always always been the hornier one in my relationships. ive had to learn to respect boundaries and it has not been easy.


Did you agree to have a baby together or did it just happen? Did you get pregnant on purpose? Just asking, cause guys can be weird about pregnancy!

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Give me a break and grow the hell up!


In my case, I’m lucky when he says yes :laughing:

My boyfriend has been telling me no but I’m also only 3 weeks 4 days post partum. I want to break the wait rule but he won’t. He says I’ll be wore out soon but we need me to be fully healed (c section and tubal) so we don’t cause major damage

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I’m a bit older but I mean sometimes men dont wanna have sex and that’s ok too. Men are allowed to say no too. Dont take it personal, they’re probably tired or just dont feel like it.

Since you’re pregnant I’ve noticed on this thread that some guys are all for it and horny all the time and some guys are not they don’t feel it as much when you’re pregnant… and that can me that issue? Just ask him why he hasn’t been feeling it?

Maybe he just feels uncomfortable and maybe he feels He will harm the baby


He doesn’t owe you sex. Holy shit. Not everyone always wants to fuck. That doesn’t mean there is anything wrong. It means he didn’t want to. He’s allowed the right to say no if he doesn’t want to.

Any man is allowed to say no without a damn reason. You got told no for once in your life and you think he’s the problem.

Why ask, get up close and get it going


Also we haven’t had sex since February and no he is not having sex eith someone else. He started in a covid vaccine trial and got his first shot in February and he said he was not taking any chances that he could end up harming our daughter (was pregnant and they told him no adult relations because they had no idea of what could come or happen with vaccine)

So you’re NORMALLY ok with it, but wanna know how its possible for him to be ok with it??? Yet if it was him wanting it 24/7 you’d be bitching because you’re fine with once or twice a week and he always wants it. :woman_facepalming: Wow… Just wow…

Maybe he is afraid he will hurt the baby? He is wrong if he is afraid but maybe ?

Have you ever said no before? I bet you have and that’s ok we can say no! Because we have that choice
Respect his choice
Now you can go have a nice shower and please urself


Same thing happened to me. I heard that men are scared or get like weird about it


It’s normal. Why is it okay for you to be okay 1-2 times a week but he can’t? You need to get over being turned down honey.


You’ve never been told no which is why you’re thinking to much into it. He can say no anytime he wants just like you and anyone else can. Maybe he just didn’t want to have sex, it’s not a big deal. Not everyone does when you do. Respect his answer and like he should when you say no to it or anything.

Just because you’re in the mood doesn’t mean he has to be.

Everyone has different sex drives.

Go have a shower and self service.

He likely just Didn’t feel like it at the time…
You’d be surprised how often the man would have a lower sex drive than The woman too…

Also you’re about ready to pop lol there’s a good chance he doesn’t like the idea of sex while you’re that heavily pregnant… x

When y was married and pregnant my ex left the bed and went to sleep with our toddler. He got fired of me. Wore his ass out!

Do not get mad maybe he is worried he will hurt your baby


All the comments maybe he has low t maybe something is wrong
Well guys maybe he just doesn’t want to!


Men are allowed to say no to, I’d say talk to him about it there could be plenty of things that could have made him say no , stress at work , overwhelmed with baby coming soon , maybe he’s uncomfortable since your so close to term. Sometimes men are just not in the mood and there’s nothing wrong with that :slightly_smiling_face:, but in every relationship communication is key :heart: don’t think or stress so hard about it I’m sure it something so small


Why is it when guys say no you can’t leave it at that? No means no! No explanation


Did he just say no the one time.? Or has he been saying no for awhile now.?

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Trade him in get a new one if he’s a softcock now think how sad your life will be in 30 years


How can you be mad over being rejected once your entire relationship? Completely normal for a partner to say no. He could of felt sick, exhausted,stressed, worried to hurt yout baby that far along (he wouldnt but some men fear that). Give him a break


Omg! You’ve been telling him no except for 1-2 times a week and that’s ok but when he tells you no one time you’re freaking out?? WTH??? Maybe he is worried because you’re 8 months pregnant! You said your self he is only in his early 20’s! SMH. You just can’t please some women. Maybe he is just willing to give up all that sex because he love you that much! Ever think of that?? Just saying…

Maybe he’s afraid, doesn’t want an early birth?


So he doesn’t want to have sex, deal with it. It shouldn’t be different to you only wanting it 1-2 times a week too

Get a damn toy! I’m 37 weeks and horny as all hell if he says no here comes the toy. Dont always need a man to have a orgasm.

No means no. There doesn’t have to be something wrong to not want sex.

Leave that boy alone…he’s tired!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


It’s not a red flag, and s3x starts outside of the bedroom. So maybe instead of being hurt he said no, try doing something kind or romantic for him? Like really turn on the heat. It’s easier to say no if you ask than it is if you’re actively pursuing romance. I’m not saying his consent doesn’t matter, just that you said yourself it’s the pregnancy hormones. Other than this, I’m sure he’s probably overwhelmed and it’s not personal love. Try doing something for him he likes, cuddling, and work up to it. Asking for s3x kinda turns me off. I want my partner to show me he wants me. Communication is important, especially after you have your baby. Work on it now!

You are 8 months pregnant that might be the reason I’m sure not all men dare to have sex when a woman is pregnant especially 8 months

Why is it ok for a woman to simply say no, and not be in the mood…but not for a man???


best thing i think is to ask him then you’ll knw why…


Get over yourself. Jfc.


Definitely overly sensitive. Sometimes someone just doesn’t want to have sex :woman_shrugging: you are pregnant. Close to the end. That can scare a guy. Did you ask him why he said no?

Maybe because you are 8 months prego.


Hes probably scared to hurt the baby. I know when I was 7-8 months pregnant I wanted to do it alot and my bf would say no because he was afraid he’d hurt the baby and I totally understood. Also respect him when he says no because a lot of us women probably say no more than our S/O do :joy:


No means no. And not everyone wants sex all the time regardless of gender. And maybe he is just concerned because you’re 8 months pregnant

SMH…what a bunch of conclusion jumpers! Why don’t you just ask him why instead of asking Facebook land to further mess with your head.


No one’s ever said NO to you? Geez :woman_facepalming:t4: People are allowed to say “no”. If he doesn’t want to have sex please be mature about it & leave him alone.

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Imagine if he wrote this about you… I love double standards :hugs:


Yes baby, you’re being overly sensitive. I went through the same thing. Men are sometimes too tired or too strung out to have sex too. Its normal. Just because he turns it down doesnt mean he doesnt find you attractive. They same way we do it. Like all the time :rofl:

I love reading all the comments on threads like this. I’ve had some bad experiences but for the most part, like 99% of answers from all the ladies responding just completely changes my perspective.

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Did you talk to him. Could be a number of reasons. If he feels uncomfortable then find a book that shows different positions that he may be comfortable with.


If he said no once it’s fine. I say no to my BF a lot because I’m tired or busy or something. If he keeps telling you no then talk to him. He could be scared of hurting you or the baby.


I got nothing because my man is 49 and would still do it 3 times a night if I let him :laughing:


Go rub one out and leave him alone. Men are allowed to tell u no and not have to explain themselves.


Lol get a toy. Sheesh.

Give him a BJ to get him in the mood…if that don’t work, get out the vibrator


The double standards are astounding lmao


Men can say no too. Chill…


Some men are like that especially when you very pregnant it’s completely normal and yes your hormones probably have a lot to do with how you feel


It maybe just that you are so far along. If you have had no previous issues-I wouldn’t worry. That’s not to say it doesn’t hurt…cuz it does💕
That being said…does he still want a blow job? Cuz that’s weird if not🤷

Its because he’s freaked out about the baby I went thru this and all it did was hurt my feelings and have resentment towards my ex husband, I deserved to feel loved and it hurt and I could not get over it

I asked 3 of my brothers and here are the answers:

  1. I’m turned off by the look of pregnancy (when her body goes back to normal, I’ll be happy).
  2. Maybe dude just whacked himself and isn’t feelin it.
  3. He has a side chick.

Hes allowed to say no :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Wait till after the baby comes lol. It will be a lot less lol jk


Men get tired too lmao


Men are allowed to say no he could be tired stressed and probably doesn’t want to “poke” the baby :roll_eyes:


I don’t understand, if that’s the norm for you all then he’s probably just as used to it as you are… Or maybe he’s not into the pregnant thing? Some dudes don’t like that


**** put it in this perspective ****


Do not force or get emotional over physical pleasure. It drives me INSANE getting forced sex from my other half :sneezing_face:

I’ve been with my man for almost 12 years now… We barely have sex once a month. Neither one of us has a sex drive. We couldn’t care less either way, and when we do do it it lasts for about 10-15 minutes. We both work construction and are exhausted A LOT. and neither one of us gets that much pleasure from sex. It happens. Not all men want sex 24/7

When i was DONE being pregnant my fiance wouldnt because he was terrified my water would break during lol he wouldnt. Just talk to him and see what his concerns are. Tell him how it makes you feel.