My partner doesn't help me with parenting or around the house: Advice?

My partner and I have been together for quite some time, and we have a daughter who is five on spectrum …but anyway that’s isn’t the thing is I do everything I cooked I clean up after him I do the shopping I pay for the shopping I make the lunch for school, and I get our daughter ready for school there are times when he won’t get out of bed because he is tired or sore or sick, but when I get any of those I still do anything we have been together for 10year this year, and I feel like we are just in that 50 life zone, and today he is going fishing he told me I knew I about, but the point is I’m still doing all the things when he goes fishing then he comes home at three and goes I’m tired, etc. I’m getting over this crap!! He is sick. He stays in bed he is tired. He will sleep half of the day, and it’s just getting frustrating.


If you’re tired of it then leave.


Walk and go fast. What a waste!!!


Every relationship gets to what they called rock-bottom, and that’s part of life. Maybe you just need a little talk. Don’t come to social media ranting about something without trying all the possible works that could be done inside marriage. My main point is, we see the bad negative sides. Maybe you literally needs to sit down and talk with your partner.


Stop doing everything, just take care of your daughter. May. Just maybe he’ll wake. Up

Get him told or get him out it really is that simple he will change or he wont, you only get in life what your willing to put up with + doing everything else will seem like nothing on your own when your not being burnt out and weighted down by his laziness and attitude all day trust :ok_hand:

Maybe something is wrong or maybe he is feeling like he’s not needed. Have you asked for help? Often we expect them to read our minds but they can’t. Talk to him. But really it sounds like something is wrong

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He sounds severely depressed, tbh. Tell him he needs to see a doctor, help you through his sick and tired days, or you’re gonna walk. Why refer to him as your partner while actively complaining that he is anything but? That says a lot about how you got here. Time to stop being a doormat. Tell him, “get help or get out.”

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Strike. Leave him with the kid one weekend a month. They will survive.

Kick that non-participating person to the curb if your gonna do all the work then do it alone he is just dead weight

Grow balls and tell him or boot his ass out and before anybody else says depression suck my salty left one bc Ive already seen 1 already

If you have to do everything you might as well be alone. :woman_shrugging: He sounds like a man child. If you talked to him about it and nothing changes you either need to accept it or leave.


Get rid of this loser

Okay some of you have serious issues. Why should you have to ask your spouse and the parent of the child for help with their child or to clean up after themselves. This is an adult we are talking about. This is his home and his child. It seems women let men get away with anything and are cool with a part time dad. And the sad thing is the man can do 30% in the house and get praised for it. She should not have to ask this grown ass man to do anything for his child he should just get up and do it just like she would. She should not have to ask him to clean anything he should just get up and do it. And let’s stop with the depression crap every time a man doesn’t do shit in the house y’all come up with every excuse. He’s not that depressed to take his ass out the house and enjoy himself.
Honey, I say stop doing shit for him don’t cook don’t clean up after him. Of course don’t stop taking care of your child. Tell him if he doesn’t shape up he can find somewhere else to live.

Could he be depressed?


Well don’t make his dinner or lunch don’t do some laundry n say I’m tired I’m sick or how about this I JUST DONT FUCKING FEEL LIKE CATERING TO UR PUSSY ASS TODAY! See how that works for him! I’ve been there n done exactly what I just said it works. Well it did for me!

Pack up and leave. If he not helping you don’t need him around anyway. Family is both helping and contributing to it, not just one person

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Depression maybe? I’ve been him. Its a real thing. Have a conversation. A real deep conversation without all the frustration coming out. You never know what could come of it…

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Its sad to see all the leave, hes a loser, like mental illness is a real thing. You don’t just leave a 10 yr relationship cause it hits a hard point smh.


Ok…but does he work? Do you go to work? I need all the details to make a decision how to answer this. If he works and you are a SAHM…he has the right to laze about. However, he does need to take y’all out some time he is off and show some appreciation. Bring home food,etc. If he doesn’t work …could be depression. Feels useless,etc… Need to talk to him on that one. Dont just up and leave with kids in the mix. You have no idea how hard that is on a kid mentally and emotionally for two parents to split up. Me and hubby had to have a week apart once. I took our first…and only at the time…to my dads to stay with me a week
The whole time she couldn’t sleep all night…woke up screaming and crying…saying Dada and just had random fits. Wasn’t like her. I was glad to take her back home. She started back sleeping all night as soon as was back home in her bed with her daddy around. Try to work it out before ditch.

Stop being a mother to him. Tell him how you feel. You keep doing it, he’ll keep expecting it!!

Get your daughter and set up yourselves withou5 him.

Maybe he was brought up this way. I was and waiting on Dad then my husband and it seemed natural. I never got help around our home nor did I ask for it.

He sounds depressed.

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Stop doing shit for him!

If u love him much more than urself just live with it n make the best of ur time trying to get him to change