My partner saves co workers photos to his phone: Should I walk away?r

My partner of 6 years & husband of nearly two years had inappropriate pictures of friends & co workers on his phone. These pictures weren’t sent to him by these women, he got them off social media. A co worker of ours posts pictures in lingerie all the time for contests to make extra money. We work in a male dominate place and guys talk, I knew what was going on but I told my husband right off the bat, if I found those pictures on his phone I would lose it. Well not only did I find hers but also pictures of my BEST FRIEND from her social media. Pictures of her ass coming out in swim suits and enjoying life traveling. I don’t blame these women at wall, especially not my best friend. If anything, I find it creepy of him going through Women’s social media screenshooting these images. I should state I’m 26 & he’s 11 years older.. I’m also currently expecting our third child. In the past, I’ve communicated how I don’t feel like he finds me attractive and I would appreciate more affection from him. He’s constantly turning me down in bed and his excuse is always exhaustion or “I physically can’t”. I never reject him and I’ve never done anything to make him feel less. I think he’s a great dad and overall good person. We are literal best friends. Our only issue has been sexually. I don’t think he’s attracted to me. I’ve previously found a video as well from years back with one of his girlfriends that was saved on his Google drive. He claimed he could never delete it and is not tech savvy. But when I found it, it said it’d been last seen 3 days before.. he claimed he was trying to delete it. This was 2/3 years ago but now I find these pictures… it’s like he constantly needing more and I’m not enough. He can’t keep it up during sex and when I tell him we should go see a doctor he claims he has and they don’t do anything for him. Im not ugly and I don’t need him. I have a successful career and I make well over $135K on my own. But my children are my everything. Although just pictures I feel like he cheated on me and I will never be comfortable around him and my best friend. And it will take a while to build trust and even want him physically. But my real question is, should I try to make it work and go to therapy? I’m due in just a few weeks and I’m scared. I’m also afraid all this stress and pain is hurting my baby and could go into pre term labor. Please send advice & no shaming!