My period is late but tests are negative: Thoughts?

I am currently eight days late on getting my period (I should have gotten it on the 20th). I took a pregnancy test this past Saturday, and it said negative. I am still not feeling anything that remotely seems like I’ll be getting my period. Do you guys think I could still be pregnant? My fiance and I have been ttc since October and really want this to happen.


This has happened to me so many times. I think it comes with getting older.

Stress I’ve had this happen twice 2 me and each time I had a lot going on with work and my family the first time I got it after 53 days the second time I got it 16 days late test kept says negative and it finally came


Retest again this week. If still nothing go doc.

A lot of things can make a period late

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Your period could be late for a lot of things. Stress, diet ect.

I would wait a week then retest. If it still comes back negative go to doctors.

Happened to me in December. I even went and got blood work. Negative. I just started like 3 weeks late-- no clue why. I wasn’t ill, stressed… :woman_shrugging:

If this was me, I’d go to the doctor and get a blood test.

I recently I just went through this these past 3 months my gyno said it was stress, traveling, and weight gain. Its all causes a hormone inbalance. I only found out after taking 5 pregnancy tests and all were negative

I was supposed to start my period March 10th and didn’t get it so I test 5 days of being late it was negative but I tested again about week later and found out It was positive.


Could be pregnant. None of my pregnancy tests detected my hcg until I was almost 5 to 6 months along in my pregnancy n only found out cause I passed out from bleeding so much n that’s how I found out I was pregnant n what had happened was something called vanishing twin syndrome.

I feel you on this took a test before period cause I was watching a movie and guy died I’ve seen this movie a 1000 times never cried had a faint line went to doctor was than miscarriage next day

Wait a few more days and retake test. Could be stress tho I was supposed to get mine around the 9th of March and took a few test bc I was having symptoms and weird cravings but April’s fools said other wise bc it finally came :joy: but I wish the best for you one ttc. Wait a few days tho.

I was 10 days late when trying to conceive. Then I got my period. Stress and a ton of outside factors can effect it. I ended up getting pregnant the next month. Baby dust being sent your way!

Could be anything. But I was two weeks late and took a test and it came back negative. Took one again a few days later and it came back positive. 33 weeks pregnant now

I always had to wait until I was 2 weeks late to test positive

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I was 12 days late last June then started. We have been ttc for almost 2 years and just started IUI treatments. Stress was definitely the factor for me, but hoping with a job change, less stress and a great doctor it will be right around the corner for us soon. I’m hoping the best for you too!!

I waited at least 2 weeks as well before my missed period to take a test that came back positive :heart: best of luck!!

Can go get your HCG tested and see if you are and it’s just low right now.