My sister in law has non stop caused issues with us: What do we do?

My husband’s sister has caused us nothing but trouble throughout our entire relationship (from dating to marriage). When their Mom passed things were bad. All she helped with was to come around to snatch and grab what she wanted. My husband wanted nothing to do with her for a long time. He even blocked her from texting, phone calls and on social media. I told him that If he wanted a relationship with his sister I would stand behind him. Now that they’re in contact again, she can’t take it one step at a time and wants to jump in head first and have dinners etc. My husband regrets letting her in so fast and it’s been so peaceful since then. Oh dear, should we do?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My sister in law has non stop caused issues with us: What do we do?

Communication and boundaries and if she’s not about what is being said I would tell.her she can not be around until she can if she can. It’s hard but being family doesn’t give you the right to be toxic


Tell her exactly how you feel and tell her you wanna take it slow

Live your life, remove toxic people even if it’s family, you owe them nothing…


Just be straight up and honest. It will work out. Just be patient.

Unless you want to cause more problems try setting boundaries but in a nice way. She’s trying at least…maybe alittle too hard but if her intentions are good then be kind.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Omg she wants to have dinners!!! I don’t even know how anyone could even deal with this! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: Oh, just don’t have the dinners! Maybe start out with cans attached to strings and start communicating that way since dinner is so traumatic. Or just say no, not ready for full on, face to face dining yet. I hope the rest of the world with rising gas prices and inflated economy and child abuse, murder, homelessness, rape, etc, etc, etc don’t have to also deal with an annoying family member!

You need to be straight up and tell her how you BOTH feel. It’s not ok for her to act like that

Put in some Boundaries.

Communication and clearly set boundaries and consequences to breaking those boundaries.

Your husband has to put his foot down… he has to be very blunt. He has to tell her that she has been the cause of much turmoil for the two of you and you aren’t sure you can trust her not to do something like that again. You want to slow the re-blending of your families way back down. It’s going to take time to mend the damage. She’s going to have to be patient.


Pray! Sounds like you’re gonna need it!

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set boundaries- sounds like your husband will back you up or have him talk to her!

I agree with boundaries and slowing things down. But I do encourage reconciliation if at all possible. That missing piece will forever change a person, even if they don’t realize it.

Y’all have absolutely nothing to lose by telling her things need to slow down or stop altogether. What’s the worst that’ll happen? She’ll get mad and y’all will have peace again or she’ll understand and slow down. Either way y’all win.

My sister was the same. She lied constantly and caused us nothing but trouble. I haven’t spoken to her in over 25yrs. I’m sure when mom passes, she’ll show her face with her hand out. She has nothing to do with our mom so as far as I’m concerned she can take a hike. Unless there is something specific in moms will, I won’t be giving her a dime.

It’s called boundaries, set them and keep them. If she doesn’t like tough it’s YOUR life.


Life is freaking short🖤 Do what you feel is right in your heart. If you can let the past go and move forward do it. And if you can’t, don’t.


All I can say is, if she hasn’t changed, then I wouldn’t bother.


Be straight upback of b#@!% yourlucky u back in play by our rules or you be gone again lol

Block her / cut her off again

Let yr hubby handle his family


It’s going to be up to him to slow things down. Be honest and tell her it’s going to take time

Cut it back off simple as tht

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Have him block her again

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Dial it back gradually to his comfort level. Just don’t be available until he is ready. So sorry , can’t make it. How about another time.

Sounds to me your the problem perhaps and you been buzzing in your husband’s ears cuz ur controlling…poor sister sounds like she’s still grieving and he’s probably all the family she’s got left …and she’s trying to hold on to that …unless she’s psycho and has threatened ur life and Is unsafe I could understand but don’t cause a wedge between them …be grateful u got family

Limit dinners to once a week. Family dinners are missed when there is noone left.

Open your mouths and tell her what exactly you want and the steps its takes, the boundries, etc. But also what the consequences are as well.


Let him tell her just that. Blunt statements slightly polished work best.

Just tell her no once in a while and do it when you want to do it

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Throw her out and ignore her.

I had the sister in law from He’ll :pray:

Prayer’s lots of prayers

Set boundaries. YOU make the decisions. Don’t always agree when she wants to do something. learn to say NO>


Let your husband decide what he wants to do, and keep your mouth :zipper_mouth_face: next time.

Set boundaries. Don’t be afraid to say no.

Family is not always your friend…might have to distance yourself from her… again

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He needs to cut her out again.

Put her back where you had her for years. Out.

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Set boundaries or step back again

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You and your husband are going to need to agree on boundaries and stick to those. Your sister in law sounds very needy and immature. Pick what you both feel comfortable with and stick to those limits. Perhaps it is dinner once a month or visiting their mom’s grave to place flowers, once a month, or taking turns with their dad, if he is still alive. Decide what the two of you feel comfortable doing and stick to that schedule and decision.