My Sister Will Not Forgive Me For Marrying Her Ex Boyfriend: Help!


“So I have a question and need to know what I can do to mend the relationship with my sister. My sister was seeing to an amazing man for three years. They have two kids together in that time span, but my sister was never truly in it for the right reasons. She used and abused him. Eventually, they split up. A few years passed, and I saw him in public. We ended up talking for a few hours, and I realized there was a spark there, he asked me out, and I said yes….a year later, we got married… Let me just say there was never ANYTHING while he was married to my sister. EVER. And I did not search for this; it just kind of happened. My entire family adored him and was fine with this. But it has been four years now, and my sister still wants nothing to do with me even though she is married and moved on… she is constantly creating drama and causing issues and trying to even turn his kids against them. I know it isn’t the best situation, but life has a crazy way of happening, and everything now makes sense when I am with him. But I also love my sister and want us to be family again…”

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“Nope. You’re wrong in every way. You didn’t just marry her ex. You married your nieces/nephews’ father. I wouldn’t want anything to do with you either. It doesn’t matter how she treated him. That’s not your business. You’re wrong. Period.”

“Uhm. Its not her “ex-boyfriend” its the father of her children. And someone she had a long serious relationship with… sheesh. Talk about the ultimate betrayal.”

“Yeah, I’m gonna have to agree with your sister! There are just some things you don’t do and THAT is definitely one of them!”

“I’m gonna be completely honest and say you are in the wrong 100%. Sisters are for life. There are a million men out there. This is just awful.”

“They were MARRIED?! And had CHILDREN?! No honey. Maybe an ex from high school you ran into 10 years later but…. Nope. Sorry boo, you’re in the wrong on this one.”

“You’re allowed to love her. But it’s silly to expect forgiveness. Like, really? She doesn’t owe you anything. You made your bed. With her sheets!”

“You married your niece and nephew’s dad, I can see why she’s not okay.”

“This is an unpopular opinion but if you found true happiness then just live your life and don’t expect things to be rosy with you and your sister again. Because it is a very complicated situation and only your sister can take that step in forgiving you. I personally would not do this to my sister, but I am not in your shoes.”

“I have a friend who married her ex-husband’s brother and they have been so happy … took the family a lil bit to get ok with it… but life is hard anyway grab your happy.”

“Even if there was a spark you hadn’t intended on, I feel your sisters ex is always off-limits. Especially if they had children. That’s messy! Hopefully, he was as worth it as you say, because there is probably no mending the sister relationship.”

“Yea if I was your sister I wouldn’t want anything to do with you, there is a certain line you don’t cross, and you well and truly danced over that line.”

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