My SO is constantly farting around me: Advice?

I need a solution or how to tolerate a man who farts around the house like he is being paid to do so, during lunch/dinner times he is not ashamed to lift his one side ass up to just pass air and continue eating like we are props in front of him, most times the living room smells/stinks of rotten eggs due to farting left right center !! It’s frustrating because I feel very bloated and I get nausea when the farter is around! We don’t share the same duvets, but at night most times, he will be exploding his ass to just pass air…any advice apart from throwing him out?


That’s gross af like have some manners

Put some gas x in his food.

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I do it to my hubs he’s learned to stop because my farts are way worse


Learn to cook properly and he won’t stink so bad :joy::joy:


I would do something equally as annoying and rude. Like wipe boogers on his face.


Grow up, jeez. It’s a natural thing


Im pretty sure this page just makes things up to entertain us sometimes🤦🤦 … On another note, doing that during meals is just foul. That is 100% frowned upon but any other time of the day, lady you need to GET OVER IT. It’s a bodily function. And seriously if this is all you have to bitch about then you’re living lavish!

Get some liquid ass and give him a taste of his own medicine :woman_shrugging:

Butt plug. Tell him he better tame it outside or you will use it! Get the real ones from the crematorium not the sex toy. That will scare him outside.

Start farting too :woman_shrugging:t2:


its his diet… change what you cook/buy… and gas x cant hurt

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My hubby use to do the same until I started spraying the room and him with air freshner and dinner would stop cooking if he came in the kitchen farting. I told him as long as he is farting I’m not cooking. Kids and I went out for dinner for about 2 weeks and now he just farts in the bathroom


HE’S A DAMN GUY. They do that. Do you have sons? Or friends with sons? Hell even my girls think that farts are hilarious. Everyone passes gas. Let it go.

Sounds like he needs to figure out what it is in the diet that makes him so gassy! :woman_shrugging:
In the meantime open the window!

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Threaten to stop doing whatever he likes to have done by you.

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I fart more than my hubby does :crazy_face::rofl:

Im sorry “butt” I think this is hysterical!


I mean its natural…maybe its your cooking lol. My bf is just a naturally gassy person and its usually spicy food that does it. Bad part is we both LOVE spicy food so iv learned to just deal with it. Yea it sucks and all sometimes having to sleep on the couch cause the room stinks but hes my bf and I fucking love him way to much to make that a battle. He is usually courteous enough that he will walk to another room to do it most of the time so maybe suggest that.

My brother has had issues he is wife had him go to the dr for him and the dr said some people are just more sensitive to foods than others. He shouldn’t do it at the table but I mean other than that it’s normal.

Sounds like he needs some gas x

He is gross, no reason to be nasty about farting. We all do it

Honestly it’s a natural thing. When my bf and I had been together 2 weeks he announced he would no longer be holding in his farts! I said fine - he farted once at the table and I made a huge deal of it- I don’t mind farts. It not near food or while eating - GROSS! Compromise reached! We have been together for a year now :sparkling_heart:


Have you ever considered he may have an intestinal disorder and letting the air out helps. I have severe ibs and I’m sorry, I ain’t holding it in for no one … plus it works in my defense, it make my kids leave me the fuck alone while I’m in my room :joy: instead of thinking of kicking him out find something in the market that helps with gas and bloating to help ease his discomfort and constant farting. But I hate to say it, farting is a natural thing … u need to learn to live with the fact of it. Some of us are just filled with more air :joy:

Oh no. A man does a normal bodily function. Seriously? Throw him out? :roll_eyes: it ain’t that serious.
Ask him to see a doctor and have him checked to see if it’s cause of his diet and change what/how you cook to fix the issue.
He’s not just gonna hold it in.

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If you gotta fart you gotta fart. It’s a natural body function 🤷 start spraying air freshener. Start farting around him too.

Guys are just gross!:rofl: but all joking aside he might need to change his diet or might be something more serious if his farts constantly smell like rotten eggs.


I have 3 boys whenever anybody farts the whole house has a laughing fit, myself included. I’m immune to the annoyance and smells.
Unless it’s the dog who farts, she’s nasty lol.


Your cooking change y’alls diet. Gas X on the daily maybe. Gas is normal everyone does it.


Start farting back and see how he appreciates it.


Maybe he has some tummy issues. Get him some pepto bismol

This made me laugh so hard when I read it to my hubby! :joy::joy::joy:


Oh wow, hope you don’t have sons because my boys fart constantly😂

Better out than in :joy:

Lol really? Is this for real?


Okay during eating that’s a bit much. My husband is a farting machine but…he has manners atleast :joy:

Take beano before and there will be no gas!


Oregano and annise water.

Sounds like this quarantine is getting to you :rofl:


Don’t let him indoors.

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Damn. Sounds like me :joy::joy::joy: We fart openly in our house 🤷 No shame in our family but they know to be polite and respectful other places.

Fs if that’s all u have to worry about well done I wish I lived ur life

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Water gun… train the fart right out of him with a cold blast to the face!

Uhhhh, date a woman? :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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Mix up Gas X. .or Bean No in his Grub

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Feed him a bunch of yogurt lol

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I completely understand. I dont wanna be breathing in air that came out of your butt! Now I have safety precautions like, no farting in the kitchen, or in my bedroom, and of course you cant fart within 4 feet of me cuz I’m sure I can reach 3ft. And every guy on here saying stupid shit to ya… it’s ok guys, we understand and respect your love for smelling farts, now give us the same respect :joy:

If he’s employed, does he do this in the presence of his boss or co-workers ? Or in the presence of all people or just around you & kids ? If he can control it but chooses not to around you, it’s gross disrespect. He can step outside so as not to subject his family to the stench.


Everyone saying hes gross as if y’all dont fart??

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Get him some help for his stomach maybe? Try and figure out what foods are causing the unusual amount of gas. I am a gassy person, but my farts don’t make anyone run out of the room. If they stink like that something isn’t right with his stomach.

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It’s a fart…who cares. When I gotta fart I fart.

Courtney Thebigmouth Murray I’m in stitches he would just be chucked out :see_no_evil::rofl: least he doesn’t fart and stick her head under the quilt she should be thankful :see_no_evil::rofl:

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Good luck. The husband, 4 year old and the baby all think they have a fart choir in my house

Can’t beat them, join them?!?


He might fart but atleast he doesn’t cheat on you :laughing:

That seems obsessive… is he allergic to something hes eating? I don’t think its healthy to fart that much

Mmmm maybe changing his diet? Also there are some natural remedies for flatulence… Maybe look into those… And have feebreeze and candles around…

Fart on him a few times

Stop feeding him food that cause gas .or divocre is the only option lol

You can’t be serious right now… your ass doesn’t fart or what?
You should shame your self for even talking this way
About your partner

Oh my hell!!! Farting is normal quit being a prude! Our house is known as the fart accepted house. Let it out was and we will all giggle. I do it too

Talk to him about it or get canned gas and spray when he does. Maybe he can’t smell his own farts and doesn’t realize how bad they are

Throw the whole husband out and get a new one!!! Lol jk I know how you fee though

Sounds like he wants war. Blast him back sister​:joy::joy: my husband and I always have competitions with ours. I always win.


Oh my God that’s my worst nightmare! Thankfully my husband is well trained enough to go to the other room on most occasions. I just can’t stomach smelling the inside of someone else’s asshole. :face_vomiting: and before anyone decides to bash me I totally realize it’s a normal function but I have respect for the people around me not to do it therefore I expect my significant other to have the same respect. I’m not going to crucify him if he lets one go either. I wish I had a suggestion for you.

Farting is normal. Ask him to not do it during meals. Or if he has to go to the bathroom or something.

We’ve always had the rule of not doing it around someone while they’re eating

Start ripping ass right along with him. Shiiiiitttt fart right in his face whens he’s sitting on the couch see how he likes your aroma

Lmfao I can relate, but in the shit sense of things… my husband constantly shits like 5 times a day all day every day. It used to bug the shut out if me in the beginning, but honestly you just gotta get used to it lol that’s a man’s life… at dinner I get it’s a little outrageous when we were kids and lived with my grandparents if we had to fart we got up from the table went and farter in another room and then came back to join dinner…

Lmafao… y’all I’m laughing so hard in about pissed myself (doesn’t help I’m 5 months pregnant) they all do it that’s a man for you. When me and my husband first got to gether 5 years ago I about died the first time he farted in front of me I guess he was trying to be funny and did like a spin kicked lifted his leg and let one RIP :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: I about died. 5 years later and I’ve never seen anyone fart so much he used to would do it in the flipping stores walking down the isle and didnt care who was around until he realized it really botherd me like would seriously embarrass and upset me so he doesnt do that to much anymore but anywhere else he let’s em fly :woman_facepalming::rofl:

Feed him probiotics.

I used to be a fartin Martin. I’m now a rippin Reynolds


Give him a gas x before meals. Say it’s not optional. And please communicate with him and ask him to excuse himself.


He can excuse himself …yes everyone does it… but that’s just crude…


Start farting back… Lift ur ass cheek up and let it rip see if he likes it :joy::joy::joy: be like ok now lets talk about this lmfao

Buy a dog house for him


Needs some food allergy testing or probiotics and digestive enzymes…too me that is like having a bowel movement at the table…accidents can happen but routinely no! I would get up…take my plate and go to another part of the house.

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I’d file for divorce now…if you cant handle his farts you wont handle much else :woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:


Buy that man some Gas-X and some Beano.


Gross! Nasty! Disrespectful obviously! Tell him to show respect or get rid of him!


Sadly he can’t control the farting but he can try to prevent it. This is my almost 7yr old girl in a nutshell, she has chronic constipation so her farts smell super bad and have made me vomit a few times along with the countless times it’s made me gag. We’ve actually had to stop the car once and get out before we all vomited. Start keeping track of what he eats when the farting gets worse and get him some meds. Remember he loves you enough that he doesn’t feel the need to attempt to go to another room or control it in any way

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Your kick him out because he farts.

Put some gas x in his drink lol

Sid Lepsch oh gee. Who does this guy sound like!?!?!:joy::joy::joy::sob::joy::sob::sob:

Why cant I have these problems :roll_eyes:

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It’s pretty normal side from at the dinner table. That’s just disgusting and disrespectful. I’d get up with my plate and leave the table while telling him how nasty he is for doing that at the table

Start eating beans, cabbage, etc anything that makes you fart. Try to out stink him. One good rip of the ass and he will be gagging and wanting to escape. Best to do it in bed and put the covers over his head so he begs you to let him out…then tell him “see it sucks when you gotta smell ass all day don’t it”

He needs gas x or something like that

Lol sounds like my husband. But lucky for him and I they dont smell and it’s not when we are eating and stuff. But we both usually look directly at each other after with these shocked looks, and always end up busting out laughing so hard! Marriage is about love and acceptance and it’s honestly just become a big joke in our house. He obviously or more respectful and holds back when in public or have guests over. But if he is in privacy if our own home, I honestly thinks it’s too petty a thing to worry over. I grew up in a household where we always had to run to bathroom to do that and it was something to be ashamed of and sometimes I just couldnt make it to the bathroom for a small little fart hahaha!

I can’t stop fucking laughing :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

This is satire, has to be :rofl::rofl:

Tell him to stop. If he doesnt stop then he’s straight up not being respectful at all. If someone constantly does something that grosses the other person out then it’s gonna cause a bigggggg rift in the relationship.

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Take him to a doctor they can do something for him, in the meantime buy the best fragrance candles and spray

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Give him Beano then he wont be so gassy

Sounds like perhaps you need to help him.

With flatulence that frequent and potent, there may be underlying digestive issues. Perhaps even food allergies or Food intolerances.

Perhaps make an appointment for him? Have him be evaluated.

Meanwhile, Have another sit down with him crack him a beer or pour him a shot and tell him that you need him to please respect you. Ask him to please walk to another room to vent himself and if he could def not do it while at the table.


Everyone farts some worse then others but besides from the dinner table I think it’s normal in your own home I let it go anywhere in my home I don’t care whose around it’s a natural bodily function

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They all do it hunni and if they arent then its burping and if it isnt that then they are listening with half an ear…but when they arent doing that its because they have listened but forgot a day later…if this isnt part of your daily life then he is just a figment of your imagination :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
I love my man and he is a great one too despite some of instinctual habits


Spray antibacterial spray at him

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Oh my god. We constantly fart around each other and laugh. Me more so when I bloat.

Bit in all serious , he may have a medical issue. Or you’re just being a bit precious. Use your voice and communicate