My son got cactus stuck in his arm: any advice on how to remove them?

Ok so yesterday my son was outside with his grandma while she was gardening, he decided to hug a cactus with thin hair like thorns resulting in them going on his forearm, i tried taking them out with glue and gauze while he napped and didn’t work , i tried rubbing my hair against them didn’t work & i also tried warm water with soap . Its now a bit swollen and red on area , he doesn’t complain of pain anymore but you can feel them still …Any advice or tricks to help?


Uh… er? I can’t believe asking Facebook is a better choice then going to the doctor.


I’d call an after hours number or go to the ER.


I’ve used this for splinters,it MIGHT help with cactus too. You just snip the end off and from closed put it on skin and pull open


The er can do it much quicker and numb it.


I saw in an episode of Untold Stories of the ER once, a little girl fell into a cactus patch and had spines from head to toe. The doc ended up using an at home waxing kit and got them all out.


Used this for my son when he had cactus in the palm of his hand, I used wax paper to as the fabric and after a couple trys it worked

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The ER can help. Either showing up or calling and asking what to do and what would work best. Most times they would give advice before telling you to come in

tweezers, tape, u can also try cutting off the top of the infant syringe and use it to suck it out

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Elmer’s glue and gauze. My son fell on one and that’s what I did. Put a layer of glue down, put the gauze over it and press lightly so it sticks. Let it dry and peel off


Use a syringe ( without the needle of course) to suck them out. Works with splinters too

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Panty hose rubbed un circles worked on my arms when I fell into a cactus

Wax kit or put Elmer’s glue on his arm and let it dry

Wonder if a lent roller would be stick enough?

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Duck tape, happened to my mom’s brother when she shoved him on one as a kid.

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My son did something like that once. He soaked in really warm, almost hot, bath with a lot of Epsom salts. It drew them right out.

Bread and warm milk. It will bring them to the surface and pop out like a pimple.

A really sticky band aid then rip off quick.
My son stomped on a cactus when he was 2.
This worked

Call your doctor. make surenhe is not allerjic to cactus. and they will guide you

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Black salve. Drawing salve, pris. I’ve been told tea :evergreen_tree: oil. I use prid.

I didnt realize how often this actually happened! My 4 year old go mad and kicked on bare foot. We ended up in the er because he couldnt sit still for me

At home waxing kits or glue with strips of gauze and let it dry then pull up

Use ducktape just put on and pull off really fast that what we do

The medicine syringes ( the plastic ones) cut the tip off and try that


When that happened to me… My parents had to take me to the hospital

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you should probably take him to the doctor😂


With the hair ones (I live in Phoenix so I get them often and it sucks) I try to pull the entire hair out without it breaking. If it breaks at the surface I’ll use tweezers to try and get them out like splinters. If neither of these methods work I leave it alone until it works its way out, they don’t absorb peroxide like wooden splinters so there is no way to soak them out that I’ve found. If it shows sign of infection, if the site gets hot to the touch, etc. Take him to the ER.

Could you use prid on something like this folks?

Treat it like fiber glass. Use duct tape on the affected area.


I let them come out on their own.

Duct tape, place it on him where you feel the spines and pull off!!

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Duct tape and tweezers is what I used when I accidentally say on one of ours last Christmas.

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I watched a medical show that this happened. They used wax since it was like hair. It worked!

Duct tape or wax strips, but I’d only do the wax if he was in pain over it. If it doesn’t bother him and isn’t infected then I’d just leave it and keep Neosporin on it until it works itself out

Sounds like a grandfather cactus. Use duct tape to get it out or run a knife slowly and easy backwards so it’s doesn’t cut him. It’ll be sore and red cactus have poison but not anything to kill just makes it sore. I’ve ran my bike as a kid into many cactus.

You might try peroxide

Use a fabric sheet I had them in my lip before and my mother in law aw wiped it with a fabric sheet and brought them right out

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Why didn’t you just take him to the er. Your trying all these things that aren’t working and your probably just. making it worse.

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Just going out on a wild thought here… maybe a doctor or a hospital​:woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:

Duct tape let it sit on there for a bit the pull off. Worked for my man with fibreglass

MY DAUGHTER DID THIS WHEN SHE WAS LITTLE! i tried duct tape… kinda worked but caused more harm because turns out she was allergic to the dang glue😖 and the docs couldnt do nothing so just had to make sure she didnt touch her arms for a couple of days and they worked their way out. I kept an eye out for infection amd rubbed neosporin on it every now and then.

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You can always call Insta care and talk with a nurse and find out how to get them out

Duct tape works pretty good.

I would have a doctor take care of it


Tweezers that’s what we always used when I was a kid


Elmer’s glue… let dry and remove with tweezers…

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Might not sound sanitary but try a fly trap strip.

Tweezers if the tapes didn’t work

Use wax from waxing your legs