My son has always had trouble pooping: Advice?

Ever since my son has been born, he has not pooped normally. He has never had liquid, seedy, or regular stools. It started out like clay, and not it’s hard. He is eight months old now, and I am so stressed about it. He has a hard time getting it out by himself, and I have to assist him. He goes so long without a bowel movement, so every couple of days I give him a little bit of a pedia-lax suppository and move his legs like he is riding a bicycle and rub his tummy until he starts pushing, and when it finally starts to come out, it gets stuck, and I have to take a Q-tip dipped in vaseline and break it off. It is not only hard, but it’s big. He occasionally poops little pebbles out on his own, or sometimes the size of a quarter, but I don’t feel like it enough. I will hear him try over and over again for days to push, and he gets frustrated, and I’m sure it starts hurting, so that’s when I assist. His poor butt is as big around as 1 1/2 quarters when passing a stool. We have been to several doctors’ appointments about this, and they have told me to try dark Karo syrup, juices, water, Pedialyte, etc. He has tried ever kind of formula, nothing works. I was even told at one point, “there is nothing we can do because he is so young,” I know, him being so young he should not have a suppository, but I feel it’s better than him being impacted because that can kill you. I really feel like it’s the formula. He takes 2-3 bottles a day and eats baby food and drinks water or watered down juice. Has any of you moms ever been through this with your little ones? I am just lost. I feel like doctors are never supposed to give up until they find out what is causing something, but apparently, his doctors don’t care. I have tried nurse hotlines, two doctors, and a walk-in clinic.


Get him the liquid stool softener

My doctor changed her formula and that changed everything !

I give my son pairs and pair purée natural pair juice
And whole meal bread
Helps him a lot
Milk clogs them up to
So maybe little less milk and more food :slightly_smiling_face:

You need to do the laxatives for at least a week. Get him going on a normal schedule. One a child poops and it hurts, they have a tendency to hold it and make it worse because they are scared it will hurt again. If you get him on a regular schedule pooping, he will see that it doesnt hurt and will start going again more on his own. My son went thru this.


Lots of prunes to eat. Prune juice. My kiddo drank a cap full of miralax once a day with his evening bottle.

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Have you tried prune juice ? For best results try to warm it up for a little , but if he doesn’t like it warm give it to him cold it’s still going to work

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Prune juice or mairalax will help

My oldest went thru this her first yr of life … I also used suppositories for her she not only had constipation but also trapped gas … Later we found out she had problems digesting milk products.

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a probiotic for infants helps

Poor little guy, it sounds like needa more water, maybe apple juice, prune juice, watered down. And switching formulas might help.

My kid had that problem, and she turned out to be lactose intolerant. I changed her formula and the problem was fixed


Try a stool softener like muralax.

Give him a couple of jars of pears… also half cap of miralax a day (my son needed a little more than half a cap.) it’s safe

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Try prune juice, 2 oz and 2 oz water. Always did wonders for my kid since she was always a little backed up as well. She’s one now and now I have to give her like .25 oz of prune and the rest all water in the bottle because she likes the taste :joy:. Good luck I know how frustrating it is when you’re worried if ur kiddo pooped today or not.

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He might have an allergy to the formula. It sounds like it’s making him constipated, and he isn’t getting enough fluids.


Have you tried prunes? Baby food or prune juice? Worked like a charm for my babies.

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This was a total game changer for my son. At 12 months I switched him to a probiotic in his whole milk. It’s available on Amazon and decently priced. Some days I only needed to give him half a packet. Good luck!

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My daughters always had large stools too. We gave her pear juice and switched up formula. She’s 7 now and still has stools larger than anything I’ve ever seen. I think it’s just her body :frowning: because she goes every day, so she’s not constipated

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Give him some apple juice

Prunes or prune juice, dates, orange/apple juice always helps my 14month old son.

Also heard apple sauce and pears can help.

My 14month old had a hard time adjusting going from formula to cows milk.


My daughter has the same issue. She had to be put on Enfamil reguline and now that she’s 14 months it’s started back up and so far I’ve been having to give her lots of fiber to help her go.

Yes my daughter had horrible constipation and reflux! She needed prescription formula, miralax, and we would give watered down pear juice. Once she turned 1, she seemed to tolerate milk but started with constipation again. As soon as we took her off dairy, her bowel movements were notmal

Prunes! In any variety he can take.

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My son had a problem similar to yours. We used a glycerin suppository and it worked great. But, they are only for occasional use. You can look it up online to read about them. I hope your baby finds relief.

Sometimes switching to hypoallergenic formula like nutramigen helps. Also probiotics and prune or pear juice several times per day. Definitely follow up with pediatrician though.

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I have the same issue with my daughter. I have tried everything. Prunes and prune juice doesny even do the trick. I was told to give her more fibre and that doesnt work either. It wasnt the formula, we took her off cows milk and gave her almond milk and it has helped her go more regularly but she still has a hard time getting it out.

My daughter had chronic constipation since she was a baby, she will be 10 in July and still has the same problem but not as bad. Her pediatrician told us to use infant glycerin suppositories. I think Walmart has them, they helped a whole bunch, also had her eat prunes and pears, rotating between one and the other. The kayro syrup never worked for her. Hope this helps!

Prunes and pears usually help. Prehaps give him those daily.

It might be his formula my daughter had the same problem her doctor recommended giving her one bottle of encamping reguline a day and it helps cuz it has a natural stool softener in it.

You might want to think about taking him to see a pediatric gastro doctor seriously

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My son had that problem and he got put on nutremagen(I dont know how its spelt)

Prunes ? Prune juice

yes my son was,allergic to the corn syrup in the formula he had to drink soy formula

We had the same issues! My girl is now 10 months old and we’re a little more lined out. She’s now on Similac Pro Comfort formula and gets prune juice a few times a week. “Knock on wood…” I haven’t had to help her with a bowel movement since about a week after switching to this formula.

My daughter was the same from birth and thought she’d grow out of but I was wrong! Take her to see a specialist and don’t stop until you get an answer you’re happy with

Go heavy on the apple sauce. Water water water even if you need to flavor it some. The dr. Should be more helpful. Contact a dietician. They may be more helpful than dr.

I know you said you have tried all formulas but have you tried nutramigen? My kids always had that problem and there dr told us to switch to that and we did and it helped them so much! We have also tried prune juice and that worked as well

My son had the same problem our doc put him on lactulose daily. He was about the same age as your son.
You really do not want to have to depend on the suppositories it makes it worse in the long run to use them so frequently
When he was 18 months i started giving him a few tablespoons of coffee a day.

Just keep in mind that before age one formula or breast milk should still be the primary form of nutrition (not water). Foods like avocados, bananas, and grains (crackers, Cheerios, toast, etc) can aggravate constipation as well. Prunes and a bit of broth can help.

What worked for my son was probiotics, taking him to the chiropractor regularly, and switching to hypoallergenic formula. The chiropractor should have extensive experience with infants, and be able to teach you how to rub his feet and tummy to help him go to the bathroom.

My boy was the same, ended up on coloxyl drops, helped for a bit till his body got used to it, so doctors kept upping the dose, got sick of that, so went to prune juice, kiwifruit, water offered all day, and fruit like grapes, and ditched the rice and pasta, worked way better then his medicine did

Put them on a high fiber diet lots of water fiber cant activate in the body without plenty of water grapes cranberries prunes and be careful using laxatives if used to much and to long it can cause your intestines to become reliant on it and can cause more problems my daughter has had the same problem since she was 6 months old she is now 11

Havw you tried lactose free and soy or goats milk formulas?

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Put your little one on kids movicol daily in his formula. Also the powdered baby biotics from chemist in fridge

It take about 7 days to kick in but once it works she should be good

Use prunes & prune juice not watered down. Take him to a pediatric gastro doctor.

How u tried sweet potatoe baby food

With my daughter I was told to use juice not diluted, grape and apple, she digestive tract didn’t secrete enough natural liquids to keep stools soft, she still has this problem and shes 38 now

Pear juice helped my son when he was a baby. I would give him 3-4 oz per the doctors recommendation and with hours he would have no problem

Give him prune juice…maybe a little molasses also ( the magnesium will make him go )

Take her to Gastro Dr

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black strap molasses & a daily probiotic

Baby oatmeal in his bottles. High in fiber… Helps them poop.

My son has had this same issue his whole life he will be 2 soon. His docs have had him on miralax everyday we give him a teaspoon once when he first wakes up and once in the evening. This is the only way we could help him. I know the pain of hearing ur little one cry cuz of pain. But start off with a half a cap till it gets soft. If u need more advice u can always private message me.

I use to have to give my son mineral oil on a daily basis cause he was the same way

I do hope you find a solution here. God bless you.

My daughter has this issue, mirilax helps a lot. Try baby prune-apple juice with half water

My baby at 2 months hasn’t pooped for over 24hrs i put like an ounce of apple juice In his formula and within a few hours his diaper was full.

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Water with dark Karo syrup… Prune juice… Also daily dose of fruit juice … Fruit baby food. My daughter and granddaughter had the same issues… Doing these daily kept them regular.

My son had this problem for the 1st 5 or 6 years. Try massage as well. When I went to school for massage therapy they taught us that it helps with that as well. Circle motion the way the intestinal tract runs. It really did help.

I used glycerol suppositories on mine from a month old.

If you can’t afford Pediatrician take him to the Health Dept . They will advise you if you tell them the problem and have no money

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my granddaughter had this problem I would give her warm apple juice while she sat in a warm bath and it worked everytime with no problem…good luck

My son is 5 and he still has issues… we are seeing a specialist to see if there is something wrong, he’s had x rays to see how bad he’s blocked.

My daughter has that issue
Watch intake of cheese,apples how much fiber he’s getting
Try the p diet plums, pears,peaches,and pineapples it worked wonders for my kid at that age

Mineral oil will help him go but won’t fix the problem

Míralax and change doctor’s

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Take him to a stomach doctor for babies or you can use light corn syrup or corn syrup

P foods: prunes, pears, peas. Also if he’s doing pieces of food at all for whatever reason mandarin oranges (in juice I don’t buy in syrup) seem to really help my son! My pediatrician also recommended adding some psyllium to bottles which helped some.

Milk allergy? Try ripple milk

Vegetables are the only the thing that ever worked. Fruit did nothing.
Pureed veg
Hidden veg
Veg in everything all.the time

Use the windi ita fantastic we did and changed to nutramigen formula

Have you tried the nutrimigen or alimentum formula? It’s way more spendy but might help

If pediatrician is pushing this off as normal I would look into other care. See if you have a holistic dr available bc they can be helpful with things regular drs brush off. I also recommend seeing a chiropractor regularly for awhile and see if that helps too. Look into Epsom salt baths and push more gerber prune or pear juice to start!

Half bath your baby with warm water and massage her tummy. Do it 3x a day. Hope it helps.

Go see a GI doctor… I took my daughter to one… she is on miralax to soften it up and make it less painful… lots of water… apple & prune juice… lots of veggies… and I also use suppositories and a chocolate chewy laxative (last resort because this is a stimulant) my daughter is almost 3 yo. Lots of kids have poop problems their little bodies are trying to figure it all out! Good luck mama! You’re doing a great job! :poop::poop::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::slightly_smiling_face::innocent:

Have you tried changing his formula and he might be lactose intolerant

I would try natural juices…carrot, beet, along with different fruits…even prunes or prune juice watered down.

My daughter had that problem while I was breast feeding. Every Dr hold me breast fed babies don’t get constipated. I talk to my mom about it. Took my 3 month old to the chiropractor. It was time for her to eat. She was fussy. He scooped her up held her a certain way and adjusted her. She quit crying and pooped within 2 hrs. They are so cramped up while in your belly and then the birthing process. She is now 19 years old.

My son at 5 months old started this. Stool so large he would bleed and a doctor had to break it apart to come out. He is now 4 and we are still dealing with it. A pediatrician, SIX GI specialists and no answer.

Talk to the Dr about a milk alternative.

Pear juice helped my boy. I’d give him a sippy cup with half juice and half water. That’s the only thing that worked for him. He was prescribed a medication to help him go but I found it made him crampy and gassy.

Try stewing prunes & pear. Give a little a few times a day, every day, also sip water through out the day, every day… dairy often doesn’t help either.ise the glycerine suppositries, Google how often you can use them on child that age. Give small meals often, with a few teasps of the pruen/pear mix after every meal or in between meals. When you get him working properly reduce it a bit but don’t eliminate it. You can freeze it and take out a little tub every day. Child might like it semi frozen like ice cream. He will come right but you have to keep on top of it every day even when they are ok or it will come back again. Look up Duphalac. Must be prescribed by your family doc. Long term use may inhibit the use of the muscles needed to poop so it’s very short term use and lots of water. Had a child with simelar problems. Brought her to a Bio Energy therapist twice. Also did the pureed prune and pear & sips water all day. . Solved the problem but 4 years later have to be food careful, still has frozen puree prune & pear every second day, sometimes ears them whole. sips water all day, if she didn’t do this the tummy pains would come back and the hard poo. Best of luck

Gave juicy juice grape worked great

My son did as well, and they suggested miralax and of course plenty of water

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I babysat a little girl who was like this. They started adding some olive oil to her bottles and it helped a lot

Have u tried different formula or are you breast feeding could try nutrimegan At LCC it help my son with constipation it a cow milk allergy formula it only one that helped my son it work right away by next day u should see change I would definitely try I hope it works I would also get another dr option on it there may be something else u can use

My daughter did that too. I had to take her off of her formula and switch her to soy milk. She was never able to have regular milk when she got older either.

My pediatrician recommended adding dark karo syrup to the bottles. It worked.

Take him to chiropractor it will help

It’s time to see a specialist.

The syrup on the bottles always worked for us

My daughter had problems pooping with powder formula and as soon as I switched her to the liquid concentrate formula it fixed it right away

Ask your Dr about hirshsprungs disease… my son was 2.5 before he was diagnosed and they did surgery to correct it

Use some miralax or probiotics

When my daughter was 7 months old she had the same problems. Her doctor told me to cut a childs sized suppository in half and insert it. :woman_shrugging: it worked and it worked WELL.

Pear juice is the best for this problem

Fresh lemon juice added to a regular juice, prune juice mixed with apple, pear aldi food pouches for babies works well.

Karo syrup and don’t give up keep adding it to food and bottles my son had this issue and of course as mothers we are concerned and get anxious when there’s no bowel movement or struggling. Just make sure your adding enough everyday. Good luck momma

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