My son has been puking on and off since the beginning of the year: Advice?

My two-year-old son has been puking randomly since the beginning of the year sometimes he has a fever with it other times he does not he pukes a few time, and it’s over well last night we took him to urgent care because this episode was way worse than before I’m making an appointment for him this week to get some tests, but urgent care does not know why he is throwing up with no other symptoms and sent us on our way we don’t know if its a virus that won’t go away a food allergy that we do not know about or other issues has anyone else ever experienced this with their little ones because I’m at a loss and so far no one has been able to help us figure this out


Make an appointment with an allergist

The first question I am asked at work if someone starts to vomit is when was their last bowel movement? Is it possible he could be backed up?

My daughter had the same exact symptoms and she was also two. They did a blood test to check for allergies. She ended up having a milk allergy and as soon as we stopped milk all symptoms were gone. She was also always constipated and that too went away and she’s never had a problem again. I hope you get some answers it’s always scary when your child is sick and you aren’t sure why.

Have jim tested for H-pylori.

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Take him to a primary physician not an urgent care.


Make see a gastroenterologist and immunology/allergy.

Ask about his pancreas. My little brother did that and it was his pancreas. Idk what exactly it was because we were so young.

My daughter did the same think for about 6 months when she was a toddler. Turns out she was allergic to dairy

Is he pooping every day? My daughter was having issues with throwing up, turns out she was constipated.


I think it’s quite likely to be a food allergy, or something that upsets his stomach. My daughter knew she wasn’t supposed to drink soda but when we were visiting friends she would drink it when I wasn’t looking. She threw up every time she drank it. I didn’t keep it at our house for that reason.

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My child has cyclic vomiting syndrome. It is a migraine of the stomach and he vomits for hours at a time.


This was happening to my daughter and found out she had a massive cyst inside her stomach that needed to be removed. It can also be his appendix

Start a diary of when its occurring and the circumstances. My friends son had this issue and it turns out they had mold under their carpet. Everytime he would play on the floor, he would be sick.

Take him to his pediatrician instead of urgent care. Let the doc know what’s going on. They’ll do tests and refer to GI if necessary.

My son had problems throwing up but that’s because his tonsils were way too big. He would only vomit after coughing a lot. After getting a tonsillectomy he stopped throwing up.

I don’t want to scare you at all just something to look into but my daughter did the exact same thing but only in the morning at 2 years old and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Just follow up with her regular doctor and get him fully checked out.


Have them see somebody in gastroenterology and immunology

He needs a gi and an endoscopy.

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has he been pooping good? he could have a blockage, which is creating gases to make him puke ? they take xrays of the belly?

Acid reflux??? Trying giving him a tums before bed

This is what happens when I eat ANYTHING with eggs. I get violently sick. My body doesn’t digest eggs even the enzymes they use for some vaccines makes me sick. It may be a food intolerance, if you went to the ER they should have done a scan of his appendix to check for enlargement, as well as checking to see if he was plugged up which both can cause vomiting with or without a fever. I would set up an appt with his primary and get some tests done. Poor kiddo it stinks being sick like that all the time.

My daughter did this when she was younger, we finally figured out it was acid reflux. Once on medication to control that, she stopped throwing up all the time.

My older son had bacteria in his throat that made him throw up for a good week & a half no other symptoms and they only found the bacteria bc they decided to do a throat culture

get a swallowing study

This happen to my son for a month he was only a month old…he drop a whole pound.i was in and out of the Dr. Office and hospital. Until they did blood work and sent me to Robles , we we’re sent/rushed to the children’s hospital . He had pyloric stenosis, he had to have surgery. It was the worst experience of my life. And I completely understand you. I hope you get answers soon. I am sorry you have to watch your little one go through this.

Sounds like severe acid reflux or a food allergy. See a pediatric gastroenterologist.


Is he constipated or have a blockage ?

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It could also be that hes lacos intolerant to milk products

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Just make sure you’re keeping him plenty hydrated until his appointment.

My daughter throws up randomly, gets car sick, and has stomach issues, she’s now going to the gastroenterologist, so we can figure out what’s going on.

Could be a few things , gerd or other digestive issues. Milk protein intolerance , dairy stays in system longer and then can manifest in seemingly random vomit episodes or diarrhea.
Inner ear issues , sinus problems can cause nausea or enough drainage to cause vomit episodes. Also intolerance of other foods may cause severe upset like this but not a typical allergic reaction.

My duaghter is 3.5 and lactose intolerant (it’s a scale of 1 to 8 the allergy testing we had done) she is between a 2 and 3 “mildly allergic” and if she gets ahold of the wrong thing…she will puke 2 to 10 times. That being said powdered buttermilk will make her really sick.
My friend’s duaghter does the same thing over cinnamon.

My son had stomach aches and vomiting on and off for a couple months. Went to John Hopkins hospital in MD and he had endoscopy done and was diagnosed with H-pylori. Something to look into.

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I dint know if you have heard of CVS but this is a symptom of that and dear God I hope its not…dr’s dont know much about this could be hard to diagnose this is a terrible disease

Has been there been any changes in his enviroment like maybe he started school or going to a new school. Sometimes enviroment plays a big role. Maybe he is being bullied or someone is hurting him and he is too scared to say anything.

Mine did it from red dye 40

Keep a journal of what he ate, drank or did that day and when he has an episode write it down…


Acid reflux possibly? But that shouldn’t cause fever.

My girlfriends son has the same issue. It’s an acid reflux issue. Once they started him on medication once a day it cleared up almost instantly. Good luck mamas hang in there!

Sounds like acid reflux or post nasal drip

Start a food journal. Start keeping track of everything he is eating and drinking. You should be able to determine from there if it’s allergy related or gerd. Doctors are gonna want you to do a good journal, it will make it easier to diagnose

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Child migraines. My daughter did this. They don’t get headaches like adults. Just an idea. The GI specialist is who figured it out for us.

This happened to my daughter she then had convulsion fits for a year.

Our three year old would just randomly say my tummy hurts then basically projectile vomit then she was fine and eating and playing and all good again. We couldn’t figure out what the heck was happening. Finally we noticed it was when she had red things. Like one time it was red koolaid with dinner and the next time it was a red slushee from sonic. Other than that she was no stomach problems so we avoid red dye as much as possible and we’ve been great. Definitely look into the food allergy thing.

Have you tested for parasites, we had 8 weeks of a ‘gastro’ nightmare last year- on and off being sick/vomiting. Turned out a combination of constipation initially, then a round of ‘Giardia’ infection caused us all to be really sick. giardia was likely to be from our local pool or town water as a lot of families got sick too.

My niece developed c.v.s ( chronic vomiting disorder) at 12 years old. She would randomly have vomiting episodes :woman_shrugging:

My middle son has cyclic commuting syndrome. Randomly piles and goes on with his day

Note everything he eats, times he eats, and times he throws up, including the number of vomiting episodes. Note how much fluid intake he’s getting. Note what color his urine is, and any irregularities in bowel movements. This can help diagnose/rule out food as the cause. Make notes of when he has a fever. Ask the Urgent Care provider for a referral to a pediatric gastroenterologist. If they cant provide a referral, make an appointment with his pediatrician and request the referral at that appointment.

I work at an Urgent Care, and this is what we would do/recommend if he was our patient.

Prayers for fast answers and simple fixes. :purple_heart:

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He needs a ct scan of his brain to make sure he does not have tumors affecting his functions. This happened with my nephew when he was 2.

May be lactose intolerant or have acid reflux my son has both and would throw up like that. He is 27 now and still has to keep a check on it.

There is a muscle in your esophagus and it hold down your stomach in place and holds food down. If that muscle is weak, food could just come up after eating. The strange thing is the fever… peds gastroenterologist would be the first thing I would do. They will order an EGD or upper GI which may hopefully give you some answers.

Sounds like gastroparesis!

Praying for your precious baby and that your next doctor slow down to figure this out.

Wow! Did you try the coke (Sit 20 minutes to get fizzle out) sipping followed by cracker method?
Sip coke ( not all at once) every half hour you get one sip. After 2 successes of no vomit, the take a tiny bite if cracker. Sip coke 15 minutes later. Take tiny bite of cracker 15 minutes later.

He may need to see a gastrologist for gurd acid reflux mu daughter used to throw up all time n we found she had gurd

Might need a scope to show his stomachi suffered for 3 years until I had a scope and they realized I’m m.j ot digesting my food properly…put your foot down and demand testa

You don’t take a child to urgent care you take to ER or pediatrician