My son is constantly wetting through his diaper: Advice?

Hi ladies I’m needing some help I’m desperate at this point I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong! My sons pee will not stay in his diaper, it’s not overfilling it just keeps going to the side and wets his clothes. I make sure I strap it on right and that his little boy part is pointing down. Could it be the way he’s laying? Please help I can’t keep changing him every hour and diapers are just going to waist.


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There are little ruffles on the sides around the legs. After doing up diaper, make sure you pull the ruffles so they are out


Sounds like it’s not meeting up at the legs right. Check the weight on the diaper box. Make sure your getting the right size and also I would maybe switch brands. That may just not be the best diaper for him. I have always only bought pampers swaddlers (not their other versions).


Just for my dtr personally, she could not wear Huggies. ( Not knocking the brand. We def used their wipes) but the way her legs were long and skinny she leaked. Hope you find some that are a good fit for them😁

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I used to put my son in a size bigger when he slept because he peed through them at night.

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I had 5 sons. I always pointed his “little boy part” up, not down. It didn’t work always!

My son peed out of every brand it seemed except for Luvs, now 15 years later I don’t use anything but Luvs on my daughter. She’s almost 2 no issues.

You can’t keep changing him every hour? I changed all my kids at least 2 times in an hour.

Switch brands, my son leaked through a couple brands because the shape of the diaper was weird.

check other brands… my daughters went right out and around to her clothes in pampers, but my son peed through huggies every time. depends on the brand and shape of each baby

My little guy could only use huggies so I would try another brand.

My son could only wear pampers. He would leak through huggies. Change diapers and see if that helps. I have 3 boys and all of them leaked through a diaper at some point.

Point his penis up not down.

Either try a new brand, not all work for all babies (both of my boys were/are strictly Huggies or Parents Choice) or try sizing up.

Change your brand of diapers.

Not put on right or wrong size

He probably needs to go up a size. Sounds like they may be too small

Does this happen at night, day, ?