My son’s second birthday party

“My sons 2nd birthday party”

My second born is turning 2 on April 4th. Money is a little tight right now so we decided to have a bbq in the park with family. I created the event and invited everyone. I chose Sunday April 3 because the family members that are currently working have weekends off. My husbands mother messaged him and asked why the park when it’s going to be 50 degrees out that day. He told her because we don’t have a lot of money to go somewhere and our boys love the park. She offers to pay for it to be at Chuck E Cheese and asked if that would be okay. We of course said yes and I appreciated that. Then she tells us that the weekends are too busy and we should do it on Tuesday which happens to be my birthday and a lot of the family works. My husband tells her that and then also adds that if we do it Sunday night it’s not busy at all. She keeps insisting on having it on my birthday or doing it the 10th and asking why it’s such a problem. Come to find out the reason she so desperately wants it to be a different day from what we chose is because her daughter and family are going out of town and she doesn’t think it’s fair that the other grandkids will miss it. So the only reason she offered to pay for it was so she could control the date. Everyone else can come including another grandchild but because her other grandkids (her favorites) which have been a known thing in the entire family can’t go she’s throwing a huge fit. I’ve never in my life made someone change the date of their birthday because I can’t go. We never officially changed the location, date or time on the Facebook event page because of her back and fourth . I got tired of the back and fourth and also the fact that she was trying to manipulate the situation to please her daughter. So I changed the event I originally made and put the location to our home now because the weather has changed to cold and raining all day. That way we can do it on the day WE want for OUR son and we pay for it at our home. My mother in law messages my husband going off on him saying “your wife should have bent and let his birthday party happen on her birthday to accommodate your sister and her family”. Her daughter is going out of town 2 hours away to go see her Husbands family that they just saw a week ago. So in my opinion if they really wanted to be at our sons party they would adjust their schedule. We are not angry if they chose to go out their because it’s about OUR son not their family. His mother said they will drop off his gift but will not be attending his party and she is extremely hurt. Are we wrong ? By the way this isn’t the first time they have put their daughter and grandkids over ours. It’s always drama with them and I honestly want to cut them out for this because I don’t want our boys around toxic people.